Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ray Harryhausen Documentary

Karen: I thought I would share with all of you this trailer for what looks like an excellent documentary on the amazing Ray Harryhausen. Sounds like it probably won't be out until next year though.

This certainly looks promising. They assembled a lot of well-known folks to sing the praises of Harryhausen -and rightfully so! His films have a beauty that the more realistic effects of today cannot touch. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good CGI-laden flick as much as anyone, but Harryhausen's creations had personality and a uniqueness that you just don't see today. His movies transported me to far off magical realms and fired my imagination like no others. He's truly one of a kind.


Edo Bosnar said...

Love all those Harryhausen movies. When I was a kid, I considered it a special treat when the Saturday matinee movie on the local TV station was a Harryhausen feature - esp. one of the Sinbad movies or Jason & the Argonauts.
This documentary looks like it should be pretty good - I just hope they work out the kinks so they don't make mistakes like misspelling the word documentary (i.e. "documentay" @ roughly minute 3:40).

Karen said...

Edo, I noticed that too. Hopefully they work out the bugs, because there are so many people interviewed for this, it would be a shame if it never saw the light of day.

I agree, a Harryhausen flick on the TV always felt very special. I was old enough that I got to see Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, and Clash of the Titans in theaters. Seeing Harryhausen's creations on the big screen was really amazing, especially with those movie theater speakers pumping out roars and bellows! Nowadays I am lucky enough to be married to a home theater enthusiast, so I throw in a Harryhausen DVD, crank up the sub-woofer and surround sound, and enjoy 70" Harryhausen magic! ;)


Anonymous said...

Harryhausen, Willis O' Brien, and Nick Park all gave their creations personalities, which I've never seen in a CGI movie.

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