Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Who's the Best... Hands and Feet?

 Doug:  It's a combination post today, folks, as we ask you to pick your favorite superhero accessories.  Which characters have the best gloves (or if you're partial to Benjamin J. Grimm, the best hands), and who sports the coolest footwear?




William said...

I'll go with Batman for gloves. I've always liked the pointy things on the back of them.

For boots, I'd go with Spider-Man because of the cool web pattern.

david_b said...

Mysterio for gloves/gauntlets, I always thought that square edge was stylish, if a tad audacious.

Boots..? Gladiator with the razor sharp points (or Tarantula for same reason but poisonous stingers....., basically same concept).

At first I thought the question focused on which artist drew hands/feet the best.

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be gloves and boots or can it be hands and feet?

Feet - I always thought it was amazing that Namor could fly with those itty bitty wings (or is that ankles?).

Hands - Gotta be "Snikt!"


david_b said...

I do agree on the Ben Grimm, especially with his masthead image approaching you with his hand out for most of the early Bronze. A fav with both masthead and cover image is my favorite FF ish 138.

No one showed as much visual power in their hands/feet as the Thing, especially when Kirby or Big John showed him erupting the pavement on the street whenever he stomped..

Compare that to Thanos wearing boots..?

Mike said...

Hands: Green Lantern's ring ... or maybe the Infinity Gauntlet.

Feet: How about barefoot like Shang-Chi or Iron Fist's humble yellow slippers. Apparently the least you have the more of a kick-butt martial artist tough guy you are.

Doug said...

Cool boots:

Wonder Woman when the white stripes are present. Seems to me there was a time when they were just solid red. Maybe I'm imagining that.

The Falcon -- love the talon look.

Lightning Lad: I thought the black boots were a nice contrast to the white on the Dave Cockrum upgrade.

I thought Cyclops' swashbuckling cuffs were an upgrade to the plain, straight yellow look he'd sported before.

Hands? Well, for wrists I like the Black Widow's bracelets.


Garett said...

For boots, I like the wings on the Flash. It was very important to me as a kid to distinguish between the Golden Age Flash's fluffier wings, and the Silver Age Flash's sleeker wings! : )

For hands, the first that came to mind was Green Lantern's big fist that he'd conjure up. There was a JSA reprint where the Golden Age Green Lantern knocked out Solomon Grundy with a big green fist--I was very impressed with that.

Edo Bosnar said...

Coolest hands and feet regardless of what's worn on them: Nightcrawler, no contest.
For boots, I'll go with those outrageous but still cool-looking ones Simonson designed for Manhunter.

Anonymous said...

For feet, I always thought the boots on Thor's original costume were pretty cool looking.

Original Dr. Strange costume hands. Mostly for the weird visual effects around them when he was casting spells.

David from Wisconsin

William Preston said...

To approach this differently:

Dr. Strange's hands as drawn by Steve Ditko.

Doug said...

I dig Thor's boots, too. I loved how it made his Mego figure unique. You know, first among equals and all that!

Any love out there for the few times that Bashful Benjie has worn boots?


Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler's feet.

Yes, it's gotta be Dr Strange's gloved hands.


Rip Jagger said...

I'd have to cast my ballot for Ditko's Blue Beetle, the best costume he ever designed. The gloves and the boots fit well with all the other elements of the costume and the gloves are fitted with special fingertip controls for his Bug, his mask and his gun. Nice looking and useful to boot.

Rip Off

Anonymous said...

Footwear has to be Wonder Woman's boote - but actual feet? Then Nightcrawler or maybe Beast. Yeah, Beast.

For gloves, I have always liked the Beetle's suckered finger gloves, but for hands how about Karnak?

Anonymous said...

For hands I'll go with Wolverine's gloves with the cool housings for his claws to pop out, Green Lantern's white glove with his power ring (almost seems like they should go together) and Klaw's unique sonic disruptor on his right hand.

Thor's boots have been mentioned already so how about Hercules's leggings? I've always thought that Jack Kirby drew those on him to make him look more gladiator-like. Nightcrawler' s 3-toed boots always stand out too.

- Mike 'fashion unconscious' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Greg said...

For hands I'll go with Arishem- it's got a formula on it or something! :)

For feet I'll go with Gorgon's hooves... that always cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Stop the presses!

How in the world no one has even mentioned Batman's sidekick the Boy Wonder himself Robin with his ludicrous green elf booties?

- Mike 'Payless shoes rock' from Trinidad & Tobago.

johnlindwall said...

And I thought I'd be the first and only cheerleader for Ditko's Doctor Strange gloves!!! Love the black dot pattern on orange!

Feet: A tie between Nightcrawler and Abomination!

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