Thursday, May 29, 2014

Name, Rank, and Serial Number, Please...

Doug: About a week ago our pal Osvaldo (hey, frequent his blog at The Middle Spaces) and I were having a conversation via Twitter. He made a great suggestion, so here is the fruit of that chat. Osvaldo asked if we'd ever surveyed our readers/commenters on their age, how they came to the BAB, and various other points of information that folks like to share. I expressed that many years ago Karen and I ran polls on our sidebar in regard to some of those issues, us trying to get a finger on the pulse of our audience. Alas, we didn't save the data; of course, it would be different now anyway!

Doug: Today the conversation will be all about you, then. Tell us all you'd like to tell us -- for example: how old you are, your gender (if it isn't obvious from your Blogger handle or signature line), are you married and/or with children, what line of work you're in, how you first found us and other blogs you'd recommend, what you're reading, how old you were when you started reading comics and/or when you quit, and what was your first comic you can remember? The sky's the limit -- you bring up what you want, and I'm sure the day will flow pretty organically from there.

Doug: To add another fun layer, Osvaldo thought it would be cool if you left a question at the end of your tell-all comment -- such as:  What is your favorite film? Your favorite superhero? 

Doug: Great suggestion, Osvaldo -- we hope everyone has fun with it!


Anonymous said...
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Doug said...

You know, Colin, my wife would tell you that Stairway to Heaven and Hey Jude are overrated. I think that stems from the Memorial Day countdown always held on WLS AM-89 when we were kids. Those two songs always, always finished 1-2 (sometimes Hey Jude was #1, sometimes it was #2). Of the two, Hey Jude is not nearly as good as Stairway for my money.

I'll be 48 on June 20th. I've been reading comics since I was 5, and recall my first comic being a Walt Disney digest, followed very shortly by an issue of the JLA that included a JSA reprint and Avengers #19 (either in "real" or reprint form - I can never remember).

Next Tuesday my wife and I will celebrate 26 years of marriage. We have two sons, one who just finished his BA in Communications and who has landed a graduate assistant's position at a Div. I university's sports information office. He'll get his MA for free while being in charge of all publicity, Internet broadcasting, etc. for women's soccer and for softball. He's very excited. Our younger son will be a junior in college this fall, and will assume the starting goalkeeper duties on his college soccer team. He is majoring in exercise science with the intent of being a strength & conditioning coach at a university some day. We're a very sports-minded family.

My wife and I are both in education, and we each have nine more years to retirement. After that, I'm sure we'll find something to do in order to pay for health insurance until we're 65! When you were a kid did you ever think you'd be talking about being 65??

I am out of new comics now, and have been for almost eight years. Right now I am reading the Aquaman tpb "The Death of a Prince" and plan to review a few short stories from that here on the BAB. I recently purchased the SHIELD by Steranko tpb and would love to dig into that this summer. I'd also like to read some more Conan short stories and maybe a Tarzan novel or two. Hopes and dreams...

This summer I'll be in Washington DC again teaching at the United States Holocaust Museum. This will be the fourth year I've been so honored. I hold a Master's Degree in Jewish Studies (although I am not Jewish). The degree is concentrated in Holocaust education.

Question to leave for the next person: Which couple of related heroes or villains are your favorite pair (the Pyms, Scott and Alex Summers, etc.)?


Anonymous said...

Well, Karen/Doug Doug/Karen, I'm a Libra, I enjoy long walks on the beach, photography, good food and even better conversation, this year I'll be hitting the big 50!!! And hitting it hard. It's not the years it's the mileage!!! (And I love exclamation marks!)

As I stated on Memorial Day, I got into comics when I would go with my father on base and the GIs would let me read their comics. My first comics of my own, my mother purchased at a garage sale. The owner had the covers on his wall so all I had were the books. A mix of DC and Marvel. The best of the bunch was Conan's meeting with Elric of Melnibone. The first comic I purchased was Amazing Spider-Man 121! The second: Amazing Spider-Man 123! Yeah go figure.

I did a google search for The Origin of The Inhumans and found Grantbridges Street's site, which led me to Steve Does Comics which led me to Comicfan's Peerless site which BOOM!!! Got me here. And now I can't stop posting!

My run of comics lasted to the mid 90s. As people were going out of business I would buy a book or two. Have not read nearly enough to justify what I have. Reading the Essentials, all my old Wizards and FantaCo's Chronicles. Trying to scan as much of my collection as I can to digital. Just finished my Amalgams. Can I get a woohoo?

With any time off, I blog and scan, scan and blog. Then I pester my wife. LOL.

My favorite siblings: knee jerk is the Maximoff twins but then again, I like the Summers also. But if I had to pick.......Logan and Victor! Wait, are they or aren't they?

My question to pass on: We've all kicked around power. And affiliation. My question is: What would be your Kryptonite?

The Prowler (all man from the top of his square head to the bottom of his round body).

Doug said...

Prowler --

Two Kryptonites for me:

1. Little Debbie Nutty Bars. O how I love those peanut butter and chocolate treats. And they love me, judging by how they tend to hang around my waist.

2. Some stupid movement, you know - such as bending over to pick up my shoes - that will cause my back to go out. Knock on wood, it's been a couple of years, but the last time it literally hurt like the dickens and caused me mobility issues for a month. Fingers crossed that with my working out (also to combat the Nutty Bars) I can stave off the next assault.

We're all getting old, you know...


Edo Bosnar said...

If I'm understanding the question correctly, I guess my Kryptonite would be Coca-Cola and carbonated soft drinks in general. I try to drink them in moderation, because I know they're not very healthy, especially as I get older, but man, they're just so good...

I'm about 2 weeks shy of my 46th birthday, I'm male if that's not obvious from my name, I'm not married, technically, but my partner (saying 'girlfriend' just doesn't sound right) and I have been together for a little over 20 years.
As I've been living in Croatia since the early 1990s, I've mainly been involved in translation work of various types, and also media jobs (mainly radio).
I found BAB some time in 2009, when looking over the links on the sidebar at the now unfortunately defunct Comics Bronze Age blog.
This is my favorite comics blog, and others I'd recommend can mostly be found on the "Bloggers of a Similar Brain" section here. I would just add to that Comics Should Be Good, especially the "Fridays... with Greg Hatcher" column.
I don't follow any new super-hero comics, and only occasionally read post-1990s stuff put out by the big 2 (with the exception of DC's Elseworlds, which I generally love and have read pretty extensively). I do, however, like to read newer non-superhero stuff; one of my favorite more recent creators is French writer/artist Joann Sfar. Currently I'm reading Essential Marvel Horror vol. 1 - I'm just getting into Geber's Son of Satan stories.
My first comic ever was Marvel Tales #59, which I got at the age of 5, and I remained an avid comics reader until about my junior (3rd) year of high school, when I made something of a break with the habit. Then I drifted back in during the summer before my freshman year in college - and I drifted back in and out until I moved to Croatia in mid-1992. I got bitten by the comics bug again in about 2005, and mainly reading stuff from my personal Golden Age, i.e., the '70s and early '80s, but also - as I mentioned above - some newer stuff.

