Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More "Mego"-like Goodness!

Doug: Quick post today, fans of all ages! I just saw this over at Superhero Times, and wanted to pass it on, because it's so doggone cool. The Batman in particular takes me back, as this is what my first Mego Batman looked like! Great job on this series, DC and Mattel!!


Mike D. said...

These are officially licensed action figures available for purchase at a reasonable price? Not some crazy amped up custom figure price?

Doug said...

Mikeyboy --

Yeah, these are manufactured by Mattel and the first wave has been out for quite awhile. They retail for around $20, which is a far cry from the $4 Megos I used to buy 35 years ago!!

Happy hunting!


ChrisPV said...

Oh, Black Manta, is there anything you can't do?

(Other than finally put down a guy who fights evil exclusively in orange and green scale-mail, that is.)

david_b said...

I've SLOOOOWLY started collecting the cooler vintage Marvel Megos, obviously Spidey and the FF. I can't wait to put my recent purchased retro Aquaman in a FF uniform for my custom Johnny Storm.

I'll have to put the head on an old T2 body, since one BIG problem Mattel had was actually having their bodies stand properly..

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