Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Break On Through to the Other Side - of Comic Covers

Doug: Karen and I came up with a sampling of burst-out comic book covers, where someone's about to end up in your lap. What do you think of this genre, and do you have other examples for us today?

NOTE: This post was updated on May 6 2020. The post originally displayed 15 cover samples. As there is no way I could recall which comics I'd chosen six years earlier, I provide three classic samples to set the table. My apologies... -Doug



William said...

I've always liked that FF cover with Doom tearing into the book. Because Byrne drew it to show the page underneath.

The cover to Wolverine #50 is very similar, but I believe it was actually die-cut, so the slashes were real and you could see through to the splash page.

Anonymous said...

Now THATS my Legion Of SuperHeroes team! Wish DC would keep them simple and go back to this team and look!

Anonymous said...

Walter Simonson's Thor 380, the famous all splash page issue. I love the cover, but is it a bit of a cheat, it's both the cover and the first splash.

Whatever history may say, it is one of my favorites.

The Prowler (was the first one to vomit in the bar, and find the distance to the stage to far).

Anonymous said...

AARRGH!!! That last "to" should be "too"!!!

The Prowler (dagnabbit).

david_b said...

Really like that LOSH cover, and thinking back to the moment I saw Avengers 122 on the stands, I vividly remember the awesomeness of it, with Thor and T'Challa literally bursting off the page. One of my all-time favorites.

One of the best I remember from the Bronze was Marvel Double Feature #1, with both Cap and IM. Obviously they took stock samples of both figures (Cap from TOS 59..), but the coloring was very dynamic.

Howard the Duck 8 was pretty cool, and MTU 9's been seen on a lot of t-shirts at Target as well.

Anonymous said...

I liked those covers where the masthead was involved in the action - such as X-Men #135 when Dark Phoenix is holding up the crumbling X-Men masthead or Thor #337 when Beta Ray Bill is smashing through the old Thor masthead to signify the arrival of a new era. But best of all is that Hulk annual where the entire cover consists of Hulk holding up the crumbling masthead on his back !

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Teen Titans" #23 (Wonder Girl's new outfit) or Flash Comics #47 (1st Black Canary)!

Doug said...

This is fun -- everyone is doing a great job! Who knew there were so many?

I will take all of these nominations and we'll craft a Part II post and run it in a few days, so everyone can see all this great nostalgia in one place.

Keep 'em coming!


Edo Bosnar said...

Oh yeah, just remembered another one:
Uncanny X-men Annual #10.

Steve Does Comics said...

The first one I can remember seeing was on the cover of Marvel UK's Mighty World of Marvel #20, where Jim Starlin introduced us to Daredevil, with the help of the Thing and the Hulk: http://www.comics.org/issue/334826/cover/4/

Anonymous said...

The only one that comes to mind is New Titans #55: http://www.dcindexes.com/features/database.php?site=dc&pagetype=comic&id=20561

which was "homaged" several times afterwards, usually when adding some new twist to Donna's origin.

Mike W.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, on further searching, I guess New Titans #55 was itself an homage to Teen Titans #23: http://www.dcindexes.com/features/database.php?site=dc&pagetype=comic&id=29084

And I'm sure I've seen other riffs on that cover.

Mike W.

Aggy said...

Talking about the Titans. New Titans 61 has Batman and Nightwing bursting out through a window.

Personal fav is Blue Devil 14 a homage to the Detective Comics above, Kid Devil replacing Robin.

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