Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tarzan and La, by Thomas Yeates

Doug: A very happy weekend to everyone! This afternoon while I'm flipping channels between college football games and the Cubs/Cardinals tussle I am also readying more comics for auction. I came across The Return of Tarzan mini-series published by Dark Horse in 1997 and thought I'd bring you a couple of images of our jungle lord and La, high priestess of Opar. We recently looked at some of the Tarzan art of Joe Jusko. Today's fare features a cover by John Totleben, with interior words and pictures by Thomas Yeates. Check it out, and leave us an impression.


Anonymous said...

When I think of Tom Yeates, I always think of Swamp Thing (though I was never a big fan of Swampy); this art is pretty good, but Tarzan sure looks young here.

Mike Wilson

Martinex1 said...

I like Totleben's cover. The depth is very nice. Tarzan's pose Is a little odd and he seems almost aged there, but I like it. Never saw this before. How's the story?

Doug said...

Martinex --

If I recall, and that's shaky, the story was well done. I've read the Russ Manning adaptation of The Return of Tarzan and it was faithful to the ERB novel. I've yet to read Joe Kubert's treatment; I have the Archives that collects it and am awaiting the Artist Edition of the original art to the same story. I should read Kubert's take soon.

But anyway, the art in the Dark Horse series was nice, as you can see from the sample. What I find even more interesting than various artists' depictions of La (yeah, right...) is how the "50 frightful men" are presented. That's where you can find some true artistic variation.


Edo Bosnar said...

I like Totleben's cover, too. It has a very retro look, reminiscent of some of the older Tarzan illustrations from the 1930s or '40s. The interior art by Yeates looks pretty solid, as well. Makes me want to read some Tarzan comics...

ColinBray said...

I loved Yeates on Conan and his Tarzan art looks cut from a similar (loin)cloth.

Thanks Doug, I had no idea he worked on Tarzan too.

pfgavigan said...



Well, I like this approach to Tarzan more than the body builder version of Mr. Jusko, which is not a condemnation just a preference. I didn't read that many of the original novels, but always felt that a leaner, more streamlined appearance seemed in keeping with ERB's vision.

By the way, let us all raise a glass and toast the beginning of a new season of Doctor Who. I'm a casual viewer of the show but really love the spectacle of the rabid fanbots of this series work themselves into a fever pitch raging over who the BEST/WORST Doctor, Companion and Producer is! These clashes uncomfortably resemble some of the excesses comic book aficionados have had in the past (ie, Marvel vs. DC), but it's amusing to watch from a distance.



Anonymous said...

Hmm well I like Totleben's cover here. It has a retro pulpy look to it, which is a big plus in my book. Also, Tarzan is not drawn with a Herculean bodybuilder type physique and La doesn't look like a pornstar. Bonus points here!

I have nothing personally against Joe Jusko's more Conanesque version of Tarzan (egads Joe himself replied in the last Tarzan blog! He seemed kinda pissed off, and I replied that I never said I hated his art, but the muscles were just too much! ) but to me this particular version looks more 'authentic' to me. Sorry Joe!

- Mike 'man I gotta go back to the gym' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Humanbelly said...

What is it about leopard skin being the go-to fashion choice for loincloths-??
Sheesh-- that's a lot o' endangered-status lives goin' toward providing the barest breath of modesty for the top o' the jungle-based human food-chain!

Boy, I'm loving Tom Yeates here. But I'm wondering why this level of clean, attentive artwork isn't quite what we're seeing in Prince Valiant on the Sunday strip at this point? His talent in that venue is readily apparent, but compared to this looks, well, extremely rushed-- like he's just gettin' it out on the deadline. . . barely. . . (mind you, there are a lot of tough shoes to fill on that strip. . . )


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