Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bracketology: Sweet Sixteen

Doug:  Now we're getting somewhere!  I don't know that we've cut out a lot of chaff, as I'd wager that all of our nominees to start off were someone's favorite story.  And that leads us to today's question --

How many of you nominated a story/storyline that was truly one of your all-time favorites, and found yourself having to vote against it?  If you can recall, what did your fave lose out to?


Edo Bosnar said...

Yep, twice, right in the first round, in which several of my own suggestions were immediately pitted against each other: Panther's Rage vs. the FF Negative Zone story, and the FF Galactus Trilogy (mark 2) vs. Batman/Crimson Sun. I had no problem voting for Panther's Rage (and I still can't believe that one fell out in the first round - I expected it to be the other way around, given that it's mainly hardcore Bronze Age fans that congregate at this blog), but I agonized a bit over the other one, although I think I ultimately voted for the FF story.
One thing I've noticed as the choices are norrowing down is that there are a few that I'm pretty indifferent about - and I'm also a bit astounded that the Wolverine limited series has made it this far.

Karen said...

I had to vote against the Legion EarthWar, which I was so delighted to see on the poll, versus my all-time favorite, the Kree-Skrull War. And now it looks like I'll have to choose between K-S War and the death of Gwen Stacy!!

humanbelly said...

It was a tough one, but right off the bat I had to go w/ the Avengers/Defenders War over the GL/GA "Relevancy" (road-trip?) Arc. Although the latter may have a more highly-regarded position in comics history, I know for a fact that I was much more engrossed in the former as a youth. Went with what I enjoyed then as opposed to what I recongnize now as probably more significant. . .


Anonymous said...

Knowing zilch about DC put me in the position of always voting for whatever the Marvel option was, so I started abstaining from those.

Sometimes I’m voting the underdog just for the sake of it e.g. I know Dark Phoenix is going to kick the Celestial Madonna’s butt, so I can vote for the Stainless one without worrying that DP will be forced out.

Not really fair that two Starlin Mar-Vell stories are up against each other. In the last round, I was surprised and pleased that Conan’s Red Nails did so well. I guess it’s a bit bogus that whatever comes up against K/S and DP will get knocked out....would be more fun if they came up against each other early on ! Might have a giant killer that way, but with both of them still in, we’re heading for an obvious denouement.


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