Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hot Toys, Indeed! Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Doug: Wow, are these cool! Click on the images for larger looks, but for the full effect head over to Hot Toys!



 And coming soon -- the high-flying Falcon!


Fred W. Hill said...

Saw the movie on Friday night -- great flick! I'm even more tempted now to pick up the collected Winter Soldier issues of Cap, although that's also based on the high reputation of Brubaker's run on Cap. Anyhow, this is two excellent Captain America films in a row, three if you count the Avengers.

Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about this movie. Biggest BIGGEST thing I loved about the movie is Marvel Studios layering of Marvel history in the story. There were quite a few times I went, Yeah, and then other times I went, Ooooh Yeah.

To the other side of the coin - the thing I can NOT understand is why a person would pay for the movie, watch the movie and then WALK OUT WHEN THE CREDITS STARTS!!!!! People!!!! Is it that you can't learn or you won't learn???

The Prowler (wondering how he got popcorn THERE).

david_b said...

I'd STILL prefer Sam wilson in his original 'cool, baby' gold and green outfit, but I guess I'm juuuuust a purist.

My nephew really enjoyed the new flick, so I may have to put it on my list to see.

Karen said...

Hey guys, tomorrow's post is going to be a Discuss on the new Cap film, so you may want to hold your comments til then!

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