Saturday, January 28, 2012


Doug: As I type this Friday afternoon, you have left almost 90 comments on our blog since this week began with Monday's Marvel Team-Up post. Periodically, when Karen and I have wished you well on a holiday, or when we've published an anniversary post, you've told us how much you appreciate coming here each day. Today we'd like to just reiterate that you are the reason we write this blog. Sure, it's a little selfish because it's an excuse to read comics we've perhaps not seen since we were kids, but overall it's the sense of community that makes us smile. We appreciate each and every one of you, commenter and lurker alike!

Karen: What he said! I've been pretty busy of late and don't post all the time, but I do read every comment. That sense of community is what we were hoping for when we started this blog. Thank you for creating that! And might I add - Excelsior!


Edo Bosnar said...

Ah, c'mon you guys, you're (*sniff*) making me tear up...

Inkstained Wretch said...

This blog never fails to perk me up and put a smile on my face. Thanks for doing it guys.

Excelsior, indeed.

Joseph said...

Big thanks to you, Doug and Karen! And thanks to the regular lineup of insightful commenters that keep the discussion going.

Redartz said...

Thank you, Karen and Doug, for all your efforts. And thanks to all you other contributors who make reading this column such a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Couldn’t agree more. I love it on here. If someone in the ‘real world’ asks me if I’m into comics, I’ll probably just say I still dabble a bit or whatever to close the conversation down with a non-believer. Then I log on here and you post stuff with which I agree / disagree so vehemently, I literally can’t type fast enough.

I always knew I loved comics as a kid, and when I started re-reading a few years ago, I thought I was just re-living my former joy, but when I started reading this blog, I realised I was enjoying them (and APPRECIATING them) in a whole new way. Me loving comics in 2012 is NOT just me loving comics in 1976 (but with more backache and a better haircut). It’s a whole new love and BAB is a big part of that.

I also love the fact that there is regular ‘cast of characters’ posting as well as D&K and we’ve got to know each other’s likes and dislikes a little. Sometimes I read a post and I think ‘I can wait to hear what so-and-so has to say about THAT!’.

Sometimes I post something I think is clever and insightful and then someone else comes along and raises the bar so high I can’t even see it any more. Superb.

I better stop before I turn into Halle Berry (and not in a good way)...but really, thanks.


david_b said...

C'mon.., I'm feeling it..:

[Cue the 'Cheers' song..]

Everyone here knows our names.

Ditto's on Richards and everyone else's comments, really.

We're at home here.

I can offer no finer praise.

Gray said...

Kind of a weird synchronicity to this post, Doug and Karen. I just attended my first comic book convention after 30 years of being a fan of the medium. It was terrific fun and it reminded me why I have enjoyed the medium so long despite all its flaws and shortcomings. The sense of connection and community. Reading this blog as often as I can ( I work 12 hour shifts) brings me back to the late seventies- early eighties when my best friends and I used to collect and talk comics incessantly. Beyond the art, the story, the characters, the mythology of it...there is the joy of coming together and sharing that excitement ( or disappointment ) of a particular issue. Thank you Doug and Karen! I hope that the two of you continue to find the inspiration to keep blogging!!!!

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