Saturday, October 24, 2015

#Inktober - Romita's/Kane's/Zeck's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Doug: Happy #Inktober (our fourth installment, no less!) to all. Our Saturday feature today is not the work of one great Spider-Man artist, but three. I'm going to shove some work from John Romita, Sr., Gil Kane, and Mike Zeck under your noses. All images today come from the following books:
  • John Romita's Amazing Spider-Man Artifact Edition
  • Gil Kane's Amazing Spider-Man Artist Edition
  • Mike Zeck's Classic Marvel Stories Artist Edition
I must confess that in some cases the scans don't look so great. That would be due to the tremendous size of these books -- and the Jazzy One's Artifact Edition is the biggest yet, as it's reproduced in the "twice-up" size of that era (hence, I've generally only provided single panels). It's a beast!! But I hope you'll get some enjoyment out of my choices. I've had fun providing them (hernia notwithstanding!).





Redartz said...

Doug- once again, thanks for a heady hit of original art to 'marvel' over! You picked three fine artists, and all on my favorite character (gee, thanks!).

Looking at the first Romita panel, I recalled something. I've read somewhere that when he first took over the book after Ditko left, Romita made the attempt to give his pages some of Ditko's style, to ease the transition. I can see a bit of that in the initial panels with Gobby fawning over his glider. A bit lighter and looser than his later work, but still pure dynamite...

The Kane page from ASM 96 represents one of the best issues in the series. Absolutely love that story, and Romita's inks over Kane's pencils is a perfect match.

As for the Zeck pages, they're quite striking. I'm one of the few around who have never read "Kraven's Last Hunt", I'm still trying to acquire all 6 parts of the story. Guess the sensible thing would be to pick up the trade...

Anonymous said...

Cool, I love this! I always liked Romita's stuff (especially on Spidey) and Zeck is pretty good too...I liked his MOKF (he's no Gulacy, but who is?) and his Captain America stuff was good too.

And for once, I actually HAVE all the comics shown here--mostly in reprints, but still...

Mike Wilson

Martinex1 said...

I am very impressed with Zeck's work here. The facial expressions, use of shadows, and athleticism are all on display. And Redartz, I think the Kraven story is quite good; I re read it recently and though some parts seem stretched to fill the issues, it really has a consistent mood and theme and the characters seem more developed than typical. The art is really top notch.

Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, Doug, great stuff yet again. I like the Kane pages in particular.
And Redartz, I guess we're the few, the proud, the guys who've never read "Kraven's Last Hunt." :P
That art by Zeck posted here sure is nice, though. So maybe I'll have to get a hold of that story somehow as well. By the way Mike, I found Zeck's art on MoKF very, very nice, especially with Gene Day's inks. To me, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Gulacy's earlier run on the title.

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