Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor vs. Loki -- 1966 Style!

Doug: In celebration of the release of Thor in the United States, how about a trip back to the way most of us Bronze Age Babies discovered the God of Thunder on the small screen? Have a great day!

UPDATE: As of June 4 2020, I've had to swap out the video that was originally posted. I offer no guarantee that this one will survive the Mouse Lawyers. If the link is broken as you view this, please leave a comment below so I can move on to Plan C. Thanks! -Doug


Sharper13x said...

Awesome post.

Wow. Loki tops every villain ever for the most obscure and least-likely-to-work schemes. In six minutes we had a falling leaf poke a wandering god in the eye, thus causing a tear to fall, which for some unexplained reason caused the tree Loki had been imprisoned in to explode (amazingly, this all apparently happened just as planned). Then he turned pedestrians in to "negatives images" of themselves, apparently knowing that this was an emergency that would attract Thor because his hammer had the ability to do some absurdly convoluted thing I can't quote from memory, that turns negative images back into normal people. And THEN, he lured Thor in to the sky so that the light of the Sun would reflect off the hammer that Thor would undoubtedly be using as a "helicopter," thus making the Thunder God susceptible to hypnosis.

Again, wow.

jefsview said...

I still want my DVD of all of these 1966 shows. It's how many of use began, or furthered, our knowledge of the Marvel Universe.

Certainly not cutting edge animation, but there's still a charm to them, much like the original stories they were made from.

I know Netflix is suppose to air them this fall, but it would still be nice to have digitally remastered ones on DVD.

Fred W. Hill said...

I was 4 years old when these came out and I do remember seeing them; the next year my family moved to Japan, where I remember seeing episodes of Ultra-7 and Astroboy, and also where I got bitten by the comic-collecting bug, although my dad threw out whatever comics I got there sometime around 1971,alas & alack! Regarding those cartoons, to my recall my 4 year old self loved them; my nearly 49 year old stuff finds them abominable, even if they are based on some classic Kirby art.

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