My parting question: what was your favorite comic series back then (in the Bronze Age), and - if you've had the chance to go back and reread it - is is still your favorite now?

Dr. Oyola said...

Glad you went with my suggestion, Doug! Hopefully more people will come along and participate (both regular commenters and lurkers<--- I see you out there!)

As for me: I will be 43 in less than two months. I will have been married for 2 years in about one month. My wife is not into comics at all, and has never even read one all the way through.

I currently work part time doing research for one of my former advisors to help her with her next book (a literary history of Brooklyn) and also do temp work - I am also working on academic articles for publication and starting the tenure track job search.

I think I found BAB through Too Busy Thinking About My Comics, but I don't remember how I got there!

I can't say what my first comic was - I had an older brother and sister growing up that had comics (but weren't "collectors"), so I remember plenty of Archie and Richie Rich and Caspar, and my brother had a copy of ASM #76 (featuring the Lizard) that I coveted and when i was much older I went and found that issue and bought it.

I didn't really get into Marvel Comics until fall of 1981 (so very late compared to most around here). I befriended a new kid who came to my school who was really into X-Men, but X-Men were too weird for me at the time, so I went to the store and got ASM 223, Marvel Tales 134 and Thor #314 at the local soda & candy shop (yes, they still had those as late as 81 - it closed down in 82)

Most of my comics collection at the time, however, would come from yard sales and garage sales. Thus my interest in comics from the 60s and 70s.

I quit collecting in late 1987 (though probably picked up some sporadic comics - like X-Men which I was really into at the time - into 1988). I would not buy comics again 2000. In the intervening years however, I would occasionally read some comics friends had. I remember reading a big chunk of the Excalibur run in 1990 and then later in 1997 and beyond I read Astro City and Untold Tales of Spider-Man - borrowed from a housemate.

I still buy comics regularly. My current favorite comics are: Saga (put out by IMAGE - so different from 90s Image these days - which I only buy in trades), Mind MGMT (from Dark Horse) and from Marvel, I really love the current Thor: God of Thunder series, the new Ms. Marvel, Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Dan Slott/Mike Allred's new Silver Surfer series. I buy a handful of others, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and She-Hulk.

I currently get no DC titles b/c they all seem terrible.

Overrated song? Stairway to Heaven is a good choice - but Hotel California is probably worse.

My kryptonite is a bag of chips - I am not a junk food guy, but if you leave a bag of chips in the house, I will destroy it - maybe I am the kryptonite for a bag of chips!

As for related heroes? Power Pack!

My question is: What is your What If event? The thing you'd change in a major Marvel or DC title that is now canon?

Murray said...

In select retail outlets and restaurant chains, I became a senior this month! "A discount for those 55 or older"! My wife rolls her eyes when I try talking like Grandpa Simpson.

My first comic was "Adventure" #312 (purchased by my Mom) - the Legion scours the galaxy to resurrect Lightning Lad. My literacy levels were really not up to the task of reading it, but I could glean enough to be utterly enraptured.

I feel I am almost the perfect age, in terms of comic history. I grew up in the Silver Age of DC Comics. The whackadoodle stories were wonderful to my innocent little mind. I "graduated" to Marvel with "Thor" #182 and "Avengers" #182, just as my newly-minted teenage sophistication required a little more characterization and depth of plot.

I do regret the energies I wasted dreaming of and trying to be a comic book artist. My hindsight accumulation of knowledge on the inner-workings of the business, and the visible product they produce...well, I really feel I unwittingly dodged a bullet there. Being a normal graphic artist, and now an author, is all right by me!

I confess to still dabbling in modern comics. Partially. With a heavy heart, but firm resolve, I climbed off the DC bus at the last stop before the "New 52" on ramp. Nothing about the place tempted me to visit. Marvel isn't much better, but there always seems to be one creative team that has the Right Stuff. So, my collection is very spotty with ten issues of this and half-dozen of that.

A good comic website:

I can't recall how I happened to stumble over BAB in my web wanderings. Just lucky, I guess.

MEANWHILE, I'd better get to work on designing this logo, starting my new book and enjoying the tardy arrival of Spring-Summer in the Great White North.

Getting to be a major accumulation of questions above me...I may have to cherry-pick.

My kryptonite would be peanut butter and peanut butter flavoured stuff. Yum. (My favourite quote along those lines comes from the JL:U cartoon - Galatea (Supergirl clone) grumbles at waiting for the call to action. "Boredom is my kryptonite. (pause) Well, kryptonite is my kryptonite. You know what I mean.")

"What If the Crisis on Infinite Earths had been only an epic story without any agenda of rebooting or simplification or reorganizing? A huge adventure with the heroes saving the day and status quo restored (more or less)?" or "What If DC had had the intestinal fortitude and organization after Crisis on Infinite Earths to do a proper, full reboot across the board (like with "New 52")?"

And, if the revelations of age are getting anyone down...
Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together.-Red Green

William said...

I just turned 49 this past Sunday. (yikes!) I have been married for 23 years next month. I have no children. And for the past 22 years I have worked as a professional graphic art and web designer. I have been running my own design company "BC Art and Design" since the summer of 1999. I will probably never be able to afford to retire, so it's a good thing I like what I do.

I found BAB via a link from another blog "Giant Size Marvel" (which I stumbled upon while searching Google images for something or another).

I started reading comics so long ago that I can't even remember exactly what age I was when I got my first one. However, the first comic issue that I specifically remember owning is Amazing Spider-Man #74. It must have been a Marvel Tales reprint or something though, because that book came out in 1969, and I would have been only 3 or 4 years old. I don't think I was reading comics yet at that age. (Especially Marvel). Though I could be wrong.

I don't collect new comics anymore from either of the "Big Two", but I buy a lot of trades and collected volumes of the classic stuff. In fact, I have several years worth of old comic stories that I never read growing up that I have yet to get to.

These days I collect more action figures than comics, and my favorite hobby is using them to create my own comics which I post on my website at (Hey, I figure if "the pros" are not going to produce comics I want to read anymore, I'll just have to do it myself).

Aside from comic related stuff, I love playing tennis, and watching movies, and I also do stand-up comedy whenever I get the opportunity. The next time I will be performing is next month on June 18 at the West Palm Beach Improv. If anyone is interested, here's a video my wife took of the show I did back in January. (FYI, it can get a little racy in parts, so if you are offended by bad language, watch at your own risk).

