Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

Doug: It's a tradition here in the States on the first Sunday in February for all of civilization to cease doing whatever civilization does. At around 5:00 in the afternoon, friends and families will gather around the telly and gorge themselves on barbecued weiners and buffalo chicken wings in a festive rite of celebration for the last two teams remaining from the National Football League. This year it's the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Green Bay Packers (stinkin' cheeseheads...). Of course, in the past 20 years the halftime show (Black-Eyed Peas this year) and the commercials have often upstaged the game itself.

In particular, I am looking forward to Fergie, yes, as well as the trailers promised for our favorite upcoming superhero films!

But, all does not appear to be going well with our good friends, the Avengers... What, hey! Did that jerk Bendis write out the guest list here??

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