Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks For the Love!

Our friend ol' Groove over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind was nice enough to toss a kudo or two our way over the holiday weekend and today we'd like to do an off-day post just to say "Thanks, Groove!!"

As part of the award, we are now supposed to tell seven things about ourselves. Since this is a partnership, I think we'll split this one up 3 and 3, with our seventh nugget about the blog itself. So, here you are --

1. Doug's a high school social science teacher and former coach. Among his few claims to fame, he counts coaching at the state level in four different sports part of his life's thrills.

2. Karen's first comics convention of any kind was the 1975 San Diego Comic-Con, at the El Capitan Hotel, where she met both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

3. Doug's about to become bankrupt, as he has a son heading off to college in August.

4. Karen used to work in a forensic DNA lab, and can say unequivocally that it looked nothing like the labs on CSI.

5. Doug's pretty good friends with DC artists Don Kramer and Mike Babinski -- known Don since high school and had Mike as a student over 15 years ago!

6. Karen once celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia, and dined on crocodile and kangaroo meat. This gave her an increased appreciation of turkey.

7. So, the nugget about our blog? Believe it or not, and I know you'll find this impossible since this is such a seamless production day-in and day-out, but Karen and I have never met. Nope -- not face-to-face and never even shared a phone call. Blogging about comics is a labor of love for each of us, and this product is due to modern technology. So whadaya think of that?

As part of this love-in with the comics blogging community, we are to steer you toward seven other blogs we think are swell. So, in alphabetical order, we'd recommend to you:

Comic Coverage (sadly, now defunct)

Fantastic Four Stuff (a neat place to see FF memorabilia and original artwork)

Kingdom Kane

Marvel Genesis

Mighty World of Bronze Age Marvel

Silver Age Comics

Spider-Man Reviewed

So check out these other great bloggers, and again -- thanks to Groove and to all of you who are reading our blog regularly. As we approach our second year, we are just having a great time and hope to do this for many months to come. Have a great day!


Mykal Banta said...

Karen, Doug: Thanks so much, guys!

nyrdyv said...

Worthy of being nominated, for sure, but can they possibly have an uglier graphic for the viral award?


Steven G. Willis

Doug said...

All --

Karen and I have discussed the value of this award, and neither of us is quite certain what to make of it. But I'll say this -- it's dramatically increased traffic on our blog and we're grateful for that. Hopefully you'll see the same!



Don Alsafi said...

Thanks - this was a pretty fantastic surprise! :D

Martin Gray said...

Congrats on the award. For some reason I assumed you chaps were a couple. Soz!

I've never dared check the traffic to my blog, it might make me sad!

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