Thursday, June 6, 2013

Face-Off: The Fashion of Donna Troy

Today it's a Face-Off and a Dressed for Success/Fashion Disaster, as you debate the merits of the Silver Age and Bronze Age togs on Wonder Girl.


Fred W. Hill said...

Just based on the samples here, the earliest makes her look very much like a very young girl, pre-teen actually; not bad for a kid and not all that worse than the original Robin outfit. The classic red threads, however, were far more suitable for Donna in her late teens and the black with sparkles variation is nice too.

Rip Jagger said...

I gotta' give the sartorial nod to the hig hugger mod look she first sported in the Teen Titans to replace her mini-Wonder Woman togs. At least under the hand of Nick Cardy it looked sleek and vibrant.

The later starry night outfit was too cold to me, not speaking to the vivacious essence which I always imagined for Wonder Girl.

Rip Off

Edo Bosnar said...

My favorite is also the red bodysuit as designed by Nick Cardy. Even so, I really like that black star-field variation - although I had stopped reading Titans by the time she started wearing that.

david_b said...

Agreed with all, and Edo with stopping my New Titans interest long before the black outfit. I know George Perez came back, but I was done with the NTT by Donna's wedding.

For me, the magic was gone without Dick as Robin and Wally as Kid Flash.

Ah, I knew there were a few other variations in the late '80s as Troia prior to the black jumpsuit, none AT ALL memorable..:

The classic red wins hands down, as evident by some superb cosplayers dressing as Donna. Just Google 'cosplay donna troy'.

One of the simplest and best designs ever.

dbutler16 said...

I'd probably go with the red bodysuit depicted in the middle picture. The first outfit is good, though as Fred W Hill mentions, suitable for someone rather young. I love the starfield outfit, but it's too derivative of the Dave Cockrum Star Boy outfit, which is my all time favorite outfit, by the way.

Anonymous said...

What? No Debra Winger?


Garett said...

Hey David, who knew there were so many variations? I agree, none of those others are great.

I love the red bodysuit--simple design, attractive, memorable. I like the stars curving around the outfit, creates motion, and echoes her lasso. Like the belt, the red color stands out, and it seems to me not many heroines have covered legs and bare arms.

The earlier version is too "Wonder Woman Jr.", and the black outfit is nice, but for another character...what does a star field have to do with her? Seems too dark, cold as Rip said.

I like this red outfit better than Wonder Woman's.

Edo Bosnar said...

Tom, hate to get all ubergeek on you, but the post title specifically mentions Donna Troy, while Debra Winger's character in the TV show was named Drusilla (and why someone thought that was a better name than Donna is beyond me).

And Garett, I totally agree with you about the WG's red outfit being much better than Wonder Woman's (also, considering their occupation, it's far more practical).

Humanbelly said...

I have to confess, I wasn't looking closely at the topic title, and first thought we were going to be critiquing the wide-ranging (ridiculous to the sublime) wardrobe of one DEANNA TROI, from Star Trek: NextGen. Heh.

(Which I suppose could be a legitimate topic all its own, now that I think about it.)

Put me down as liking the pre-teen outfit for young Donna, 'cause it's EXACTLY appropriate. In fact, I'd keep her in that thing til her 15th birthday, if I had any say in the matter. . . (rassafratchin' willful daughter wantin' to show off her newly-curvy body to all them salivatin' high school boys. . . ohhhhh I KNOW what they're thinkin'! Yessir! And if they even think one TENTH the thoughts that I thought, I'll murdelize 'em ALL, I will!!! Dadflasterbrated, no-good. . . )


david_b said...

HB...? C'mon now sir, saaaaaaave it for the 'soon-to-be-regular' curmudgeon column.

Slightly OT: Being a big lover of the original Titans, I wish they would have done a better job on the Mego Wonder Girl.. It's a lot of cash to dish out for what essentially looked like a 'cupie doll', at least face-sculpt wise. The outfit was pretty spot on though.

I nearly completed piecing together an Aqualad at one point, but then decided to just keep my Speedy and Kid Flash figs.

Edo Bosnar said...

Hmmmm, dadflasterbrated? I think I have a new favorite word...

Anonymous said...

HB, Deanna Troi?
david_b, Mego Wonder Girl?

Edo, I stand by my Debra comment. And I also have a new favorite word. LOL


david_b said...

I see NO reason why derivative mentions of Ms. Troy's attire cannot be brought to the roundtable, either by mentioning Ms. Winger's portrayal or the Mego costume representation.

And let's hear it for 'dadflasterbrated'..!!!

{sniff..} I smell a new 'BAB Word of the Week' feature comin' on.

It's replacing my boss's 'bumfuzzled' as my new favorite word up on the whiteboard in my government office.

Bruce said...

Definitely the George Perez-era red costume. Anything Perez did is tops in my book!

Doug said...

Hi, everyone --

Late to this today; summer's here! That'll end on Monday, when it's back to the grind teaching summer school econ. for three weeks.

Anyway, when setting this up I did consider images of Ms. Winger (Wonder Girl, indeed!), as well as the Troia costume. Obviously, I went with the original (which I love as an homage -- much better than Kid Flash's original costume, which was just a lil' guy Flash suit), and the two Perez images you see. Certainly any incarnation of Donna's clothes, or even modern versions of the Wonder Girl character are fair game.

In other news, I have the bracket made up for Sunday's Bracketology debut. Just to whet the appetite, how's a first-rounder pitting Frank Miller against Jack Kirby grab ya?


Humanbelly said...

I have to say that "bumfuzzled" is an excellent word-!

(It will be an immense honor to be quoted on a gov't office white board, btw---)


vancouver mark said...

Doug, if you start Bracketology by making us choose Kirby over Miller I'll be most displeased.
Miller deserves better than such an early exit.
But, of course, Kirby is the King.
New Gods # 6,7, and 8 are the greatest moments of the Bronze Age!
Right, BAB people? I SAID, RIGHT, BAB PEOPLE?!?

Humanbelly said...

But VanMark, I. . . I don't have New Gods #6,7, and 8. . .

HOWEVER, I too intend to solidly and unhesitatingly vote for Kirby in this match-up. I've never been nearly as enamored with Miller as so many other folks. Early Kamandi vs. Miller's Daredevil. . . welllllllllll, Kamandi just grabs me more. What can I say? I'm an old anachronism or atavism or something like that.

Hey, hey, hey--- I happen to know (via an obscure source) that-- TODAY WAS RIP JAGGER'S BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, ya old Rip Off!



Anonymous said...

Gotta go with the classic red bodysuit!

- Mike 'they shoulda made a Wonder Girl TV series too!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

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