Sunday, February 27, 2011

Collecting Comments

Doug: Greetings, everyone, and thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure Karen and I say that often enough -- we appreciate the Bronze Age babies who share our love of this era we call "home". Nothing new for you today, but I thought we could do a little history lesson/contest. Looking at our output over the past 20 months, we have run just a smidgen less than 400 posts. I'm sure there are things you've missed, or that we posted before you became a regular reader. Today I'd encourage you to put on your Action Team gear and go exploring. On the left sidebar are links to all of our "Open Forum" discussions, the almost-200 comic books we've reviewed (the links to all of Karen's FOOM posts are in there as well), and near the bottom is our tag cloud with all of the topics listed.

So go where you've not gone before, and let's see how much activity we can generate: just for kicks, since today is the 27th, let's set a goal of 27 total comments for the day; even if you go by an old post and give it a "yea" or "nay", drop us a quick line. I'll come back Monday morning and edit this, telling how much action we got. Should be fun!

By the way, the "school record" for comments on a single post around here is 33 (as I write this).

Enjoy your day, and thanks again!

Doug (and Karen)

Doug: Wow! We actually received 28 comments on well over a dozen different posts on Sunday, 2/27/11. Thanks to all who participated, and we hope you enjoyed your tour of our blog's history.


Holly said...

I think I've said it in a comment before, but I'll say it again - nothing beats the Bronze Age of Comics for storytelling and art (at least, for me).

The Golden Age? Lots of gangsters and imaginary stories.

Everything after the Bronze Age? Way too many massive crossovers that are extremely difficult to follow and the art is either really awful or too slick.

I love the look, feel and emotion of Bronze Age books.


Wayne said...

re: above comment. Hadn't realize my daughter was signed in to Google when I posted. You get two comments for the price of one :-)

Bronze Age is the best!

Edo Bosnar said...

So you want 27 comments on this specific thread, right? In that case, I'll use this for something I was going to post in the suggestion box thread: I was thinking it would be cool to have some kind of post or column on those wonderful reprint digests that DC published in the last 70s and early 80s. They packed so much into those and they were such an important part of the whole scene for young comic readers back then. And maybe another post looking at some of those Marvel special edition reprints...

Doug said...

Edo --

Nah, 27 comments overall for the day. This comment makes 4 for this particular thread, and as I write this it makes 8 for the day -- so far a pretty commonplace occurrence!

But we have had some spelunking going on, which was the real goal.

Thanks to all so far!


Edo Bosnar said...

Oh, yeah: spelunking. Like I need another excuse to waste time online... (although I did indeed check out a few posts from back before I discovered the blog).

Anonymous said...

I just commented on watching Justice League:New Frontier on the AA boards. Funny thing, Doug had recommended for me to check it out almost 3 years ago! better late than ever, and I loved it.

The special features was cool too, and it tells the history of the JLA thru the "ages", and the Bronze age, if I remember correctly was titled as 1970 (?)-1983. I tend to think the Bronze age would go a bit further into the 80s. MY personal Bronze age (and comic collecting-Phase 1) would end in the early 90s---probably when Crystal joined my beloved Avengers. Or maybe When McFarlane started drawing Amazing Spm. Definitely by the time X-men #1 came out, or the "jacket" phase of the Avengers.

Love the Bronze Age (I just found a Marvel Fanfare #11 for a buck; great Perez/Black Widow cover), I love finding little nuggets of the good old days, and this blog is the best.


Edo Bosnar said...

Geez, the way this is going I'll end up posting all 27 comments on my own - I actually found myself leaving comments on posts from a year and a half ago.
Anyway, Doug, I was just reading your post on Magneto: Testament in which you mentioned that you're a Holocaust educator among other things. I wanted to ask if you write about these experiences elsewhere online, since it's a topic that I find quite interesting (not just general knowledge on the Holocaust, but also presenting this information to secondary-aged students).

Doug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Edo Bosnar said...

Doug, saw the comment, thanks very much for the link.
...And sorry for the delay in responding; I crashed soon after writing that comment, as it was after midnight here in Croatia...

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