If you watched that video, you'll know my Kryptonite is FOOD. Especially sweets. However, I am in the process of doing something about that.

I don't really understand Murray's question (lol), so I'll answer Dr. Oyola's. "What is your What If event? The thing you'd change in a major Marvel or DC title that is now canon?"

Wow! There are so many things. I guess I would erase JMS's entire run on Amazing Spider-Man. He did so many terrible things to ruin the character. You know what, let's just go ahead and erase the last 15-20 years or so of Spider-Man continuity.

The question I'll leave myself is: "Who is your favorite comic character (or characters), and what was your favorite era of that character?"

J.A. Morris said...

I'll be 43 in about 6 weeks, married, no kids, worked in libraries since 1995. I've lived in Connecticut, Wyoming, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio currently residing in Richmond,VA.

I discovered this site through the Two Girls/One Guy blog.

I started reading comics around 1974, starting with stuff like Richie Rich, Little Dot, Flintstones. The first series I "collected" on any regular basis was 'Spidey Super Stories', since I was huge fan of Spider-Man and the Electric Company. The first "mainstream" superhero comic I remember getting was 'Marvel Tales' #69:

I became a diehard collector in 1979/80 when a friend introduced me to his X-men collection. I started going to conventions and found I enjoyed the Bronze Age back issues more enjoyable than anything else.

When I quit new comics:
1995. The Spider-Clone/Ben Reilly Saga and Age Of Apocalypse were the last straw for me. I should have quit X-men years earlier, as I hadn't cared much for the art since Paul Smith quit. I guess I kept thinking "it might get good again". I still buy new comics for my wife, who reads all the Buffy/Angel/Spike books. I work a few blocks from a comic store, so it's convenient. I also use that store for most of my Bronze Age reprints purchases.


Overrated song, 4-way tie:
'Stairway To Heaven','Hotel California','Don't Stop Believin'', anything on the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack.

Good comic websites:

Favorite couple:
Wanda & Vision.

For those who don't know, my wife & I blog about holiday specials/movies/episodes at Holiday Film Reviews. I don't post many links here to that blog, but here's recent-ish review of a Batman Valentine episode written by "Zany Bob Haney"

And while I'm here, thanks again to Karen & Doug for creating this wonderful community.

Anonymous said...

I'm 52 (but not "new"), male, married 25 years with kids aged 22, 20, 18 (girl, girl, boy). No one else in my family is interested in comics but my son has enjoyed some of the recent Marvel films with me. His favorites are Avengers, X-Men First Class and Winter Soldier, so I'd say he has good taste.

I don't honestly remember how I found the BAB but I was probably Googling some info about comics and stumbled across it, for which I am eternally grateful to the comics gods.

I don't remember my first comic but I started reading mainly "funny" books in the late '60s to early '70s - Harveys (Hot Stuff was an early favorite, along with Sad Sack and Richie Rich), Archies, Disneys, etc. I dabbled in DC but became a strict Marvelite from about '73-79 and would only occasionally buy comics in the '80s, usually X-Men.

I am not reading anything in particular right now but I believe the emergence of popular Marvel movies over the last 10-15 years has made me more and more nostalgic for old comics. I don't buy trades or omnibuses but when I stumbled on the GIT DVDs I thought those were too good to pass up. So I have FF, Spidey, X-Men, Iron Man and Avengers. Wish I had bought Cap and Hulk before Marvel discontinued their deal with GIT and prices soared. I thought I would try reading one of those DVDs chronologically from start to finish but that hasn't worked out. But I have read several different runs on each of them, largely sparked by discussion/inspiration from the folks here at BAB. Thanks all.

And so many great questions:

Over-rated: Pretty much anything by Bruce Springsteen or U2.

Favorite pair: How about Sue and Johnny? (Easily least favorite has to be the spawn of Norman Osborne and Gwen Stacy - dumbest idea ever. Glad I wasn't buying then.)

Kryptonite - Beer.

Favorite series - Early Bronze, Spidey. Late Bronze, X-Men. I think both still hold up.

What if? - Gwen Stacy lived (or does she?) Or MJ never married Peter (or did she?).

Favorite character: Iron Man but I think my favorite era was after I stopped collecting and he turned into Robert Downey Jr.

Whew. Doug/Osvaldo - what was the question again?

And I'll close by echoing J.A. - thanks Karen and Doug.


Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes nothing...

I'm a guy, just turned 42, single, trying to be a writer but doing handyman-type stuff in the meantime.

I honestly can't remember how I first discovered BAB...probably from some other blog, but I can't remember which one. I used to read quite a few comics blogs, but I don't seem to have the time anymore, so it's pretty much this one, Longbox Graveyard, and Supermegamonkey (the Marvel Comics Timeline over there is cool).

I think I was around five when I started reading comics; the earliest one I clearly remember is Marvel Tales #78 from April of 1977 (reprinting Amazing #97). I quit in the 90's, then started again a while ago, but I pretty much read older stuff (that I missed the first time around); the only new stuff I'm reading now is Walking Dead.

Mike W.

Karen said...

Seeing all this data makes me have to restrain myself from opening up an Excel file and entering it, and then analyzing it all! Still, it's fun looking at it and seeing our age range, and the similarities and differences.

Normally I would be paranoid about revealing things about myself, but I feel like most of my info is already out here on the blog. I'm heading for the big 5-0 this year, which is more than a little disconcerting. I'm married and thankfully hubby is also a comics fan. I'm not sure exactly which comic was the first I read/drooled over:I thought it was Amazing Spider-Man 98, but looking at Mike's Newstand, I think it must have been Captain America 138 -who knows, comics sat around on the racks for months sometimes.

Favorites were early 70s Spidey, Cap, Avengers, and then X-Men took over my brain. Warlock and Captain Marvel were also winners, if short-lived.

I got out of comics for a time during college, then in the 90s tried to get back in, every 6 months or so. I could never figure out what the heck was going on in X-men...still can't. I got back in for good for several years from about 2002-2011 or so -oddly enough, DC and Geoff Johns' JSA is what got me going again. But I can't relate to the books today. But you know that.

I enjoy writing and am trying to get some fiction out there, primarily urban fantasy, which is odd because I wasn't even aware of the genre until about 4 years ago.

The thing I would change if I could go back is I would have Jean Grey stay dead -and have the person who died on the moon actually be Jean and not some alien force.

William said...

Oh, I didn't know we could answer all the posted questions. I already answered the Kryptonite question, and the question about erasing bad canon.

But here are my answers for the other questions.

1. Most overrated song?
Anything by the band Boston. I don't understand why their stuff is still being played on the radio to this day.

2. Favorite comic book couple?
Reed and Sue Richards. They are just about the only married superheroes that seem like they could be a real couple to me.

