Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Discuss: Monstervision and Joe Bob Briggs

Karen: While it wasn't around during the Bronze Age, TNT's Monstervision with host Joe Bob Briggs captured the Bronze Age spirit of TV horror hosts and B (or Z-) grade movies. Anybody a fan of this show?


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Monstervision or Joe Bob Briggs - seems like a fun show though. But "nobody really likes The Fog" ??!! - I love The Fog !!

Edo Bosnar said...

Colin, for what it's worth, I also like The Fog.

As for Briggs, I've only ever read some of his movie reviews and reports on closures of drive-in theaters in America.

Anonymous said...

I will say this about that:

Firstly, Karen, thank you for the topic, it is not only one that has been grossly underserved but mostly ignored by the mainstream media at large.

B) I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town that still had a drive in theatre. It was down at the end of my street and over about a half a block. The entrance was on the main road so the screen faced us. On the nights when it was clear and the lights above the screen weren't on, Mom would let my sister and I take the lawn chairs into the field and watch the movie. There were big speakers on top of the concession hut so you could hear the audio. Back then, I called it "the voices".

Last-lee) When we were young, you would pay per person, so I do have memories of going into the trunk when it was me and my cousins. Benefit of being short I guess. As I got older, you would pay per car. And you didn't have to park by a speaker, you could just tune your radio to the AM station to hear "the voices". There were many a Saturday night where you would make the circuit from the drive in to the Ice Cream Machine (game room) parking lot to the bowling alley. Sometimes you would start with one group and by then end of the night, you would have an entire different set of peoples.

An aside to Mister Bloom, attending Vanderbilt University on a Sports Writing Scholarship!?! Vanderbilt is a fine and storied institution of higher learning in the South and a long time member of the SEC. There are many years when its contributions to that august organization are raising not only the institutions overall GPA but it's graduation rate as well. But sports..........forgettaboutit!!!

The Prowler (There'll be no strings to bind your hands not if my love can find your heart and there's no need to take a stand for it was I who choose to start I see no need to take me home I'm old enough to face the dawn).

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