Monday, October 20, 2014

Arc of Triumph? Daredevil 138 and Ghost Rider 20

Doug: I recall buying these two issues around August of 1976 while staying for a week with my aunt and uncle in the western suburbs of Chicago. They had a 7-11 about a block from their home. Not only was it my haunt for comics, but Slurpee cups as well! This 2-parter contained two of my favorite characters in DD and Ghost Rider (I really only warmed to him due to his appearances in the Champions mag), and the John Byrne art was no small attraction, too! What are your memories of this little tale?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chasing Your Own Favorite Title

Doug: With the finality of Mark Ginocchio's "Chase" to own every issue of Amazing Spider-Man, coupled with my own recent sell-off of around 90% of my complete runs of Avengers volumes 1 and 3 (gave vol. 2 away two years ago -- if you read it, you know why!), it got me to thinking -- if you would or could collect a complete run of any comic book series, which one would it be? And I'm not talking about doing it through trades, DVD-ROMs, etc. Nope -- physically own the paper comics as they saw the light of day on newsstands and spinner racks.

Doug: I chose the Avengers as my own "chase" back in the late 1980s simply because it has always been my favorite title. Sure, I've had other books that I've loved -- Amazing Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and Marvel Team-Up leap immediately to mind -- but there's not a book that I've just really treasured as I have the adventures of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And I'm sure you feel the same way about whatever your personal favorite is. So assuming you're in a financial position to make such a pledge to yourself, fully understanding that waiting and sacrificing along the way will be part of the deal, what's your complete run fantasy - large or small?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Open Recommendations -- What Would You Like to Read?

Doug: Today the Open Forum is wide open for you to request information from your Bronze Age brethren (and sistren... huh?). With the Christmas gift-giving season approaching, or maybe just some loose change in your pocket, maybe you've been thinking of venturing between the covers of a new trade paperback or hardcover but want to solicit some approvals before doing so.

Doug: A book that's been on my radar for quite some time, and maybe I've mentioned it before, is Mouse Guard. I know next to nothing about it, but have admired the covers from afar and have wondered just what it is all about. Today I'm hoping someone will encourage me to pick up a copy. Secondly, I would ask that anyone capable make a recommendation for the Golden Age All-Winners Squad Masterworks. Having been fully involved with the Invaders back in the 70s, and loving the Whizzer revival in the pages of the Avengers, I've long wondered about these "ancient stories". Lastly, and this is a much more modern request, can anyone say anything about the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes series of a few years past? I believe it was about Superman teaming with an adult version of the Legion.

Doug: So what would you like to get into? Toss out a few ideas, and we'll see what the assemblage has to say as critics -- or marketers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Buried Treasures: Just a Roll of the Dice

Karen: Who remembers having these around?

Karen: I came across a bag full of these beauties in the garage. Some are the clunky dull plastic dice included with the original boxed Dungeons and Dragons set, and other boxed TSR games (maybe Gamma World?). There's a Ghostbusters die in there from that game -that's about all I remember about that!To the right is a cool six-sided die that resembles a vertebrae. The rest are just an assortment of big, small, opaque, crystal, and otherwise fun dice.

Karen: While I enjoy computer gaming now, there's nothing like the feeling of dice in your hand...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Arc of Triumph? Iron Fist 11-12

Karen: I've always liked this two-parter from the Claremont/Byrne team, with a hopelessly out-classed Iron Fist going up against the Wrecking Crew, and then forced to infiltrate Avengers Mansion, where a misunderstanding between him and Captain America (of course) leads to a fight, before the two of them team-up to take down the bad guys. Anybody else recall this gem?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alex Ross' Not So Secret War

Karen: Marvel is doing another 'Secret Wars,' and while I am sure I have no interest in reading this story 'event,' I am really digging this Alex Ross promotional art for it. Apparently it involves multiple universe versions of our heroes battling each other. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mom, Can I Get One? Pleeeeeease?!?

Doug: If anyone feels so inclined, hit me up on the Bronze Age Babies email and I'll send you my address. Would love it if any of our readers would buy me one... ;)  But WOW!! Is this figure cool (and pricey)! Check out the details over at Comics Alliance, but in all honesty -- I am seriously considering this!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled...

Karen: Today's post was suggested by BABster Joseph -thanks for the great idea! Knowing how folks around here love to talk about music, why not discuss some of our favorite live music experiences? I'm sure that many of you have great stories to tell, and we'd love to hear them.

Karen: To get the ball rolling, I can say that my fondest concert memory is from 2005. It wasn't too long before I knew I would be leaving the Bay Area to move out to Phoenix, and a very dear friend and I got tickets to see Robert Plant and his band play at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. His album, Mighty Rearranger, had come out that year and was doing pretty well, and I had enjoyed that and Dreamland from a few years prior, so I was really looking forward to the show. Neither my friend nor I had been old enough to have experienced Led Zeppelin when they were touring, and I had no expectations that Plant would cover his old band's material, but still, to see him live, a true rock legend, would be exciting. Plus I knew I didn't have much time left to hang out with my friends as I would be moving soon, so every chance I got was special.

Karen: Well, I was in for a huge surprise: about half of Plant's set was Zeppelin tunes! He was in great form and his band was fantastic. My pal and I rocked out like we were teenagers! It was a magical night and when the show was over the place was full of smiles. I think a lot of folks were transported that night. 

Karen: Let's hear your stories now!

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