3. Favorite comic series of the Bronze Age, and is it still your favorite?
Marvel Team-Up, and I have to say yes it's still my favorite series from that time period. Some of those issues are still my all-time favorites.

4. Good comic (and related) websites:
Giant Size Marvel
Spider-Man Crawl Space
The Fwoosh
Marvelous News

5. Favorite character and era? (I'll answer even though it was my own)
Spider-Man, and my favorite era was the DeFalco / Frenz years.

Anonymous said...

What I love about today's topic is seeing how one thing, comics, has brought so many of us together. There are some people who were finishing high school before I even started or were not even in school yet when I was entering high school.

I did want to jump back on to answer my own question: meat sticks be my Kryptonite! Slim Jims and the other processed meat knock offs. I love 'em more than jerky. I do draw the line at duel cheese meat stick packages. Won't touch that.

Dr O: I have been trying to remember who was chasing Power Pack issues and I do believe it's you. I have 1-11, 13, 18, 34. 36-37 and 39. Would any of those help?

The Prowler (sometimes at a total loss for words when he gets to this point).

Edo Bosnar said...

Karen, re: Jean Grey staying dead - too bad there's no voting or thumbs-up options for comments on this blog, because I'd click the button a thousand times.

Dr. Oyola said...

Yes. I agree. Jean Grey staying dead and Madelyne Pryor just coincidentally looking like her.

For me it would be the whole Ben Reilly, living Spider-Man clone thing . . I figure you go far enough back and change something whatever follows must change as well. So was that before or after it turned out Norman Osborne was also still alive?

david_b said...

I had a good stab at this today a few hours ago, but somehow in my multi-tasking, I lost my originally conceived post. Rats.

I’m probably the oldest so far, just turning 51 yesterday. I didn’t quite understand the merits of today’s column because folks can just click on the avatar (yes, my everchanging one..) and pick up on most of my interests. But yes, it’s good to get info on some of our ‘anonymous’ contributors.

Despite know just how much I’m missing in regards to pictures and good info, I refuse to join Facebook; my wife in the past has referred to this wonderful site as ‘my facebook’ when she’s looking at the time I spend on weekends typing away on our forum subjects. I feel like most of you all know the major stuff, but let’s look at some of those questions..:

First comics..? CA 113, Hulk 114, and Ditko’s Space Adventures ish 7 back in ’69 when I was home sick, but I still insist ‘my first official comic’ was King Size Spiderman ish 9 from 1973 (reprinting the now-famous Goblin tale), my main collecting periods were from 1973-75, then again from 1983-87.

I recall first checking out BAB by accident after my second deployment to Kuwait. It’s been SUCH a joy to check in each and every morning with a nice warm beverage and enjoy the reviews.

Not to offer much here, but I will mention my wife and I are splitting up after 16yrs of marriage. Luckily we had no children but I’m doing well (besides missing my dogs most days when I can’t visit..). In litigation now, I’m looking at such a bright future ahead, trust me, absolutely no worries there. I plan to attend more comic and Beatle cons in the years ahead with by 20something niece and nephew, one of my great joys is to meet certain actors I grew up with watching, just to thank them for entertaining us all. It’s a thrill.

No gigs planned this year, but I enjoy putting bands together and doing one-nighters with some favorite area artists.., I would like to do a set list of a dozen electric-blues songs. Most songs are NOT THAT difficult to learn (unless it's some huge guitar solo or something..), just break down the parts, get folks on keyboards and drums willing to enjoy learning 'em, and do a show. I enjoy creating music out of pure joy and energy, but yes, a little talent will go a long way.

Favorite couples..? Ollie and Diana, Robin and Starfire (still rattles me that they were found in bed naked together in the first Baxter Titans mag, “yowza” ), Swordsman and Mantis, and Hank and Janet around Avengers 152.

Canon I’d have changed back in the day..? Swordsman dying and Gwen’s clone. I would have stayed with comic another year or so if those events didn’t happen, and certain important artist changes didn’t occur.

Overrated song..? I’d agree on ‘Hey Jude’ and most others mentioned. For Macca’s entire catalog of good tunes, he ALWAYS had to end on Hey Jude..? Drove me nuts. Give me ‘I’m Down’ any day..!!

Kryptonite..? Must confess, it’s Cheetos, a nice glass of Coke with ice, Hostess Apple Fruit pies. But I'm looking at investing in a vintage Galactica colonial warrior outfit set for cosplay later this year, so I definitely need to keep the waistband low.

Murray said...

(requisite off on a tangent in a comment chain)

By coincidence, the old thorn in my imagination that is Jean Grey crossed my ire just the other day.

There was such a fine amount of established precedent at the time that Marvel Earth humans had the potential to become cosmic superbeings. The High Evolutionary. Rick Jones in the Kree-Skrull War. "Him" aka Warlock, to a lesser extent.

When I first read that issue of X-Men, it all jigsawed wonderfully into place for me. The radiation, the intense stress of the situation and her "leg up" mutant ability all said to me that Jean had leapt up the evolutionary chain a million generations. To have it all become this snarled up argle bargle about phoenix forces...I'd help Edo burn out a "thumbs up" clicker.

Humanbelly said...

Prowler at a loss for words??
The Earth may have just shifted on its axis-!
(Ha! I kid, Mr P, I kid-!)

A little slow getting into the spirit of this delightful thread today-- the USPS seems to have lost a shipment of baby ducklings we've ordered, and that almost certainly spells doom for the poor little tykes. It's put a bit of a pall on our day 'round here (as well as apoplexy-inducing confrontations w/ a multitude of uninterested postal functionaries. . . ). I'll keep youse guys posted. . .

At 53, I'm right in the heart of our age-range, born at the very, final, tail-end of the Eisenhower administration. That occurred to me only recently-- I always thought of myself as a Kennedy baby. HBwife & I just celebrated our 25th anniversary. . . boy, it's been so great being married to her. I fervently hope we live to very ripe old ages just so we continue to enjoy our life together. We've a son (19) and daughter (15) whom we never fail to appreciate having as our own. HBSon's a MusicEd major right now, HBBGirl wants to be an actress at the moment (lord knows she's overly-dramatic enough-!).

HBWife is a notable figure in the Victims Rights field, and far more important in the world than I (although she won't admit it). I'm a theater professional w/ a BFA & MFA in acting. . . which has led me to not being an actor much lately. For the last 10 years I've been the tech director for a medium-sized theater in DC, and on the side I've been the primary take-care-of-the-kids, cook-the-dinners, drive-the-kids-around parent for, oh, the last 80 or 90 years. Which. . . is drawing to a close all too soon. That empty nest is looming large.

(end pt 1)


Humanbelly said...

