Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Wish Lists

It's Christmas Eve, kiddies!
Get yourself in bed, and no peeking down the stairs!

Doug: Wouldn't it be cool if, in addition to world peace, I found these things under my tree this Friday?

Sal Buscema: Comics Fast and Furious Artist from TwoMorrows Publishing.

Let's hear some love for Big John's little brother, Sal! If you're a Bronze Age fan, and I'll assume you are since you're here, then Sal's your man. Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Team-Up, the Incredible Hulk, the Defenders, Peter Parker, the Avengers -- you name it, Sal drew it! Sal's long been due some love for his contributions, and I'd love to read this new retrospective.

Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys from TwoMorrows Publishing

I've chronicled a couple of times my love for Megos. I had the chance to thumb through this tome last summer, and will heartily recommend it to any early '70's action figure enthusiasts. This book is very colorful, incredibly detailed -- from what I could tell, all variations in packaging, clothing, head sculpts, etc. are depicted in photos large enough to do justice.

DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams

I own the 3-part Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams and am looking forward to this and the coming volume 2. I have Adams' Green Lantern/Green Arrow work collected in two tpb's; I do not have his Deadman volume. Anyone out there want to recommend that? I should say that I've read some reviews of this book and some Adams fans are put out that Neal was allowed to re-ink and re-color some of his work here and it wasn't all that pleasing. I can't comment on that, but thought I should at least state it.

Marvel Comics in the 1960's from TwoMorrows Publishing

The main premise of this book is available online at the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index, but I wanted the book format. My biggest complaint is that the original cover art was much cooler than what shipped. I'm a sucker for comics history, so I'm looking forward to reading this take on Marvel's expansion throughout the Silver Age.

And last but not least, how about the blue and yellow Goliath figure from Hasbro's Marvel Universe line? At 12" tall, he will fit in just fine with my Marvel Legends, and give me a nice survey of the career of Dr. Henry Pym -- I already have the little and 6" size Ant-Man, the Giant-Man build-a-figure, and Yellowjacket. This will be perfect!

Karen: Well, Santa has already left a really big box under our tree this year. I have a sneaking suspicion that a rather large bust or figure might be inside. I'll get back to you after the 25th!
For myself, there's a few things out there I'd really like. Doug, I also would like to get that Sal Buscema book from Twomorrows, and I have the Marvel Comics in the 1960s book, so if you get that one, we can do a review on it! Now as for other presents I'd like to receive, this first one is definitely on its way, as I just ordered it! The Marvel Masterworks series has been moving into the 1970s, and I've already got the Warlock and Captain Marvel editions. I was really excited to see that Deathlok was getting the MM treatment! This volume has ASTONISHING TALES #25-28, 30-36, MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #33, MARVEL TEAM-UP #46, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #27, 54 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #286-288 - basically all the Deathlok you need!

One other book I'd like is Keep Watching the Skies by Bill Warren. This is a massive (1040 pages!) book that examines the classic sci fi movies of the 50s and 60s. As this is a period of great interest for me, and the book comes highly recommended, I really hope to get it some time soon. The price is a bit steep but I'm sure it's something I would reference again and again. You never know when you'll need to have info on Invasion of the Saucer-Men at your fingertips!

It would be great to get this boxed set of Ray Harryhausen movies at Christmas - then I could sit back and watch flicks on my days off! This set contains the films 20 Million Miles to Earth, 7th Voyage of Sinbad, It Came from Beneath The Sea, and Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers, all pretty entertaining stuff. But I'm a Harryhausen nut - I can never get enough of seeing his little creations running around!

I hope everybody gets something nice from Santa -and may everyone have a safe, healthy, happy holiday.


The Groovy Agent said...

Oh, how I'd love to get my hands on that Sal Buscema book!

Glad to see Deathlok finally getting some reprint love. I've got all the mags in it, but I'd buy an Essential version in a heartbeat.

Great stuff you've posted here. Makes me wanna go out and shop for myself--some more! ;D

Merry Christmas!!!

Simon B ( formerly cerebus660 ) said...

Merry Christmas, guys! Hope you get everything you want and more!

Doug said...

After one round, I have scored the Hallmark Amazing Fantasy 15 ornament, which is very cool. Another round of gift-giving (and receiving, folks!!) coming up this evening, and then the final exchange tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!


Karen said...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I had a wonderful day with my sweetheart and mom-in-law. I did indeed get the Harryhausen films I was hoping for, and the big box under the tree had a fantastic Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice statue. I will post a pic soon!

Doug said...

My "take" from the families that love me:

Hallmark ornaments --
Spider-Man (AF 15)
Wolverine (Wolverine & the X-Men)
Captain America

Books --
Sal Buscema from TwoMorrows
DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams, vol. I

Pretty good, pretty good! I will have one final Check out my Stuff! post coming up later in the week with a view of my comics Christmas tree -- stay tuned!


Edo Bosnar said...

Wow, a book dedicated to the great Sal Buscema - this is the first I've heard of it, and now I really, really want it!

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