Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who is the Best Supporting Character?

Doug: Here we have three characters, all running on almost 50 years of activity (or more!) in their respective universes. Who is your favorite, or "the best", and tell us why you feel that way. Today we're discussing --

J. Jonah Jameson



Have fun!


Edo Bosnar said...

Man, JJJ is anything but a 'supporting' character (...and yes, that's a joke, I'm not that daft...)
Actually, I would say JJJ is the best of these, because as an antagonistic pain-in-the-butt he was a really great foil for Peter/Spider-man. It makes him more interesting and memorable than truly 'supporting' caregivers like Alfred or Jarvis (not that I don't like the latter two, I'm just saying...)

J.A. Morris said...

I should preface this by saying I don't read "new" comics on a regular basis,so I don't know the current state of these three. The whole "Aunt May marries JJJ's dad" sounds dumb.

Jameson is the best of these because he's simply much more memorable than the two butlers.

Depending on who the writer is, Alfred can be interesting because he and Robin are the only regulars who know the Bruce Wayne/Batman connection. But not as good a character as JJJ.

Same with Jarvis. We don't know much about his background, other than that story in Avengers #201. I always thought having him be a WWII vet was a silly retcon, even in 1980 he would've been pretty damn old. He wasn't too young in his early appearances either.

But yeah,Jameson is the best supporting character here, some have even said that he (not Osbourn or Doc Ock)is Spider-man's greatest enemy.

Doug said...

I would say that for me, Jarvis is the least interesting of the three choices, while JJJ is certainly the most interesting. And JA, that's a great point about JJJ perhaps being Spidey's greatest foe!


El Lass said...

Rond Vidar when he was just a regular scientist/inventor and the son of Universo. Saved the entire LSH a couple of times.

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