Saturday, January 18, 2014

Superman/Batman Movie Delayed to 2016

Doug:  Sheesh, this is becoming "Current Events Central" around here!  I may as well be considered "semi-retired" rather than on vacation!  Anyway, in case you didn't get the news a few hours ago, DC/Warner Bros. has decided to delay the release of Superman vs. Batman, Man of Steel II, or whatever the heck they're going to call it until 2016.  It had originally been in the works for a July 2015 release.  You can read's report here.  Thoughts?


Doc Savage said...

I'll still be seeing it on the 13th of Never. This nu-Superman just makes me sad for kids who haven't seen Chris Reeves.

Humanbelly said...

Surely. . . SURELY. . . this delay is due to the very basic fact that it would be foolish to put this film literally head-to-head against Avengers II, yes? It would only invite direct comparisons w/ an on-going juggernaut of a successful franchise, and BM/SM would be starting with a definite disadvantage. Maybe they do need more than the next 18 months to make it, sure. These CG extravaganzas do take a whoppin' amount of time & manpower to produce. But still, the reason at this point is almost laughably vague. They might as well be delaying so they can "focus on spending more time with their families" or something. . .

Oh say, riding on Matt's reference to Chris Reeves-- I've watched the first three seasons of SMALLVILLE over the past several months (and am unabashedly and whole-heartedly fond of it-- nay-sayers might just as well hold their peace, says I--), and his recurring role as a reclusive, wealthy brilliant astronomer is an astonishingly good performance. Honestly, I never had a high regard for him as an actor throughout his career-- but in that role, he creates an astonishing amount of life and passion being held in check by the shell it's housed in. Tremendously subtle and effective.


Doug said...

Remember your Supermen, boys:

Christopher Reeve

George Reeves

Just sayin',


Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the bigwigs behind this movie realized that it would be a really bad, bad idea to release it so close to the Avengers sequel. If the Superman/Batman movie was released in 2015 it would most likely be squashed at the box office by Avengers 2, not to mention all the unfavourable comparisons that would result if both movies were to come out in the same year. Actually, I believe that the rescheduled date will benefit the movie, although it looks like DC will still be playing catchup to their merry Marvel movie counterparts.

- Mike 'will we ever see the Vision in an Avengers movie' from Trinidad & Tobago.

david_b said...

Like my brother Matt, I will have zero reason to see this.. Hate the Supes outfit, the Bats outfit is nearly as bad. I believe DC is nearly devoid of story-telling on the bigscreen.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Iron Man 3, or part of it, because, well, it came up on cable.
Maybe it's time to retire that particular franchise.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I thought Brandon Routh could've made a great Superman, and not just because he's from my neck of the woods. That film had a lousy script, a lousy plot, and despite the presence of some great actors, it could not be saved.

Edo Bosnar said...

All right, Doug! That's strike three! Yer ... outta here?
Hmmm, guess not.
But no more of these vacation protocol breaches, or else Mr. Jenkins might get very cross...

Rip Jagger said...


I have to confess I've grown totally bored of these superhero flicks. I'll watch them if they are free on TV, but I've quit going to the theater (might make an exception for the second Avengers movie...maybe) and I just never get around to getting them on dvd. (I keep waiting for them to get cheaper...which eventually they will.)

I'm not hating on them, but I'm just bored. Seeing superheroes on screen was once exciting and rare, but it's become so commonplace with CG that it hardly rates special mention.

Some of the best adaptations remain the small-scale heroes like Blade and Punisher (really like War Zone).

Rip Off

Anonymous said...

I really liked that first Punisher movie with Thomas Jane!
That guy is a heck of an actor. He brings a kind of self-deprecating humor to his roles. You can't help but identify with him.

Humanbelly said...

Whoops--REEVE! Yes, right Doug-- thanks. (Plus old Hercules film-star STEVE REEVES sort of casts a shadow in the mix as well, making it even more mistake-prone--!)

I think what will be-- or maybe already has been-- the turning point for the continued success of superhero films is if they fall right into the obvious trap that modern comics have: the mindset that EVERY film will ONLY be assured great success if it is BIGGER and BROADER and MORE EPIC than all of the ones before it, with GRANDER SPECTACLE AND EFFECTS every time. To do that, it is impossible not to sacrifice story and character. . . and story and character are what people remember and are willing to return to over the course of time. This is why, for me (and I realize I'm in a mighty big minority here), IM3 was a much better film than IM2 until pretty much the end, when we had the mega-battle w/ all of the armors and what-not--- which managed to be over-the-top and silly at the same time (and pulled me out of engagement w/ the story).
I'll tell ya, Rip, I only saw BLADE for the first time pretty recently, and I thought it was a rather mediocre film at best-- but it did keep me engaged because of the smaller scope and the focus on this one guy's story (more or less).
Bigger is just NOT better, I'm afraid.


Doc Savage said...

I'd sooner watch Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

I don't recall Nuclear Man or Luthor having their necks snapped by Superman in that one. If Superman kills and Batman is supposed to be "grim," "gritty," "realistic," and "edgy," I can only assume to outdo Superman he must be a cannibal in the latest incarnation.

Anonymous said...

The best theory I've read is that they are pushing back so they can film Superman/Batman and Justice League at the same time and release JL in 2017.

Go Patriots.

Ace the Bathound

Anonymous said...

Humanbelly is not just right but criminally right BIGGER IS NOT BETTER!!!!

Ron "The Prowler" Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...we've all seemed to glom onto the "can't beat Marvel" theory. Any other ideas on why the delay? What about the Affleck backlash? Do they have a script? Villain(s)?

Just askin'.

Tom 'Agrees with Mike about Vision'

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