Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Panther on the Prowl -First Pics from Captain America:Civil War

Karen: Pictures have popped up on the web from the Berlin set of Captain America:Civil War that show a stunt performer in the Black Panther costume for the first time. Granted, this is not necessarily the final costume as we'll see it in the film, but it looks pretty good. The photos below are from an article at IGN. What do you think?


Humanbelly said...

The poor stunt guy must be dyin' in that outfit-- you notice everyone else is in shorts and light summer clothing-?

I imagine there'll be a cluster of fans who go off about the fact that the costume looks wrong, or cheap, or silly, etc, etc--- pretty much like they've done every time a location-shoot photo was leaked for the first time. Cap, Thor, Iron Man-- they all had a crowd of folks vowing not to see the movie if THIS was how stupid the character's outfit was going to look, etc. The Panther's, here, looks a bit rough around the edges and isn't terribly sleek w/ all the flying rig underneath-- but it's fine. You can see that it is going to be believable and effective once it goes through the process of visual fixing back in the lab.

I'm interested by what appears to be a light helmet as opposed to a mask. Liking the practicality of that adjustment. Esp if it's made of, say, Vibranium or something. . . ?


Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, all this stuff ends up looking pretty different after post-production. I have to say, though, that since the two Avengers and the two Caps have been my favorite of the Marvel flicks, I'm really looking forward to this one - because as I understand it, this will basically be an Avengers movie.

Doug said...

I was reading last night that apparently the first trailer was revealed at some D23 con or expo last weekend. The trailer is not supposed to be released to the public until November, but you know how that goes.

Anyway, if I recall, Civil War opens with the new Avengers (please note that I did not capitalize that N) are in battle with Crossbones and take him down. Later there's a shot of the Vision walking around in civilian clothes, and of course some shots of the Panther. The scene at the end of Ant-Man was in the trailer as well. Iron Man utters a combative line or two toward Cap that of course sets everything up.

A character dies in this film -- Tony Stark?


Humanbelly said...


"In this episode. . . SOMEONE DIES!!!"

Sooo, it sounds like they're fully embracing the prevailing millennial gimmick from which Civil War sprang?

Actually, that's unfair. Films are quite different-- and in live-action, if someone doesn't in fact die, it quickly elevates the hokey-ometer. I just hope it doesn't become a big selling-point like it does in comics. Which, honestly, it probably won't.


J.A. Morris said...

Well, Quicksilver died in the last movie. But killing off a character who was introduced 5 minutes ago isn't quite as dramatic as whacking Cap or Stark.

Doug said...

It's pretty well known that Downey wants out. It could be Cap, but I think Chris Evans is tied up. Lord knows Sebastian Stan is -- dude signed for something like 9 pictures and Civil War will only be #3 (and that's only if you count that end scene from Ant-Man, which as I said is apparently an actual scene from the new Cap flick). Does anyone have more information that could be shared?


Karen said...

This article from Screencrush is fairly recent and lists how many films are on each actor's contract: http://screencrush.com/marvel-stars-contract-status/

It looks like Chris Evans has one more after Civil War, so it's likely one of the Avengers films. Downey is apparently movie-to-movie, although he's signed for the third Avengers. Scarlett Johansson is also movie to movie...it's not impossible someone could be killed in this film and brought back in an Avengers film, perhaps part II of the Infinity War -that would be very dramatic, to have Captain America revived to save the day perhaps?

From what I have heard, the next Avengers film may feature mainly heroes we haven't seen before as Avengers -or a few, like Vision and Scarlet Witch, that we saw only briefly in that role.

Anonymous said...

I read a post on comics alliance that speculated the character would be T'Chaka, father of Black Panther T'Challa. I don't know how credible that is, however.

- Mike Loughlin

Doug said...

I assume Klaw will somehow be in Civil War? It would seem silly to have introduced him so long before a Panther solo flick. Perhaps that's how T'Chaka dies.


Anonymous said...

Downey wants out? Nooo .... seriously, I'll miss him. He's the one actor who you can say justifiably jump started the whole Marvel line with the success of Iron Man. If he leaves, he'll leave some mighty Iron Man boots to fill.

- Mike 'will we see Wonder Man?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Edo Bosnar said...

I have to agree with Mike from T&T about Downey; I think his Tony Stark has really been a key factor to the success of the Marvel movies (together with Chris Evans as the perfectly cast Steve Rogers).

By the way, I just learned a bit of sad news: Yvonne Craig (best known to us geeky types as Batgirl and the original hot green alien on Star Trek) passed away on Monday...

BobC said...

Yeah I heard about Yvonne Craig died. Sad.

I am thrilled my favorite character The Black Panther is coming to the big screen but these shots are making me nervous. I am also noticing that stupid American race baiting politics are finding their way into forums regarding BP.The King of Wakanda should be way above this BS. Let's hope the writers understand this.

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