Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Honor of Our Veterans


In spite of all the grief you service men and women take from our four-color friends, please know that on this, your day, you are greatly appreciated and respected.  Thanks very much for all you do!


david_b said...

Thanks much, fellow BABers. I'm sure a few of you may know someone serving or have served in the armed forces, but after 26yrs, it's still an honor. After a stint in Germany and two deployments, it hasn't been dull.

I really enjoy my aunts and uncles, having a close family of cousins, etc. Of all the fun we've had throughout the decades, still the MOST poignant was one of my adult nephews pulling me aside one time, and just shared with me in earnest, quiet appreciation what I contributed to the Wall fall in East Germany serving in nuclear artillery during the Cold War. I'm nearly the only 'service person' in the family, so it meant quite a bit. Moral here is, even in the quietest of manners, veterans of all walks will always cherish a simple, earnest thank you and praise for sacrifice.

It's easy to wave a banner or flag. I challenge folks to listen to their stories. As General Patton said many years ago.., 'Freedom has a taste, and for those who have fought for it, the taste is so sweet the protected will never know.'

Thanks all.

humanbelly said...

Nicely said, folks!

"THE ARMY" has historically gotten a TON of play in The Incredible Hulk over the decades, what with ol' T-Bolt Ross being such a long-enduring character. While Ross' characterization has been certifiably insane over much of that time (guilty of death-penalty level treason on at least one occassion-- not that anyone ever seemed to take note of it--), the boys themselves have consistently been treated with respect, fondness, and dignity-- and depicted as being unfailingly brave and resolute when facing down a far more powerful opponent.

On a side note-- boy, that cover of USA #7, there! Suddenly, Bucky's later identity as the Winter Soldier seems to be much less of a retcon stretch, doesn't it-? Really got a Sgt Rock/Sgt Fury thing goin' on w/ the crossed bandoliers and the machine gun! Also-- lordy, lordy-- please explain how he is apparently shooting that plane on the carrier that is BELOW and BEHIND them? With Cap's poor, unshielded thigh somehow right in the line of fire??

(Or maybe I'm being too nit-picky).

Happy Veteran's Day, all. My late father-in-law- one of the best guys I ever knew- flew in Viet Nam. Never talked about it much, but was the absolute model of a stoic, kind, thoughtful career military man. A best-example for all of us, I daresay.


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