Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the Bronze Age Babies!

Here's to hoping 2012 is a better year for all of us, but particularly those who have faced hardship over the past many months. We're nothing if not resilient! Be well!

-- Doug and Karen

Doug: So, does anyone have any big plans or upcoming major events to speak of in 2012? I'll start off today's comments with my own doings: The biggest event coming our way this year will be the graduation of our younger son from high school and his move to college in the fall. That will bring on some uncharted dynamics for our household, specifically in regard to my wife and I. It will have been 21 years since we've been in the house alone on a full-time basis. There will be a sense of re-discovery, as we are certainly not the same people we were in 1991 when our oldest was born. But we are looking forward to the challenge. We are also looking forward to the trips to Indiana to see the boys, as they will both be attending the same college, northeast of Indianapolis. The youngest is going to play soccer, competing for a starting spot at goalkeeper. The oldest continues his pursuit of a career in sports broadcasting.

Other than that, I know that I'll be in Washington, DC in July again this year, teaching at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for a week. And hopefully along the way I'll be purchasing many more Bronze Age goodies to add to my growing library -- which I will in turn pass on to you, the faithful reader, for your commenting pleasure! Everyone, be well!

Karen: Sorry to jump in so late, but better late than never, I suppose. In 2012, I hope to find an agent to represent my fiction writing. I also hope to resolve a health issue that has been hanging over my head since April of this year. I don't make resolutions, but I will say that I want to do better at staying in touch with family and friends this year too. I'm also looking forward to taking a few trips with my husband this year. May the arrival of 2012 bring new hope and new opportunities for all of us.


Edo Bosnar said...

No major plans or events that I know of, so I'll just say I hope you both have a great new year, and that goes for everyone else that frequents the blog.
And once again, Karen & Doug, thanks for all the effort you put into making this blog so much fun (and Karen, I hope you do indeed find an agent - and a publisher for that matter; keep us posted on that...)

Inkstained Wretch said...

Well, in a few days I head up to New Hampshire to cover the GOP primaries for my newspaper. It will kick off my main job for the rest of the year: election coverage.

To Karen and Doug, thanks again for maintaining one of my favorite websites. Happy New Year to both of you and all of the BAB readers and commenters. 2012 can only be better than 2011 ...

P.S. Doug, give me a heads up when you go to my stomping grounds of DC, ok?

david_b said...

Not one for going on New Years Eve (hey, I'm still in bed by 9pm..), I've spent the entire New Years Day providing my on-call phone support to my VA Hospital, where I do IT support.

Nothing beats festivities like dialing in from home with a brewski, watching the Packers, reading my new Avengers Masterworks Vol 6 and earning holiday government pay.

Life is good.

Doug said...

Inkstained --

I will do that as it gets closer. If tradition holds, we are always housed at the Hotel Palomar a block off DuPont Circle.


david_b said...

Dupont Circle.. LOVE the shops there. My wife bought me a cool necklace there.

When I attended national security courses at McNair, we stayed at a nice hotel downtown (can't recall the name off hand..), but she ventured over to the Circle often.

I love the atmosphere.

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