Friday, December 12, 2014

Wish List Time!

Doug: With the "big day" about two weeks away, what are you hoping to find under the tree? Feel free to be realistic, or just really cut loose and tell your BAB friends what you'd like to find!

Doug: And as a public service, I'd like to tip our readers to another great discount seller with whom I've recently done business. Head on over to eBay and check out the listings of seller dheader. Shoot -- save time and just click here!


Redartz said...

As I plan to jump on the Omnibus bandwagon, several of those are on my Santa list!. Amazing Spiderman, Avengers and Fantastic Four top the list. Also DC's Sugar and Spike Showcase.

Additionally, I hinted to my wife that Amazon offers a DVD of "Flight of Dragons"; a wonderful 80's vintage animated tale with a great vocal cast. Have looked for it for years, to no avail...

Anonymous said...
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Edo Bosnar said...

Well, probably the book I want most right now is the omnibus of Simonson's Orion series, which I have on pre-order from Amazon. Outside of that, unlike in previous years there's nothing I'm just longing to have at the moment.

Doug said...

A book of which I've become aware this past year is "Hey, Kids, Comics! Real-life Tales from the Spinner Rack". I hinted that to my wife last week.

Mostly I've taken a few bucks here and there from my comics sales and treated myself recently. With a couple of deep-discount retailers I've recently found (again, check the eBay store for dheader, linked in this post's body), I've picked up the second volume of the Thor Omnibus, the second volume of Inhumans Masterworks, the first volume of Iron Fist Masterworks, the two hardcover volumes of The Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Huntress tpb (reprinting the run from the time of the JSA revival) and the DC Comics Classics Library Roots of the Swamp Thing.

I think I've spoiled myself!

But one non-comics related gift I'd love is a soundbar for our family room that would replace the bulky 5-disc CD/DVD changer with wired surround sound. Time to go wireless and clean up the look of the room!


david_b said...

Wellll, since I'm restarting my life (and a few financial nesteggs I regret to lose..), my list will be more for my new house (closing on the 13th of January.., cute Tudor-styled brick home..), like buying my home-theatre hardware (with surroundsound cabled behind the drywall..) but also a few other choice items never dared purchased before.

I pre-purchased the '66 Batman set (standard set) and that came in about 2wks ago ~ Just waiting until my new theatre system is up to break open that seal.

("I am ONE patient hombre, let me tell you....")

As for comics, I've been only too happy to stretch my spending a bit. I haven't seen too much more of the Marvel Legends line I'm interested in collecting (having completed my impressive Henry Pym theme already..), so will be recollecting some Masterworks I sold last year and investing in a few Silver/Bronze iconic issues, perhaps more floppy hole-filling like checking out the vintage 'Batman Family' issues I missed. Hopefully my classic Galactica uniform'll be in one day soon for those upcoming comiccon trips in 2015.

I do have to replace my iPod 'classic' model, I heard they've been getting pretty expensive of late.

Doug, will check out dheader on eBay tonight. :)

Garett said...

Hey Doug, some super deals at that ebay store! Unfortunately he doesn't ship to Canada. : ( That Thor Omnibus #2 rocks, and Swamp Thing is a classic.

I just picked up that Huntress TPB a few days ago, and read though the Levitz/Staton/Layton issues--they're really quite good. I'm just up to the part where Steve Mitchell takes over inking, and at a glance it doesn't look as nice as Layton, but still ok. Levitz has a good introduction to the series as well, where he talks about his writing and age at the time of this series. She's a great character, and I loved the Earth-2 origin story--the new version of the character doesn't sound nearly as interesting.

I already have my Christmas present-- the Howard the Duck Omnibus. This series rocks! Great skewering of modern society, from politics to religion to consumerism and more, all done with great humour. I'd read a few as a kid, but reading them straight through is much better. The art by Brunner and Colan is top notch. I'm up to the Kiss issue #13, just after Howard gets back from Canada battling a giant beaver-suited terrorist. : )

The only other comic I have my eye on is the new Warlock reprint by Starlin.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd probably go for some kind of collection...Omnibus, Masterwork, Essential, Showcase, whatever. I've heard good things about Saga by Vaughn/Staples...maybe I'll treat myself this Xmas!

Mike W.

Martinex1 said...

I too would go for some collected works, particularly of titles I never collected or at the time of initial release was not even aware of like: Secret Society of Super Villains, Werewolf By Night, Suicide Squad, Infinity Inc., Howard the Duck, or Sgt Rock. Also, I like to imagine my own Bronze Age characters and get commissions of potential covers. Those are fun to create and frame and I'd love to be able to do more. Merry Christmas.

Tony said...

I have a few things on my list. Any of the IDW Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman books, a Fantagraphics Prince Valiant is always welcome, Dark Horse's Magnus Robot Fighter vol 3, but my main thing I have an order for from Amazon is Prince Valiant vol 4, which is supposed to be reprinted in Jan 2015. But for family that asks, I usually tell them a gift certificate from my LCS, or an Amazon gift card.

Tony said...

Also, the FINALLY released box of WKRP in Cincinnati would be very welcome. I always thought turkeys could fly.

Anonymous said...

@Tony: They're hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement! Oh the humanity!

Mike W.

The Prowler said...

At the old Prowler Compound, Christmas was done before Thanksgiving, thanks to all the pre-Black Friday sales. I'll be unwrapping the boxes for a Dell Venue 8, a folio case for said tablet and a brand new multi-function printer (IT SCANS!!!).

If there was anything left undone, I would probably look for the last season of Being Human, the UK version. I missed the whole baby run and I'd like to see what happened.

(May Christmas time come and find you happy and there by your fire I hope you have a good one, I hope momma gets her shoppin' done).

Rip Jagger said...

At top of my bat-wish list is the Batman TV show bat-release. I'm a fanboy born out of the hip bat-cauldron of comics and cartoons that show inspired, and have long wanted to have the bat-episodes in my greedy bat-fingers.

Rip Off

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