Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discuss: If Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and Dark Knight Rises All Came Out For Retail Sale Today, How Would You Prioritize Your Purchases?

Doug:  The Avengers comes out on video today; if all three of last summer's superhero films came out on the same day, what would you do?


Inkstained Wretch said...

I would buy the Avengers and not bother with the other two. The Avengers was a great, fun film. Amazing Spider-Man was ok, but didn't knock my socks off and I really didn't care for the last Dark Knight film.

J.A. Morris said...

It would be easy for me because I thought Avengers was much better than the other two. If someone gave me 'Amazing Spider-Man' I'd be okay with that, but I probably won't buy it. And I thought 'Dark Knight Rises' sucked, so I wouldn't have any problem prioritizing my purchase.

david_b said...

Total agreement thus far.

Avengers (..leaving the others on the shelf).

dbutler16 said...

I love the Dark Knight series, but I would buy the Avengers first, and Dark Knight second. I'm not sure I'd bother with Spider-Man. Maybe eventually.

Doug said...

I, too, am going to jump right in line with you other three to buy the Avengers. I loved Avengers -- not sure how much could have been done to make that a better film.

As I said when we were discussing Spider-Man back in July, Andrew Garfield just didn't work for me as Peter Parker (well, he had some things right) -- I thought he had some really annoying mannerisms.

As to Dark Knight Rises, it was better than I'd expected going in. I didn't find it as enjoyable as did my sons.

So put me down for the Avengers, and if you want to get me Dark Knight Rises for Christmas I wouldn't take it back. Spidey, though, I might...


Anonymous said...

Prioritized: Avengers, DKR, AS-M

Fortunately, I have enough disposable income that if that did happen, I'd just get all three. :-)

William said...

I'd definitely go with Avengers first, because I think it is the best comic-to-screen superhero movie EVER! Not much else to be said about this one. It was pretty much perfect. My grade for Avengers is 'A+'.

But I also really enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man myself. I thought the casting, acting and special effects were all superior to the old movies. Loved the decision to go with mechanical web-shooters, didn't love the costume tweaks. The story was even decent. Going in I felt the Lizard was kind of weak villain to kick off the new franchise with, but after I saw it, I think they really made him very interesting and even sympathetic. Overall, my grade for ASM is 'A-'.

As for "Doctor Zhivago", I'm sorry I mean "Dark Knight Rises", my attitude is pretty much, MEH! It was a decent action movie, it just wasn't a very good "Batman" movie (IMO). I like my superhero movies to at least try to carry over something from the comics other than the name of characters and reasonable facsimiles of their looks. To me, the Nolan Bat-flicks were about as much about 'Batman' as Hitchcock's "Psycho" was about a boys love for his mother. That said, I will eventually pick it up because I own the first two. But I will wait until the Blu Ray goes on sale at Target or Wal-Mart for $9.99 (as I did for the others). As an action movie I give DKR a 'B'. As a "Batman" movie I'd give it a 'C-'.

Icecypher said...

Avengers first thing, even if I have no money left afterwards.

The Amazing Spider-man as soon as I get a chance.

I have not seen any of the new Batman movies. I would like to watch them (and own them) one day, but I can wait.

Doug said...

Cesar --

You're a 1st-time commenter here on the BAB, I believe; welcome! Thanks for the input today!


Karen said...

Avengers would be number one for me. But I liked Amzaing Spider-Man too. I much prefer Garfield and Emma Stone to their predecessors. I thought the plot was a bit weak but still enjoyable. I enjoyed DKR more than DK, but I agree whole-heartedly with William, the Nolan films don;t feel like Batman to me.

So -since we have an Avengers majority, what version of DVD/Blu Ray will you be getting? Target has a special deal (order only, not in stores) that has an extra 90 minute documentary.

William said...

You know what? I just realized that this dilemma actually exists for me today. Not only is Avengers out for retail sale, but so is the animated movie adaptation of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" (Part 1). Now that is a Batman flick I would like to own. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of the graphic novel, but from what I've seen, the movie looks incredible. I love the DC Animated stuff, so this is a must have for me (as is Avengers).

However, I'm not exactly flush with funds at the moment, so I actually may have to choose between the two. Tough choice: The movie that I know and love, but have already seen (twice). Or the movie that is an unknown, but is something I haven't yet experienced. Arrrrgg.

spiderkev said...

I don't purchase dvds but if I did 1.Avengers 2.Avengers3.Avengers.

William Preston said...

Avengers only. It has its flaws (a stiff opening followed by a clunky first action scene), but once it gets going, it does exactly what it ought to do. Whedon is rather by-the-numbers, but he knows what the numbers are, and his actors sell the story marvelously.

DKR worked as the completion of the trilogy--it helped that I'd just rewatched the first film (the second one doesn't factor in much except for the stuff about Rachel)--but as a coherent film, it doesn't make much sense, and there's so little Batman in it, fighting pretty lamely most of the time, that there's nothing I feel like seeing again.

Didn't see Spidey, but saw about half an hour of the film in clips online. Not interested.

Anonymous said...

Naturally, I'd buy the Avengers first, then Dark Knight and (sorry I luv ya Spidey) Amazing Spider-Man last.

Why? Avengers was a blast on so many levels, so it comes first. While I agree Dark Knight was depressing in some regards, it still gets the nod by a hair over Amazing Spider-Man. While ol' webhead is my favourite superhero, the Dark Knight is the superior film.

- Mike 'can I get a 3-for-1 special?' from Trinidad and Tobago.

Fantastic Four Fan 4ever said...

I'd get the Avengers first. If you look at the price points at Wal Mart it's the following:

$19.99 or $14.99 for new release movies

6 to 8 months later they fall to $9.99 or $12.99

one year: $7.50

one and half years or more: $5.00 bin.

If you are willing to wait six months to a year to get the movies; they all fall in price to approximately the price points listed above. Both Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight are in the $5 dollar bins and the same is true for lots of two and three year old movies.

Crimson Cowl said...

Avengers, no question. It was far and away the best. Much better than it had any right to expect to be. Dark Knight Rises fell a long way short of the two preceding Nolan films which were magnificent. It was still better than Amazing Spider Man which I thought was genuinely pretty poor, certainly no match for the first two Tobey Maguire films which were excellent.

William said...

Jeez Louise! When it rains it pours! I just found out that along with "The Avengers" movie and the animated "The Dark Knight Returns", the second season of the animated series "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" also came out on DVD yesterday. COME ON! I wasn't even aware that was due out this soon. Now I'll have to try to pick that up as well. Sigh, my wallet is really taking a beating this week.

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