Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tongue-in-Cheek #inviteGerryConway Campaign

Doug: Hey, kids -- there's a funny series of tweets taking place today that actually got the attention of the Huffington Post. You can read all about it here. In a nutshell, as rumors continue to circulate that Gwen Stacy will be killed in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Gerry Conway has playfully asked for an invitation to the premiere of the flick. This has in turn raised (again) the issue of creator rights, corporate ownership, etc. to storylines and/or story details. This is all in good nature according to Conway, but intriguing nonetheless. Check it out if you have a couple of minutes!


Doug: Gerry Conway tweeted the following just moments ago (around 11:00 am CT) --


Humanbelly said...

I'm impressed that they have Emma Stone in a nearly identical outfit-! (Although I'm thinking the coat itself looks more trendy than it does flattering. Yeesh, the awkwardly short sleeves. . . )
It doesn't bode well for Gwen's ultimate fate, does it? I'm so old-school that I wouldn't entirely mind if they decided to veer away from canon and have Gwen survive in this Sony Cinematic Universe. (Wait, Spidey's Sony, right? X-folks are Fox?)

Surely the producers & publicity folks will be canny enough to invite Ger to the premiere. The positive publicity and goodwill generated by such an obvious and cost-free gesture on their part surely outweighs the old-school, claim-all-credit, "who-needs-writers?" Hollywood executive mentality of (hopefully) years gone by.


William said...

I never really liked the fact that Conway killed Gwen off in the comics in the first place. (Especially while Stan was on vacation or some such as that). Even though it was a huge moment in comics history, I always liked the character so I thought it was way too much of a bummer, and I have never considered it one of my favorite Spidey stories.

So personally, I'm kind of hoping they'll spare her in the movies. But from the looks of Emma Stone's outfit in that pic, I'd say she's pretty much doomed once again. -sob- Poor Gwen, I guess she's fated to die in every medium.

Doug said...

I believe she was incinerated in Ultimate Spider-Man. That was way over the top. I'm not sure why Bendis even felt the need in the Ultimate Universe to follow regular continuity, but then I don't agree with a lot of what he did with characters I've loved.

I believe it was John Romita who suggested killing Gwen in an editorial meeting.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ratz Fartz!!!!!

The Prowler (near far wherever you are I know that the heart will go on.....)

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