Saturday, February 11, 2012

Discuss: Any Vehicle You Can Think Of!


Weird WWII said...

The van. Rogers and Castle had one so that's good enough for me.


david_b said...

Favorite spacecraft(s)..? Space:1999's Eagle is tops, along with vintage Galactica Viper and Shuttle, LIS Space Pod and Trek's TOS Galileo.

I'm a HUGE sucker for shuttlecrafts..

As for automobiles..? I'd have to go with the 60s television Batmobile, but the Spidermobile will always hold 'special mention' due to it's sheer inspired lunacy and memories of Peter getting driving lessons from Johnny Storm.

MattComix said...

The Japanese live-action superhero series is Kamen Rider features a motorcycle riding superhero fighting monsterous enemies. The series has existed since 1972 in various incarnations. One of my favorites is Kamen Rider W (usually said as "double" rather than double-u). The two main characters transform to inhabit a single superhero body kinda like Firestorm.

The heroes bike is called the Hardboilder which like is also two in one.

The back portion of the bike can be removed to have different attachments that let it do different things thanks to a carrier vehicle called the RevolGarry.

Rip Jagger said...

Top two cool rides:

Black Beauty! The Green Hornet's car is the coolest superhero vehicle ever, and I include the Batmobile. The fact it looked something like a real car helped a lot, and having Bruce Lee driving didn't hurt a thing. Love that roll out sequence each and every week.

Astin Martin DB5! James (Sean Connery)Bond's coolest car from Goldfinger. It is the single finest auto in the history of popular fiction! Triple cool to the max!

Honorable mentions:

The Nautilus (the novel is best, but the Disney version ain't bad and the giant one from the Extraordinary Gentleman movie is pretty dandy too.)

Bug (Blue Beetle's "partner" in fact and always reliable.)

Astro-Glider (Nothing ever looked like Orion's rig, and only Kirby could make it feel like it might actually work.)

Rip Off

dbutler16 said...

The Space:1999 spaceship is one of the first images that pops into my mind, even though I haven't seen one in many years. I also love the design of the Millenium Falcon. Of the four tired variety, the Batmobile from the 60's TV show (I saw an exact replica driving out of a local park last summer!) was pretty cool when I was a kid, and the Starsky & Hutch car as well as Jim Rockford's gold Firebird were cool, too.

Edo Bosnar said...

Personally, I always kind of liked the spaceships the "bad guys" flew, so I like Tie figthers, the Cylon saucers and Klingon Birds of Prey. That said, I think the versions of the Enterprise from both TOS and TNG are the coolest looking spaceships ever.
I was never much of a car guy, although I have to admit I've always been fond of that old Peugeot that Columbo drove.

ChrisPV said...

When it comes to cars, it's a close tie between James Bond's DB5 or the V-12 Vanquish. Sure, the movie Bond drove the Vanquish in were a bit crap, but that car was so cool.

Full Disclosure: a lot of that affection comes from a series of legitimately awesome video games where you played as the Pierce Brosnan Bond. Nightfire was pretty slick, and Everything or Nothing I like to refer to as "The lost Bond movie." Driving that car around and blowing away bad guys with rockets was just so much fun.

Spaceships? Gotta go with the TARDIS. It's a magic box that can go almost literally anywhere. It's a spaceship and a time machine. It goes on forever inside, and the outside is so wonderfully mad.

Don't know why I'm so caught up on Doctor Who lately. Some of it might be I'm all keyed up about that forthcoming Doctor Who/Star Trek The Next Generation crossover comic.

Anonymous said...

The Seaview and flying sub were cool. Also Supercar and Fireball XL5.

Inkstained Wretch said...

For me, it is the "Last of the V8 Interceptors" driven by Mel Gibson in Mad Max and the Road Warrior.

Mad Max never tops its awesome opening chase sequence, but I think the Road Warrior is, from beginning to end, one of the 5 or 6 best action movies of all time. I never, ever get tired of watching that one. If they don't teach it in film schools, then they really should.

B Smith said...

