Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make the Jump

Doug:  Today we're going to let one of our colleagues in Bronze Age blogging do all of the work for us.  Friday I came across an incredibly well-done review of a Bronze Age comic that dealt with a very serious social issue -- child abuse.  Please head over to Jared's "Blog Into Mystery" and see his thoughts on the public service announcement comic Spider-Man and Power Pack.  And rather than come back here for your comment, why don't you just drop a thought on Jared.  Thanks, and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend (for you in the States, that is!).


Anonymous said...

CaptainAmerica versus cavities was better.

david_b said...

I've tried a few times to figure why I don't like this issue (or approach..). Except for the excellent Spidey drug issues with Harry, DC did these types of issues much better with the Titans Keebler 'Just Say No' issue and the older O'Neil GL\GA series.

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