It took me a minute to remember, but I'm pretty sure I ended up here via one of the early Bracketology posts. I think I'd done a search for one thing, and somehow that post (on it's 2nd round) popped up down in the results. And then, looking around, I realized that it was connected to the "2 girls/guy/some comics" blog that was often referenced on the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE board at that time. Although it's been awfully quiet, I do still kinda consider that venue my "home" board, as it were.

*Over-rated song: "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McM; over-rated artist: Jon Bon Jovi
*Although I'm fond of the Alan Scott/Jade/Obsidian family unit, I think I still have to go w/ Vision & Wanda.
*I have dual Kryptonites: Chocolate (although I can control it, I swear), and Christmas. I am an unapologetic atheist who surrenders to the lure and beauty and joy and customs of the holiday season with gleeful and energetic abandon. Music starts in October; MASSIVELY decorate the scene shop every year; zillion lights on the house; HUGE tree; and more family customs than you can count on both hands and feet. We're only a month away from the halfway point on the calendar, y'know!

*Gosh, I DO still pull out those comics on occassion-! Bronze Age Incredible Hulk-- early side, at least-- is still my favorite. Amazing Spidey's probably a close second.
*First Comic-- I believe it may have been a Hot Stuff giant-size special, actually! I remember having it before I could truly read the words. Y'know, Harvey had a really strange thing going, didn't they? Cute little ghost, cute little witch, cute little. . . DEVIL, for pete's sake! Where's Wertham when ya need him?

*Moment-to-Change: there are many possibilities, of course, and I agree with most that have been stated, but-- I think if X-Factor had never been given the green light, we would be better off today. Even if (ugh) Jean was still resurrected, it would have been more palatable if it wasn't done as such an obvious cash-in-for-quick-sales ploy, introducing a book that didn't seem to have been thought out past its second issue, and was a major gateway to the title-flooding policy that has thrived to this day.

Wow. . . long post. Always dangerous for me. Never wrote a five-page paper in less than 15 pages. . .


Humanbelly said...

Hey, can I still toss in another round-robin question?

What's the first non-picture book you remember reading all the way through as a child? (A book w/ illustrations like Alice in Wonderland or Treasure Island is fair game, of course).


Anonymous said...

I'm the youngest and the only boy, so the first book I read all the way through: "B" Is For Betsy. That story still speaks to me.....

The Prowler (....and scene!)

Humanbelly said...

No no no no no, Prowl, it's. . .
you don't. . .
CLEARLY what I meant was---

Gnrghh. . .

Not a PRIMER for corn's sake-! A BOOK! Like, MORE than 100 pages, right??

(Now you're going to come back with
"50 Shades of Grey", aren't you?)

Ohhhh, so difficult. . .


(PS- no word on ducklings yet, but there are now at least several folks at the USPS Southern Maryland sorting center on the hunt. Humanity is not entirely bankrupt.)

Her Dork World, His Dork World said...

Osvaldo is great; we had him on our show about a month ago; I can send you an mp3 if you're interested. Very insightful.

Anonymous said...

Hot Pants Guy here....
I found this page searching for anything All Star Squadron related.
I'll be 44 in two days. Married, no kids. We live in Golden, Colorado in the shadow of Buffalo Bill's final resting place. Thanks to my wife's job we live free in an apartment buried deep in a storage facility.
My first comic book was Flash #239. It had Kid Flash and several of Flash's rogue gallery. My next comic book was Avengers #135. After that I was hooked ....for the next 36 years!
My highlights were the first year of Micronauts and Sam Kieth's the Maxx. Low points... the 90s. I could only take so many mullets, trench coats and oversized guns.
I stopped collecting three months into the New 52. I just didn't care to relearn everything when I preferred the other thing.
My kryptonite?
Hiking. Kinda extreme ...isolated hiking. 4 people died last year on the trails I prefer. I don't have a deathwish but I'm not hiking I'm just thinking about the next time. job...
I convert companies inventory counts and audits to monthly RFID cycle counts.
Ya know...cuz it's more fun.

I would like to thank this page. Since comic books of today are unreadable I really enjoy coming here and seeing things that other people enjoyed from the Bronze Age.
I didn't want to stop collecting comic books...but I had to.
BAB is my e cigarette to replace my habit.

Graham said...

I will be 51 in five days. I started reading comics when I was four or five. My mom would bring me one home when she went to the grocery store, usually Casper, Dennis the Menace, sometimes Superman or Batman. I basically stopped reading comics around '83 or '84 when those tough college classes started kicking in. Today, I occasionally read an old comic from my collecting days (Just finished re-reading the collected Fleisher/Aparo Spectre series), but I rarely venture into the new material.

I actually stumbled onto BAB after I did a Google search for a character that I've forgotten about. I check in just about every day, though I don't always comment. Usually by the time I see the posts, there's a bunch of comments and most of what I would say has already been said.

I have been married for 22 years and I have two kids. The oldest graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and the youngest will be in 8th grade.

I am a civil engineer for my state's Dept. of Transportation. I do pavement designs for new road projects and also for maintenance and rehabilitation projects in ten counties for my state. I also oversee materials testing. I have been working there for 27 years. Before that, I did lawn work, worked at a golf course, bagged groceries, and worked at a chicken plant.

I also contribute album reviews for a blues ezine for the past 15 years, and I've had my own blog that also talks about the blues for the past four years. I am currently working through a collection of Elmore Leonard's Western stories when I'm not writing reviews or on my blog or at work. I would love to be able to write professionally.

My kryptonite is Zapp's Potato Chips.....nature's most perfect food.

Most overrated song to me is anything by the Supremes.

I wouldn't change anything that happened when I used to read comics because some doofus would just change it back when I wasn't paying attention.

My question would be....What is your all-time favorite sports moment? Mine was when the New Orleans Saints FINALLY won a Super Bowl a few years ago....a great moment for a longtime (40+year) fan.

Doug said...

Well, as soon as Mike from T&T gets here, I think we can call this post a success! Thanks to Osvaldo for sharing and encouraging this topic.

Graham, I recall several months ago you saying that some film was being shot in your area. Remind me, please...?

Greatest sports moment? On the national scene, that would be Illinois basketball's comeback over Arizona in the 20005 NCAAs on their way to the championship game. That was probably the best college basketball game I have ever seen. On a personal note, for my oldest son it was in the 2004 Little League Section tournament. Down three runs in the bottom of the 5th one of my son's teammates hit a grand slam to send the boys to state. I was coaching 1st base -- I'll never forget that, and the photo that ran in our local paper the next day was priceless. For my younger son it's also a Little League memory. When he was 12 he had a game where he hit three home runs (2 of the grand slams) and had 11 RBI on the day. Talk about a moment in the sun.