I’m ready to sing the praises of all and any of the above mentioned vehicles and more. For me, the high point of any episode of Lost In Space was footage of the Jupiter 2 in flight, or if planetbound, the Chariot trundling about the desert. I’d have been happy to watch an episode of Star Trek that consisted of nothing but shots of the Enterprise circling a planet…for me they were the real stars of the show. After all, you could get people standing around talking or fighting in any old TV show or movie – it was these cool vehicles that lifted them out of the ordinary and gave any show it’s own individual identity.

Anthony said...

Inkstained Wretch said...

For me, it is the "Last of the V8 Interceptors" driven by Mel Gibson in Mad Max and the Road Warrior.

That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post. The next thing that came to mind was the Klingon Bird Of Prey either as a Scout or battlecruiser. Third was the TARDIS. I LOVE the new Dr. Who. Finally I have to show some love for the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Reliant.

Sharper13x said...

Got go with the TOS Enterprise. No ship I've ever wanted to serve on more. Maybe it's all that mod 60's decor and miniskirts.

I have a question: Where there really a SpiderMobile? I though t that was just a toy that had nothing to do with the comics. Johnny Storm? Really?

Robby Robot said...

I remember the Spider mobile. I bought one for my Mego Spidey. It was a modified and cooler looking version of the one pictured.

Battlestar Galactica looks like a cross between the Star Wars Star Destroyer and the Enterprise.

Nick Fury's car where the wheels turn into jet packs was used in
Back to the Future if I remember. The concept was lifted for the end of the film if I remember.

david_b said...


Our beloved Spidermobile made its dynamic premiere in Amazing Spiderman 130, with a few mentions of it in some issues before. Johnny and Peter built it in some issues before.

Lemnoc said...

Surprised no one has mentioned the dramatic Supermobile. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

Thunderbirds are GO!!

Fred W. Hill said...

I always loved Kirby's classic Fantasticar. Yeah, not as practical as the Avengers' quinjets or the X-Men's Blackbird, but for me an integral part of the Silver & Bronze age FF mythos.
The Spider-Mobile was also a fun lark, especially as Johnny Storm got in on the fun and Spidey was shown to be such a terrible driver. A silly bit of levity amidst all the heavy drama of the era, with Gwen's murder, Harry's madness, and Aunt May's romance with Dr. Octopus!

Gray said...

The Millenium Falcon was the dominant spacecraft of my youth. Still love it. More obscure, the Milton Bradley toy Star Bird. Many many enjoyable hours playing with that. And from a really obscure source, the old Japanese show they used to play on Turner Broadcasting when I was a kid, Space Giants...the robot Goldar, his human wife, and his human son were all able to transform into rockets at will!!!!

Chris said...

Speaking of the "world famous" Spider-mobile, I've always had a soft spot for it with it having featured on the splash page of Amazing #141. The first Spidey comic I ever bought. In fact that pic is from that particular issue unless I'm much mistaken.

Not a classic machine by any stretch of the imagination but fun.

And this is as good a place as any to recommend Dan Slott's mini-series Spider-man/ Human Torch which takes a look at Spidey and the Torch working on the Spider-mobile. I know this limited series is a few years old now but I've just got round to reading it and would recommend it to all bronze age fans.


Oh and the Eagles from Space 1999 and the Liberator from Blake's 7 are the spaceship designs others can't match!

Anonymous said...

UFO – the interceptors were weirdly cool, although how sensible is a battle craft which only has one missile? The alien craft get a special mention, just for the noise.

Captain Scarlet – SPV. Very cool and robust. Although they sat in it backwards and drove looking at CCTV screens. Errrrm...why?

The Pogo plane. One question...really? I mean, pretty clear design flaw there, surely?

I thought there were some very cool things in the Matrix movies. The Nebuchadnezzar/ Osiris type ships, etc....but the really cool things were the Sentinels, which I guess weren’t transport.

Chris – I’d forgotten the Liberator. Loved that teleporter effect.

I think first prize goes to Dr. Emmett Brown. You'd think that you couldn’t get much cooler than a time machine, full stop. But he managed it. Try this: type: ‘you built a’ into Google. Nothing else, just that. See what it comes back with. Now that’s fame!


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