Saturday, September 25, 2010

Resource List!

Doug: Happy weekend, everyone! Today I thought I'd just post a list of some of the resources I use for the work Karen and I do around here. In the comments section, feel free to add "good stuff" that you use or would recommend. What I won't list here are the many fantastic blogs that are out there -- these will mainly be database-type sites for comics knowledge and/or images.

This is a nice site -- by no means comprehensive. But the images are generally good (NOTE: This page was updated June 8 2020; the name of the site back in 2010 was Comic Book Covers).


I use the Comic Book Database most often when posting covers and for creator information. It's also handy to use when wondering if and where certain stories are reprinted. The creator biographies are nice, and I really love the chronological listing of character appearances or creator works. I've also used the site for the covers/corner boxes posts when looking for what was published in a given month/year (NOTE: As of early 2020, the Comic Book Database ceased to exist... and that created quite a conundrum around here in terms of reloading cover images that had been hosted by their site).

Cover Browser
is a great site -- this is one I use most often just recreationally, as they display up to 50 covers on a page. This site is pretty comprehensive, altho
ugh I suppose they are lacking a series here and there. There isn't a lot of additional information -- even cover art credits are pretty rare. Another small drawback is that some of their scans are of CGC-graded books -- that really clouds the cover image and is a distraction. But overall, I'd highly recommend a tour of this site!
I'll admit to not having used the DC Comics Database, nor the Marvel Comics Database very much, but from what I have seen, both look useful

Maybe the granddaddy of them all, the Grand Comics Database. While I prefer the format of the Comic Book Database, I do use the GCD for cross-referencing. There have been times when I've questioned a creator credit on the CBDB and felt better about the information I found on the GCD. It's for the most part user-friendly, but in my opinion not as much as is the CBDB. Additionally, the CBDB allows linking from their images, while the GCD does not.

I really like the Marvel Masterworks Resource Page. It's wonderful in that it tells consumers where to not only find high end reprints, but also contains listings of Essentials and trade paperbacks. There is some commentary, and numerous links. Perhaps the best part of the site is its inclusion of similar material (Archives, Showcase Presents) from the Distinguished Competition.

Lastly, I'd like to express my love for
Treasury Comics! If this site isn't a love-in for a big slice of your childhood, then you didn't grow up in the Bronze Age! One of the best features are the front and back cover reproductions (NOTE: When this post originally ran, Treasury Comics had a .com address; they have since moved over to Facebook).

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Edo Bosnar said...

Great list - I'm familiar with most of these already, but not the Comic Book Database (as opposed to the 'Grand' one), so thanks for that. By the way, the guy who's behind the Treasury Comics site, I think his name is Rob Kelly, has a bunch of other comic blogs and sites that are equally enjoyable and informative. My personal favorites are the JLA Satellite (, containing reviews of every issue of the original JLA (he 'finished' in 2008, but left the site online); All in Black & White for 75 Cents ( dedicated to comic magazines; and Digest Comics ( He posts kind of erratically, but it's fun through rummage through the archives of any of these sites. And click on the tons of links...

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