Monday, October 12, 2009

Doug says, "Check out some of my Stuff!" Part 7

Welcome back, Effendi! Today's installment of all-the-junk-Doug's-wasted-his-family's-money-on... er, My Collection, is a look at some DC animated balancers from the land of giveaways as well as some of the beanies formerly available at the Warner Bros. Studio Stores (now defunct, sadly).

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Balancers

Here ya go -- who doesn't need three chunks of plastic that sort-of balance? These three gems date back to the mid-'90's (when Batman: The Animated Series was in its third incarnation and the Superman cartoon was airing as well) and were available as mail-order giveaways from Kraft. I believe they were free with so many proofs-of-purchase, although there may have been a nominal fee for shipping and handling. There really isn't much to be said for the balancing aspect. You may be able to make out that Wonder Woman's legs are affixed to a flat-bottom base that just sits on the larger base. Batman has holes in his feet that connect to pegs in his base, and Superman has a large hole in his belt buckle that sits over a peg on his base. So, not a lot of engineering went into these, but they're kind of cool and perhaps rare -- all depends on how many kids (big or small) sent away for these.

Warner Bros. Studio Store Beanies

That the Beanie Baby craze faded was no surprise, but while it lasted a very cool outgrowth was the appearnace of these (and other) beanie toys produced by the Warner Bros. Studio Stores. You may note from the group photo that I am only a Flash away from having the original seven JLA members; I can't recall if I had the opportunity to purchase him or not. I did buy the Batgirl because I thought she looked cool; the Catwoman, however, I stayed away from -- didn't care for the green hue of her skin. These are dangling from some hooks that I bought at the hardware store, specifically made for ceiling tile systems. There's a little dust collecting on these, but they look neat hanging in front of the shelving system.

Come back next time when we'll peruse some wonderful comics creator signatures -- autographs, baby!

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