Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breaking News -- Avengers Movie Marketing Art

Doug: I just saw this at marvelousnews.com -- you can head over and read a bit about it. How cool is this movie going to be??


dbutler16 said...

Hey, where is Ant-Man? Seriously, though, I was skeptical a couple of years ago when I'd heard that there would be an Ant-Man movie, as one of the lead-ins to an eventual Avengers movie. Either way, though, this will be way cool!

Anonymous said...

Stop it, Doug. Seriously, stop it. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up, but after I saw Thor I just thought it actually can be done tremendously.

dbutler : Ref Ant Man...sounds bonkers, but if the plot is derived from the Kree Skrull arc....well, you know where I'm going....

Actually, I may have said this somewhere else, but Ant Man, based on quality of appearances is far and away the best Avenger. If you divide his classic appearances by his bad ones you get: no#1 no#93, no#100, and no's # 161-162 which are all brilliant ( also means he was only drawn by Kirby, Adams, Smith & Perez.....not bad !)....and NO bad ones. Considering his TTA run was a bit iffy at best (sorry Doug), he has a remarkable record in the Avengers.


Anonymous said...

While we are admiring poster art (and, Doug, apologies for shamelessly hijacking this thread, although this is a topic of some interest, I feel...) I recently acquired a beautiful poster of the cover of Silver Surfer #4 and decided I definitely want more.

Can anyone please suggest a favourite Marvel cover (‘61 – ‘86 or so) which they’d be happy to look at every day forever?

Here are some I’m considering:

Avengers 49,51,57,64,96,100,110,122,131,136,172,181

Xmen 17,50,58,94,95,100,111,114,141, GS 1, GS 2.

Captain Marvel 34,37

Doc Strange 4, 5

ASM 24,33,50,56,67,70,74,75,86,101,122,181

Sub Mariner 1

Defenders 3,16,21,23,24,32,41,52,54,89,94,96,123,127,130

Warlock 1,2,9,10,11.

FF 49,143,244

Tomb of Dracula 9,17,23, 24,26,32,38

Hulk 109, 140,150, 223

Iron Man 45 47 54 100

I’m still thinking about some classic Gil Kane Team Up covers and of course Steranko’s Fury covers. Please, please make suggestions.

And if, like me, you can see most of the covers above in your mind’s eye without even opening a long box, then please go outside and feel the sun on your face. It’s been too long.
Thanks again,

Doug said...

Richard --

I may like Hank Pym, but his Tales to Astonish run is for the most part painful reading. I'm more in tune with Avengerin' Hank.

Avengers #51 is one of my favorite covers in the series, along with my many-mentioned love for #28.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug - I'm really pleased you like #51. It's not a famous cover or a momentous event....it's just classic JB. And, of course, RT disobeying Stan's edict to keep the solo heavy hitters out of the picture.

I also forgot to put #60 on that list. Jan gets her man !


david_b said...

Nice Marketing Art.. I'd love to see Ant-Man as a nice fun way to show just how dynamic and visually compelling the cinema team can look..!!

As for best Marvel covers, I've been buying up a lot of classic covers over the last year.. Thanks for these lists (and Coverbrowser.com), for my shopping needs.

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