What would I change in comics? I agree with William about the last 20 years or so of Spider-Man. Anything positive in that span at all?

David B. -- hang in there, brother.

Edo -- my fave book in the Bronze Age was the Avengers. I would say that the run from 100-200 is as good as anything from that era. I think it holds up.


Redartz said...

Hello all! I'm at the upper end of our spectrum at age 53. Male, married 28 years with two sons. Both sons, incidentally, have shared my interest in comics! We are currently in the process of moving to the Louisville, KY area, and I recently started a new job managing a picture framing shop.

My first comic was a Casper, followed soon by Superman 203 and Amazing Spiderman 52. I started serious collecting in 1974, hence my fondness for our Bronze Age books. Stopped reading and collecting about 1988 but returned to comics in the late 90's, with my sons' influence. Occasionally read new comics, but prefer vintage.
Favorite character: Spiderman
Overrated song: Hey Jude ( and me a Beatle nut )
Great to hear about everyone today! And many thanks to Karen and Doug, for this site I found through Comic Book Resources...

Fred W. Hill said...

Bringing up the rear again after a long day, I'll turn 52 on June 14, and I was a Navy brat (my dad spent 27 years in the Navy) and did 7 and a half years myself, but have spent working the last 14 years at a County Courthouse and was recently promoted to Supervisor of my department, dealing with probate & guardianship cases. Never been married and no children, but one of my younger brothers already has 5 grandchildren! I have 3 cats, myself, including I found while I was living in Greece nearly 19 years ago. In my spare time I also help put together a newsletter for the First Coast Freethought Society and take part in weekly trivia games, among other stuff.
The earliest comic I remember reading is Tales of Suspense 97 -- specifically the Iron Man story introducing Whiplash, which I recall reading in a barber shop on base in Yokuska, Japan, in 1968 when I was 5 or 6. I'm sure I read comics before that but that story just really stood out in my memory and within a couple of years I was a Marvel junkie, a habit I held on to until about 1985. The last series I collected was Neil Gaiman's Sandman, although I've collected tpb's of Love & Rockets, Morrison's Doom Patrol & Animal Man; Robinson's Starman; Lucifer & Fables, among others.
I originally came across Doug & Karen's previous blog, Two Girls & a Guy Reading Comics a few years ago while just goofing around looking up stuff on the web, then found my way here.
I can't think of any songs I think are overrated, although there are many very popular ones that I loathe, but also many I still love even if they have been overplayed in past decades. I still love Hey Jude, for example, but since I mostly listen to NPR when I have the radio on these days, I usually only hear it and other favorites when I'm inclined to play it. Oh, yeah, one of my former roommates really loved L.L. Cool J. and Milli Vanilli; I couldn't stand either one of them (and this was before the Milli boys were exposed as a fraud!).

Redartz said...

Forgot to pose a question: which comic, once a treasured possession and now long gone, would you replace if the opportunity was there? Mine would be Spiderman Annual 1 ( why, why did I sell that...)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm 43 now, will be 44 in December. Single, no kids. Can't remember what age exactly I started reading comics but I know it was in the single digits! The original X-men, Avengers, FF, Hulk and of course Spidey; Batman, Flash, GL over at DC.

I've been a business manager for the past 12 years. With a few exceptions I usually read the vintage comics 'cause those were the ones I read growing up.

My kryptonite? Definitely Coca Cola and junk food (burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs). My doctor tells me to limit that stuff as I'm middle aged now but God knows old habits die hard! Bought a weight set and started exercising but still can't see my abs!

I stumbled onto the BAB serendipitously because it seemed like a good place for fans who truly love comics and pop culture. This blog and ol' Groove over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind are my two most frequently visited sites (like every day!). Even if I don't post my thoughts rest assured my eyeballs will have viewed your daily submissions.

Hmm my favourite pairing would have to be Thor and Odin - big daddy Odin always throws a spanner into Thor's plans!

Favourite character has to be Spidey, from the very start in the Ditko days up to the Bronze Age.

For me, I would have just erased that whole Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider clone mess. Mephisto should have erased that sorry saga instead of Peter and Mary Jane's marriage!

First non- picture book I read all the way through? Hmm probably Robinson Crusoe! (Which, incidentally some people believe was set in Tobago!)

- Mike 'hey don't sell this info to Google!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Dr. Oyola said...

So glad this post was such a success! (If I may deem it so, though I too am waiting for Mike from T&T to show up!).

Hey Redartz, I just applied for a visiting professorship at Louisville - slim chance I will get it - but if I do I will know where to go to get stuff framed!

As for comics that still hold up for me? I still love the Roger Stern era of Spider-Man and I love Bill Mantlo's work on Micronauts and ROM. Oh, and while I don't feel this way about all of Claremont's stuff, having just spent A LOT of time with Days of Future Past for my own blog posts, I feel like it is worthy of its 33 years of hype.

Best sports moment? Mookie running out that base hit (he would have made it even if Buckner had caught the ball). .. thought the best sports moment I was present for was in 2006 - a Carlos Beltran two-run homerun against the Cardinals in a regular season game at the bottom of the 9th inning to win a game 8-7 that they were down 7 to 1 at one point. It was also the game that Carlos Delgado hit his 400th homerun - a grand slam.

Thanks everyone for playing along and thanks as always to Karen & Doug for giving us such a great place to chew the fat on comics.

Dr. Oyola said...

Oh and hey PROWLER.

I could definitely use #s 36, 37 and 39.

Email me and we can work it out.

themiddlespaces AT gmail DOT com

Graham said...

Doug, I hate to say this, but I have gone completely blank on the movie filmed locally question. The only ones that I can think of would be Mississippi Burning, which I think was partially filmed in Philadelphia, where most of the events took place, or maybe O Brother Where Art Thou, which was filmed about an hour or so away from where I live. I used to remember things so easily up until a couple of years ago. :)

Garett said...

I'm just about to turn 46 in a couple weeks, like Edo. I remember Flash being one of the first comics I read, and Avengers the first comic I bought--not sure of the issue #, but I believe it was 25 cents. I didn't really get into comics seriously until 1979 or so. The early '80s were my big collecting time--New Teen Titans, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Iron Man, Hercules, Dreadstar, Jon Sable, American Flagg...ending with Dark Knight, Watchmen, and Elektra Assassin around '87. My tastes have changed somewhat over the years, expanded beyond the original titles I read. Kirby's Kamandi is now my favorite--actually since Karen's Kamandi review!

I'm single with a steady girlfriend, no kids (by choice!). I teach art, drawing and painting, and also play guitar and sing in a band. Here is a video of one of our songs:
Sweet Vintage Rides
We're getting a ton of gigs these days, and it's been a total joy to have music come back into my life after being away from it for many years.

