Saturday, March 9, 2013

There's My Boys: The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Karen: This latest trailer has added a lot more fuel to the fire. Let's hear what you have to say.


humanbelly said...

Well, it. . . it makes me want to see the film. It looks surprisingly character-driven, as opposed to a techno-smash-fest ala TRANSFORMERS. I was, of course, worried that at this point in the franchise it would take that easy road to maximizing $$$ with minimal artistic consideration. Mind you, my fears could still be proven true. Hope not.

Two small side observations:

The armor color does indeed read better in these finished trailers than it did in the early promo shots.

Ben Kingsley has an incredibly youthful sounding voice, even when he masks it here a bit. I've always noticed that about him-- particularly in radio interviews. Very clear, clean tenor tone to it. Listen to him with your eyes closed in SEXY BEAST, and you'd swear that nutjob's about 19 years old.


William Preston said...

I'm excited about the the movie, but not thrilled with the piling on of metal-clad men. The first movie's third act was terrible, and I was disappointed that all they could think to do was pit one metal guy against another. The rest of the movie was good, with Downey Jr.'s line readings making it outstanding. The second movie, I liked a lot, despite its getting goofy and, again, going to the metal man vs. metal man conflict and multiplying the number of armors we saw. Surely, I thought, they'll find a new kind of third act in a battle with the Mandarin. But: Now it's lots of metal men. They're on Tony's side, not against him, but it smacks of a lack of creativity and a fetishizing of the armor (which the series already did, as did the comic at times, but so many other possibilities were available). Visually, it looks stunning, but I'm worried about the story.

Doug said...

If I'm not mistaken, the scene with all of the armors coming to the rescue is straight out of New Avengers Annual #1 (correct me if the issue number is not right) -- which would make that one of the only scenes Bendis came up with that I could tolerate (and actually gave a very cool visual) in my two year attempt to like that book.

I like the Mandarin more and more as I see and now see/hear more of the character. Wasn't sure how they'd take that pinko xenophobia from the '60's and apply it in the 21st century. They pulled off the update in the first Iron Man movie, however.


William said...

Looks OK to me. I'm not really all that excited for this one. A couple of reasons why. First I don't like Ben Kingsly as the choice to play the Mandarin. The Mandarin is Chinese!!! So, why the heck couldn't they get an Asian actor to play an Asian character? It just seems like a really bad decision.

Second, it looks a little too dark and depressing. Like modern comic books have become. I was really hoping for more of a superhero vibe (like the Avengers movie), rather than a greek tragedy with armor. I really don't know why "bleak" has become the new status quo for comic books and comic book movies.

I will still go see it, and try to reserve final judgement until after that, but from what I've seen so far, I'm not looking forward to it all that much.

Doc Savage said...

Withholding judgement until seeing the movie seems
the proper course. Trailers mean nothing to me. How many films have you seen where the trailer almost made you want to sue for false advertising? All those metal guys turns me off, but who's to say that's not 15 minutes in and then we get the real story? James Bond trailers nowadays just show you explosions and fistfights. Skyfall was a lot more than that. I'll probably wait on the DVD anyway as I only see about 3-4 movies per year in a movie theater due to ripoff prices, annoying people in the audience, terrible volume levels (hate hearing explosions from another film while I'm listening to a conversation in the film I paid to see), and the general inconvenience.

Edo Bosnar said...

I really didn't have high expectations for any of the Marvel movies leading into and including the Avengers, and ended up enjoying all of them - they were all good fun for the most part. My only gripe about the Iron Man franchise is that the love interest is Pepper Potts. Nothing against Paltrow, but "my" Iron Man is the Michelinie/Layton version, so I would have preferred Bethany Cabe.
However, I agree with William about the casting choice for Mandarin...

J.A. Morris said...

I'll probably go see it, but my expectations aren't too high. And I am a bit leery of the Mandarin being played by Kingsley. Maybe he won't really be Asian in the movie.

I've generally enjoyed the Iron Man movies, but I have the same problem with them and the comics.

Iron Man's comic villains were usually A:Other guys in suits of armor and/or B:Kartoon Kommies, plus corporate politics. That got old.

Having a dozen people in armor as opposed to 2 or 3 (like we saw in the first 2 movies) doesn't excite me.

Graham said...
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Doc Savage said...

Off topic, but my how far we have come. There used to be a super hero movie every few years if we were lucky. Now we get to nitpick numerous films per year!

Comic book fans tend to forget that the movies aren't being made to please the 100,000 comic book readers out there but rather a worldwide marketplace of millions, the vast majority of whom have never read and will never read a super hero comic book.

Karen said...

From what I have heard, the Mandarin will not be Chinese. He is rather inspired by Sun Tzu and the Mandarin concept. I think they are trying to avoid any implications of racism.

The thing that concerns me is Kinglsey's voice. There's some very weird intonations and long, almost slurred vocalizations in the trailers. Not as bad as the unintelligible voice Tom Hardy used for Bane in the Batman movie, but still, pretty strange.

I'm curious what the physical threat will be to Iron Man in this film. It sounds like Mandarin's rings are just for show, so will it just be conventional warfare vs. the armored avenger?

All in all, I'm excited by the trailer, and I got a goofy nerd thrill by the appearance of the Hulkbuster-like armor at the end. But I'm still a bit apprehensive.

Anonymous said...

Like Matt Celis, I'll reserve my judgement until I actually see the film, but hey, at least the trailer looks promising. I'm with William Preston - I hope they don't become too fixated with displaying every single type of battle armour in this one film. I'd be satisifed with Iron Patriot and a few other versions of Tony's armour as long as we get a good story first.

As for the Mandarin, yes I agree with Karen in that the producers probably wanted to avoid any racist connotations; if they did a literal translation of the comics version to film you'd have Fu Manchu! I'll wait until I see it to comment on Ben Kingsley's portrayal, although I did a double take when I saw the poster - this Mandarin wears aviators!

- Mike 'when is the Winter Soldier coming out?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Rip Jagger said...

What's not to love?

Ten years ago we'd have welcomed any Iron Man movie with open arms and minds.

Fifteen years ago we'd have welcomed any Marvel movie the same.

Twenty years ago we'd have been happy to see Marvel survive long enough to make a movie.

Thirty years ago we couldn't dream of superhero movies on this scale. Some said it couldn't be done.

Forty years ago I read my comics and made the movies in my head. It's still the best way.

We're awash in superhero movies today, we have so many to choose from that we can treat them now like regular flicks, and not feel the need to lavish undo affection on a weak sister. Though comparatively "weak" only.

We live in interesting times indeed.

Love them all I say!

Rip Off

david_b said...

No disagreement here, hoping for a good story. I WISH they'd stick with a more classic armor, than the slick, streamline stuff (like the 'oatmeal suit'...), but like all have chimed in thus far, actually having a choice on what to see is pretty incredible. These are great times. The Corman FF and Burton Batman films seem like generations ago.

Obviously the key to this chapter being successful is a solid story and emotional gravitas, only using CGI and battles to enhance the story, not make up for it.. The trailer looks much better than the first films.

STILL waiting/hopin'/prayin' for a reimaged FF flick, a period piece set back in the 'space-race 60s', not slick and 'Alba'ed'

Karen said...

Thanks, Rip, for putting things in perspective. All in all, I am just happy once again to be getting a real, honest to goodness Marvel movie.

Here's a question: what AC/DC song will we get to start Iron Man 3? We had Back in Black for the first film, Shoot to Thrill for #2. I'm kind of hoping for a Bon Scott era rocker for number 3 - perhaps If You Want Blood, or Problem Child?

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