Friday, January 17, 2014

Could This Be Enough to Get Me Back Into Marvel Legends?

Doug:  I just saw photos of a new Marvel Legends box set (Toys 'R' Us exclusive) featuring the original five X-Men in their "Xavier School" uniforms.  They are looking pretty good!  I have the box set that was released by Toy Biz around 15 years ago, but these look much better!  You can see all of the characters here.


William said...

Doug, personally I'm pretty stoked for this set myself. Not having Legends of the original X-Men has always been a big hole in my collection. I only collect the classic Silver and Bronze Age versions of the characters, so this is a big must have for me.

The only downside is going to be actually finding one at retail. The online scalpers are probably going to be scooping these up big time. Hopefully the pretty high price point might keep some of them at bay. We'll see. I already predict that I'm going to be wasting a lot of gas looking for this thing.

Doug said...

At an average of $17/figure, I'm certain I'll pass on these. But I can dream, as I did of the incredible Legion box set of a few years ago.

My sons and I often reminisce about the days when we could find a Legends series at Wal-Mart @$7. Ahhh...


Doc Savage said...

I'm still hoping to get reasonably priced Marvel Universe 4" Vision, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch dolls so I can have a classic Avengers lineup.

And why is there never an Invisible Girl/Woman doll?!

If I could only get Angel with his awful '70s costume I'd have a complete Champions set...although I would love to add Black Goliath and Darkstar!

Anonymous said...

The only toy I could imagine buying is a new and better ROM to go along with my 1979 original. :)

Doug said...

I wish I could display all of my action figures, but I'm having a crisis of conscience lately because an entire shelf dedicated to some lovelies is going to have to come down so I can file around 20 tpb/hc that I've purchased.


david_b said...

Matt, both red&blue Angel styles have been released in the Legends line. I'm STILL waiting for a Swordsman and Mantis.


Anonymous said...

The costumes look cool, so classic to those early years. It was only through reprints that I got to read those stories. Remember when Scott was called "Slim" and he was skinny with no muscles? And where does Bobby's hair go when he ices up?

Should Prof X be part of the set? I know he never had a costume but he was pretty important part of the X-Men. I mean, until he went into hiding and replaced himself with the Mimic who got killed and then......I'm on a tangent, aren't I? And Stan's creepy subplot where Xavier had an unspoken love for Jean?

The Prowler (still doing what I do since 2013, December of 2013).

Karen said...

Another violation of vacation protocol? Dear lord, the man can't help himself.

I'm staring up at my Marvel calendar with the cover of X-Men 28 featured, and wondering if the belts on the figures should be red? But maybe that only came a bit later, when Jean got her pointy mask that showed her hair and all.

I'm going to have to put some of my figures and knick-knacks in storage, because I have to make room for the 12" War of the Gargantua figures that should be arriving soon. They were expensive but I have no gargantua stuff, and I couldn't resist. Sanda and Gaira!

Doug said...

Back off, Leroy Jenkins!

You know what would make these figures even better? I'll tell you: if they were wearing their graduation costumes. That would be sweet.


Anonymous said...

Leroy, if you would wear the same clothes everyday, like a uniform or something, think of all the space you could have for all the important stuff!!!!

The Prowler (doing what I do since 2013, December 2013).

Edo Bosnar said...

Leroy, uh, er, I mean Karen, makes a good point: that's yet another breach of vacation protocol by Doug.
Doug, you do realize there's a three strikes rule, right?

Doc Savage said...

I wish they'd do these at 4"...I have too many dolls at that scale to change to another size.

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