I think I came across this blog through Diversions of the Groovy Kind, and now my other favorite blog is Rip Jagger's Dojo--love the variety of stuff he comes up with. I still like Hey Jude, sweet song! My kryptonite is probably Guinness beer--hard to turn one down!

I like the Bronze age comics the best, but also keep an eye on new stuff coming out. Same for music, movies, etc. There's always good new stuff, and it's good to keep an open mind to new ideas and new forms of art.

Anonymous said...

I'm 45, male, live in the Midwest, and make cabinets for a living.
When I was a kid in the '70's and early 80's I wanted nothing more than to become a comic book artist, but I didn't have the nerve to pursue it, and, frankly, my father couldn't have afforded sending me to art school. I ended up in the Army and did that for a while. Then other things happened...
I still love comics!
I don't remember how I stumbled onto this site, but I like to stop by on occasion and see what you folks are up to.

Doug said...

Graham --

Apologies if necessary. I seemed to recollect that you alluded to seeing some recent film in production near Baton Rouge or some such place. Perhaps it wasn't your comment that I'm trying to remember.

Thanks, though!


Humanbelly said...

Tsk-- Prowler, I think I was wrong. Having looked up "B" is for Betsy, by golly I think that was a fine choice for a text-w/-illustrations first book-! Oh, where do I get off with such wicked condescension??

H- "The Reprehensible Literary Snob"- B

Anonymous said...


That may have been me. I am in NOLA and I think I made some mention of some filming for the last Planet of the Apes movie on the facility where I work. I believe they are about to start filming some of the new Jurassic Park movie next. New Orleans has become somewhat of a hotbed for filming of late (at least we think so).

So Graham, we are kindred spirits - what could beat the Saints FINALLY winning the Super Bowl? :-)


Rick J. said...

I'm 47, married, no kids and two golden retrievers. The first comic I can recall having was Avengers 95. I picked up some comics here and there until 1980. Was at the local drug store and on the comic rack was Star Wars (I believe) #39. The first issue covering The Empire Strikes Back. Being a Star Wars fanatic I had to pick it up along with Avengers #199. The Avengers was my favorite comic when I was younger. Soon the bug hit me and I started expanding out and picking up other titles. I then began becoming a true collector and starting hunting out back issues until about 1989 (my last year of college). Stopped at that point because I thought the quality of the stories began to drop and was really quite irritated with Marvel's taking advantage of the collector craze by releasing multiple issues and chewing out comics every other week on some titles.
I returned some years later and picked up Busiek's and Perez's run on the Avengers. I always felt Perez was best artist for the Avengers, no disrespect to John Buscema. I don't buy comics now but in the past few years have filled in the holes in my collection now that I can afford to. I have over 3000 comics (all Silver and Bronze age) and I would have to say 95% are in VF condition or better. It's just to bad I don't have any kids to pass them on to.
I discovered this site several years ago thru Diversions of a Groovy Kind and visit every day.
It certainly brings back some cherished memories of childhood and glad to see so many others with the same interests and love for the past. One thing I have noticed that almost everyone who has posted here on this subject is pretty much in the same age range. We are certainly prone to nostalgia.
Doug and Karen, keep up the great work!

Doug said...


Yes, it was you, my friend! That is exactly the story I was thinking of!

Nice to know that neither Graham nor I have lost our marbles.



Anonymous said...


You are definitely not a marble loser. If anything, you, your co-host and the rest of this great community have helped me re-discover many of MY marbles that I thought were long gone.


Eric C said...

I am 44, married with one child, a son. My first comic book was Star Spangled War Stories #191. I did not own it. That Unknown Soldier issue and others were part of a pile at my grandparents house that my cousin and I read. Other gems in that pile included Justice League of America #134 with amazing art by Dick Dillin. On the Marvel side of the house was the all new all different X-Men by Claremont and Cockrum.

I think that I found your site on a search for bronze age comics. Like others here, I too abandoned comic book reading in the 1990's, but came back when I read Kurt Busiek's touching and well written Avengers Forever series.

Unlike others here, I do read current books such as Fables, Saga, East of West and Swamp Thing. Those books may not be like bronze age books, but are good reads.

Thank you Doug and Karen for a great web site.


Doug said...

I have to say that Karen and I are deeply gratified to hear from some of our readers who do not make themselves regularly known. We appreciate your participation and the chance to get to know you!


Anonymous said...

HB - I hear your words and I feel your pain! In this life we live, we all must pick our hills on which we stand and fight. Mine just happen to be littered with Slim Jim wrappers, VHS copies of "Annie" and "'B' is for Betsy".

The Prowler (will fight no more tomorrow).

Anonymous said...

Holy Moley, Mary Joseph and the baby Jesus!!! I was rereading everybody's posts and I realized I was misquoted in my own autobiography. How the heck did that happen!?!

When I said: "As people were going out of business I would buy a book or two" should in fact read: "As people were going out of business I would buy a box BOX or two"! That's how I ended up with 27 boxes and two long boxes of comics in my garage. And the floor of my living room, and bedroom.....

The Prowler (hiding his cowl in shame).

Chris said...

Just for the record although late as usual.

I've just turned 47 and just celebrated 20 years of marriage. We have one son, now aged 10 and I'm successfully making sure he appreciates the important things in life such as football (soccer to you guys), comics, star wars, RPGs and rock music. (And it seems I love all those classic rock songs everyone else thinks are overrated LOL!).

My wife isn't a comics fan but she's of a similar persuasion as she loves fantasy novels.

I live in the UK and work as a Civil Engineer. I manage a 20 strong team who design new roads. A stressful job these days but there's plenty of work so I shouldn't grumble.

My first comic was Marvel UK's Super Spider-man and the Superheroes #190 dated Sept 16 1976. I still have it. It reprinted in B&W (amongst Iron Man, Thor and Invaders) ASM#141 which means that I still regard the Conway/ Andru Spidey as my Spidey. I also discovered the US monthlies which were distributed (there was only 15 a month!) and remember purchasing Iron Man #90 and Team-UP #49. I still treasure those tatty copies.

I found this blog via Comics Bronze Age I think. What I most enjoy about it is discovering comics I've never read. Although I'm mainly a Marvel zombie from the Bronze and Silver Age there's always the prospect of something new to discover.

I still buy a ton of stuff. In fact I keep a blog just to keep track of it and what I'm reading. But I don't buy single issues anymore and have't for quite a few years. Too expensive here in the UK.

Karen is so right about the golden age of reprints. I've been picking up Masterworks,various DC collections and the new EPIC collections that Marvel are putting out. One day I plan to start reading the Marvel saga from the beginning to approx the time of Spidey's wedding.

