Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crossover Battles: Captain America vs. Batman

Karen: We discussed and debated who would win battles between heroes within both DC and Marvel - but what about cross-over battles, pitting a hero from each company against each other?

Karen: Today we'll ask you to decide who wins in a fight between the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, and the Dark Knight Detective, Batman! Give us your reason for your choices, and may the best man win!



C.A.S. said...

IMHO, of all the "cross-over" battles between DC & Marvel heroes, this one is the toughest!

Bats & Cap each have the proportionate body strength at the pinnacle of human perfection, tactical awareness, fighting styles, and individual goals that strengthen them even more.

Doug & Karen, you should put this one in the next voting poll; I'm going "neutral"....

Anonymous said...

Which Cap? The post powered-up version? The Ultimate version which, laughably, punched out the Hulk? Depending on who's writing him, Cap can seem almost as strong as Spidey at times. It's a little irritating.

Either way, I have to give an edge to Batman. He's a bit more merciless and driven. He gets the shield away from Cap (and he would) and Cap is toast.

Batman spends his night and weekends *telling* Martians and Kryptonians what to do with no arguments. Cap spends his time debating, cajoling, and politicking, with the disgruntled whiners and whack jobs that usually make up the Avengers roster. (And I would have it no other way.)

Anonymous said...

Batman. 'Cuz he would cheat.

Fred W. Hill said...

I'd say it all depends on who tells the story. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how the heck Batman has managed to avoid ever tripping over his cape or getting it stuck in a doorway or some such thing. Anyhow, Batman wins the first round, but then Cap gets sneaky and gets the drop on Bats, and then they realize they've been conned into fighting each other and go off to mop the floor with the Red Skulled Joker who nevertheless disappears in a puff of smoke to plot again.

Edo Bosnar said...

In that Batman/Captain America Elseworlds story, John Byrne sort of implied that it would be a draw - and I guess if they kept fighting they would both fall over from exhaustion at the same time. Personally, I think Cap would win. And I mean in a "fair" fight: Cap without his shield, and Batman without his utility belt.

Karen said...

If the two of them are fighting in wide open ground, I give it to Cap. If they were inside of a warehouse or something similar, I give it to Batman, as I think he could tuilize his environment to get the drop on Cap.

I think Cap could physically outlast Batman, because the supersoldier serum keeps him from getting fatigued easily.

I do think this is probably the closest Marvel-DC matchup.

ChrisPV said...

I love the meetup they have in JLA/Avengers. They basically throw two or three moves at each other, which are perfectly countered. They step back, size each other up, and Batman says "I concede that you could conceivably beat me. But it will take time we may not have." (Or something to that effect.)

I think it's pretty telling that Cap is that rare foe that Batman will not only admit could take him, but will admit it TO HIS FACE.

Bottom line? Draw.

Drew said...

ChrisPV said it best: a draw. I reason that they would, much as in the DC vs.Marvel/Marvel vs. DC comic crossovers, respect each other too much to waste the time fighting to a pyrrhic victory.

P.S. Thank you for the first opportunity to use 'pyrrhic victory' in a sentence!

Karen said...

The results are in, and I have to say I was surprised by this one. I expected it to be close, but instead, Cap blew batman away, 15 votes to 9!I guess we definitely have a stronger Marvel influence here at BAB. Thanks for your comments and votes.


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