Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Suggested...

Doug: Way back on January 2 2011 Karen and I opened up a "suggestion box" and put a link on the sidebar. Several of you have taken advantage of it to offer criticisms and a "want list" for posts you'd like to see on this blog. Admittedly, we're not always right on top of replying to your missives and questions, so we thought we'd take a pause today to see if we've met any of those expectations... and tell you why we haven't met others! So, here goes --

Doug: Edo Bosnar suggested several great ideas for series we could do, including the JSA/JLA crossovers. We actually did get to a fun one that also included the Legion of Super-Heroes. I have one of the "Crisis" tpbs, so perhaps we can do another one sometime. Edo also suggested the "Nights of Wundagore" arc from the Avengers -- let's make a deal: the next time we do an Avengers tale, we'll do this one. Great suggestion. As to Marvel Team-Ups #'s 82-85, I don't have those issues so that one will have to be on hold.

Karen: If we have the same "Crisis" tpbs, let's clear a spot on the calendar for another JLA-JSA team up. Those books still feel like summer to me! Unfortunately I don't think I have those issues of MTU either.

Doug: Trevscan suggested Incredible Hulk Annual #7. While that sounds like a fantastic Giant-Size June suggestion, I don't own it. I think Karen does, so maybe we can work something out. Our G-S June/July feature has been a favorite of ours for the past two summers, and we'd like to do it again here in a few months.

Karen: I'm pretty sure I have that Hulk. I'll have to do a little digging to be sure. Our Giant-Size reviews are always fun so count on more of those.

Doug: Rick J. offered up a request for some Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans. Karen and I have each recently purchased the new NTT graphic novel, Games. Look for a review in the future. We've also batted around "The Judas Contract" in our editorial meetings (david_b, you suggested that one specifically). So far it hasn't made the cut, but that doesn't deny its significance.

Karen: I wouldn't be opposed to looking at some of the early issues as well.

Doug: david_b also suggested Dr. Who a looonggg time ago. Check.

Doug: Sean Strange suggested an Open Forum on favorite future worlds. Check.

Doug: Erik Monroe suggested we review Marvel Premiere #31, the first appearance of Woodgod. At present, neither of us have this book. However, if it shows up in one of the coming Marvel Firsts volumes, we may get to it. No opposition here.

Karen: I actually used to have this, but it was a part of "The Missing Longbox" that disappeared between California and Arizona.

Doug: david_b wanted us to visit the X-Men in the interim period. He wrote, "I'm sure there's more, but the ones I'm aware of are Amazing Adventures #11 and 12 (3/72 and 5/72), MTU #4 (9/72), Incredible Hulk #172 (2/74), Captain America #172 – 175 (4/74 to 7/74) and Avengers #110-111 (4/73 to 5/73). Might seem interesting how the House of Ideas kept our rascally mutants in the reader's radar until sufficient interest was built back up." We've actually done some of those recently with our look at the Beast and a guest-appearance by Havok and Polaris in the Hulk. Also, see the old "Two Girls..." blog for a review of the "Secret Empire" storyline.

Doug: Sith Master Sean invited us to look at some Star Wars, Star Trek-type posts. We've gotten several of those in. Want more?

Doug: david_b is a fan of The Big Bang Theory. Apparently many others are, too! Check. Additionally, he requested a look at audio adventures from the Bronze Age. We're not sure about that one at present.

Karen: Yeah, that one is unlikely, at least for now.

Doug: Lastly, Garrett wants to see some Master of Kung fu. Garrett, I don't have any -- none at all! I was never a reader, not even casually. However, I'm not saying it's a dead idea. As long as this blog continues, we've certainly got plenty of fodder for future discussions!

Karen: I only have a handful of MOKF, so this one's on the backburner, I'm afraid.

Doug: Thanks to everyone who leaves comments daily, who's left us something in the suggestion box, and even to you lurkers. We appreciate your presence, and we really do read your thoughts and ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Karen: What he said!


david_b said...

Doug, Karen, you both have been super in getting back with folks regarding their 'bright ideas'.