But I also buy collections of new stuff. Anything by Brubaker, Batwoman by J.H. Williams III, Saga, FF by Matt Fraction, DD by Mark Waid, anything by Darwyn Cooke and Hawkeye by Fraction are examples of more recently published stuff.

Just yesterday I received Micaracleman Vol 1 by Alan Moore. Does this count as Bronze Age? I've never read it but it's reputation is HUGE!! The new hardcover now published by Marvel looks very tempting to dip into straight away.

I've waffled on far too long to answer the other questions, but if you are keeping a chart - you now have my essential details.


William said...

First of all I want to say to Garett - That is a bad ass tune, dude! You guys are awesome, and you look great too. Wish I still all my hair. [sigh]

Now to answer some of the posted questions:

First non-picture book I ever read all the way through was probably "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. I had to read it for English class in middle school.

My personal favorite Sports moment is when Andre Agassi won the French Open in 1999, and became only the 5th man in history (at the time) to win all 4 Grand Slam titles in a career. (The only men to ever win all 4 in the same calendar year were Don Budge in 1938, and Rod Laver who did it twice, in 1962 and 1969!)

Which treasured comic would I replace if I could? That's hard to say because a year ago I sold off my entire Spider-Man collection, so it's too soon to tell, but someday I'll probably wish I still had my Amazing Fantasy #15.

Edo Bosnar said...

Garett, I agree, great song, and I enjoyed the video as well.
And William, I finally found the time to watch that video of your improv show. Geez, there was a few parts where I just found myself laughing uncontrollably - good job! Also, I just love that part when you mention your wife, and she can be heard mumbling "Oh, s---!"

Garett said...

Hey thanks William and Edo! The music video was fun to make- a bunch of our friends pitched in to help out- and it's been great to promote the band to venues out of town. We're planning another one this summer.

I also didn't get a chance to see your comedy video until now William-- man it's laugh-out-loud funny! You're a talented guy, comic timing and material. Awesome to see you squeezed in some comic book content as well! : ) Here it is if anyone missed it the first time:
Bill Sandefur standup comedy

Joseph said...

My goodness! My favorite part of this blog has long been the comments section and the awesomely creative community of funny, respectful posters that Doug and Karen have attracted. This may end up being my favorite post ever and I feel so lucky to be a part of this.

I'm a dude that just turned 44 last month. Married 15 years this fall (my wife is not a comic reader, but she is very tollerant of my habit). Two kids, one entering elementary school and one about to leave it. I work in public accounting (my inner accountant really wants to see Karen accumulate this data to analyze the results).

As boring as it is, I came across this blog looking for comic blogs that focus on the Bronze Age. Little did I know I would find something so on point.

Some of my other favorite comic blogs: Comic Book Resources, Comics Alliance, Marvel Age of Comics (amazing original art), Defenders Fansite.

I am currently reading the 3rd Saga collected graphic novel. While there are other current titles that I read from time to time, my local comic store is pulling Hawkeye for me.

I started reading comics as a lad in the mid 70s, stopped and started again in the early 80s, dropped in mid-80's, picked up again in early nineties, only to drop again shortly after. It was when I had a young son that loved superheroes and we got to attend San Diego ComicCon in 2008 that I finally realized that I have never stopped loving comics and I need to accept and embrace that. Since then, I have been able very comfortable with my reading, collecting, etc even as my son has "outgrown" it.

My first comics include ASM #160, Superman #304, Marvels Greatest Comics #69, and Avengers #152.

My personal kyrptonite has to be chips, crackers, and cheese. Free beer and baseball cards from the 70's might be included, too.

I might be the last one to post on this, but just in case, my pass-along question: What is the one comic or comic-related piece that you have wanted to own but have yet to obtain. My own has been Fantastic Four #48 (regardless of condition).

Humanbelly said...

I'm gonna go ahead and give you a response there, Joseph. (Very nice post, too-- I'm sure the older dads amongst us here are waxing a bit nostalgic about when our kids were at your kids' age--)

A comic-related item that I once had and wished to heaven I hadn't been so blithely careless about owning was that great Hulk sweatshirt from the MMMS era: "Here comes the Incredible Hulk/There goes the Incredible Hulk", which shows Greenskin pulling a little bunny-wagon toy by a rope on the back. A buddy gave it to me when I was in 8th grade, and I didn't really appreciate it. . . ended up cutting off the sleeves and using it as a football practice jersey in 10th grade, and it eventually just got torn up and lost in the locker room. And I didn't give it a second thought. As with most young teenage boys, my brain was 'WAAAAAY under-formed in some pretty crucial aspects. Ah, me-- but there's no going back.

Oddly enough, with comic books themselves, there are no longer any that have that Holy Grail kind of appeal for me any more. I. . . I think the monetary value of vintage issues now far outweighs their worth to me in real-life value. Since I collect for personal enjoyment rather than investment, I would be hard-pressed to spend even a paltry $100 on an issue of Avengers #1, since it would still just be $100 for something that would sit stored in a box forever. . . and I can read the reprinted story in other places for free.

I guess. . . the ol' Marvel Treasury Edition #13 might still be the one I'm holding out for, though. And again, it's available-- I'm just waitin' for a bargain. . .


PS- Doug, Karen-- do let me echo what an enjoyable thread this has been. What's so immensely gratifying is that you've pulled together such a diverse, well-rounded community of folks who are enjoyable, engaging, and funny. . . and aren't jerks-! (Hard to do on-line these days, it seems. . . )

Congrats to you both.

Redartz said...

This really has been a pleasant thread, so I'll extend it a bit longer. Joseph: to answer your question, I would love to get the set of 1966 Batman Pop-tarts giveaway comics. They were small, folded into Kelloggs pop tarts boxes. Not prohibitively expensive, but pretty scarce.

HB- understand your reluctance to put out large sums for such collector's items. I tend to pick them up on the cheap at flea markets and such, of course it is rare to score a big find.
Although I did once find the Fantastic Four 48 that Joseph mentioned at a flea market for 3 dollars. Of course someone had taken a marker and gave the Watcher hair, but it was complete and a good read!

William said...

Thanks Garret and Edo. That was only my second time ever doing stand-up and I actually cringe a little when I see myself on video, so your kind words are much appreciated.

Humanbelly said...

William! I just now remembered to take a look at your stand-up routine-- really great job! Man, I would never, ever have guessed it was only your second time in a comedy-club setting. You project a great sense of being comfortable and at ease in front of the audience, which puts you 'waaaay out in front of about 98.5% of the rest of the human population. No sign at all of "2nd Night Syndrome", and dude, you're funny and connected to your audience and solidly professional. Certainly worthy of the late night "At the Improv" television show from 'way back-! I was sitting here alone, laughing out loud at my screen-!

A week away from your next gig, eh?

Break a leg, brother!


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