Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Buried Treasures: Super Powers Mini-Comics, part two

Doug: As promised a couple of weeks ago, here is a look at two more of the mini-comics that were pack-ins with Kenner's Super Powers action figures beginning in 1984. We got some great suggestions for creative talent in that previous post, and would welcome the same detective work today.


david_b said...

As mentioned before, I felt that the DC Super Powers franchise worked far better than Marvel's attempt. Great art, nice delivery of figures with these 'mini-comics' for kids, without having to interject (in and of itself) some new change into the DC Universe.

Loved the Hawkman story with Flash and Green Lantern, very smoothly done.

Doug said...

Thanks, David. Those three heroes provide great visuals, don't they? I've always loved winged characters, and you can't go wrong with Green Lantern's ring.


Anonymous said...

here's my guesses:

Pencils: Adrian Gonzales (for both comics)

Inks: Bob Smith (Hawkman) and Bruce Patterson (Darkseid)

J.A. Morris said...

While I'm younger than most here, I was transitioning out of toys when the Super Powers line was released. I was way more into Marvel, so the 12-13 year old version of me focused on getting the Secret Wars action figures. If nothing else, it looks like the DC figures were better made, which is par for the course with Kenner Vs. Mattel in the 80s.

Doug said...

One observation about the actual toys in these lines: I think the body style of the Super Powers, with male characters being barrel-chested, may have influenced DC's "animated style" that would come in the succeeding decade. The body shape popularized by Bruce Timm may have had its origins in the Super Powers line. Food for thought, and maybe others have said that previously. I just came up with it after JA's comment.


BK said...

So Darkseid had his own comic back in the 80s! Awesome!

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