For audio FF fun, check out this dramatization..:

I half expect Johnny Storm to break out into 'Staaar Waaaars...' from the Lounge Singer skit. I know a lot of folks loved their Power Records collections as well.

I still dig the Spiderman songs off the "From the Grave" album, as corny as they were.

Doug said...

Thanks, David! We hope this blog has a sense of community about it.

And just yesterday, I believe it was Chris who suggested we review the Byrne-revived "Man of Steel". Certainly that one has to be down the road somewhere!

Thanks, everyone --


david_b said...

I actually agree with Karen about running through the pre-Judas New Titan issues, like the Doom Squad story arc or the Brother Blood two-parter (ish 21-22), which shaped a lot of future storylines (however not that good..).

A lot of them were thoughtful, breezy tales, well-written for DC at the time. I liked Wally's penchant for conservative political views like in ish 18, perhaps best of the lot.

I know Perez and Wolfman were starting to bring in diverse personalities at this point, especially between Robin and Kid Flash, who seemed too similar for a spell.

Edo Bosnar said...

JLA/JSA crossovers - yay! Nights of Wundagore, also yay.
Anyway, too bad you guys don't have those MTU issues. Tell you what: you both have a standing visit to come pay me a visit here in Zagreb for coffee, tea and/or other beverage of choice (+ sandwiches & snacks!) and I'll let you read my copies. Doug, I also happen to have a copy of Hulk Annual #7...
On a more serious note, I pretty much love everything you guys post, but I have to say it's also very cool that you also take the time to consider our suggestions.

p.s. david_b: definitely agree with you about New Teen Titans #18 - it's always been one of my favorite Wolfman/Perez NTT stories, and probably my single favorite issue of the series.

baab said...

i have two issues of woodgod???
I know why,it is really good.
i was dissapointed that no immediate followup was on its way and by the time it did i was no longer interested.

Garett said...

I'll look forward to the Teen Titans review. I recently got back into it with the Omnibus#1, and thoroughly enjoyed it, for art and story.

Too bad about Master of Kung Fu, as it has a great continuing story from 80-89. Well thanks for keeping it in mind, and like Edo says, if you're ever in Canada I'll lend you my copies! ;)

I haven't read the new Titans graphic novel, and I'm curious to hear if it holds up to the old stuff.

Matthew Bradley said...


Fred W. Hill said...

I was at a local Barnes & Noble last weekend, just browsing through the magazine section and happened to find issue 53 of Back Issue, focusing on gods in comics, mostly the Gerry Conway & Walt Simonson runs on Thor. Nice article on the Conway era, Karen! Any of those that haven't already been covered would be fun for discussion. Of course, Simonson's run might at best be considered at the tail end of the Bronze Age, but Walt provided some great art & stories which were just plain fun to read.

david_b said...




Karen said...

@ Matthew: I know, I know, it's long over due from me, anyway, since my first Back Issue article was on the golden-skinned one. I don't think Doug has any Warlock, but maybe we'll do another Two In One.

@Fred:Thanks for your kind remarks on the Thor article. Gerry Conway is just a heck of a lot of fun to talk to. I'm hoping that Back Issue will have a Fantastic Four theme soon so I can have an excuse to interview him again. I'd love to hassle him for having Reed turn Franklin into a vegetable!

Edo Bosnar said...

Warlock AND early Defenders! ... pretty please?

Fred W. Hill said...

Great idea, Karen, re asking Conway about that particular scene from FF #141! All I could think of after reading that issue was how unfair Ben & Johnny were to Reed -- after all, if he had done nothing, Franklin would have died and maybe taken them all with him! I could understand Sue being distraught, and actually in hindsight it makes sense that Ben & Johnny would initially not see things straight, still I felt worse for Reed than even for little Franklin. Gerry (with some help from Roy Thomas) put both Spidey & the FF through some emotional hell in the early '70s!

Karen said...

Fred, you aren't kidding about Gerry Conway traumatizing all of us poor bronze age babies! Reed and Sue separating was just devastating to me. I knew kids whose parents divorced and the whole idea frightened me. Spidey's girlfriend killed, his best friend gone mental, the FF splitting, Reed zapping his own was all too much!

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