Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hey, Look! It's the Post-Vacation "Catching-Up" Post!

Doug: Greetings, O Faithful Ones! Today is one of those potpourri posts where just about anything goes. I'm going to drop a bulleted list of things that have come up or have been on my mind over the past 32 days. Of course you do the same, and we'll treat this like one big water cooler.

  • If you saw my post from Sunday, then you know I am about to come into some serious cash. While the lion's share of it will go into our fund for a new car/student loans, I have been treating myself to a self-gift every now and then. Today I would like any of our readers with knowledge of the IDW Artist Editions to tell me about those books. I am really, really intrigued. And with my interest in original art, I have my eye on the Joe Kubert Tarzan book, the John Buscema Silver Surfer tome, and the one that reprints Marvel Comics covers. Please give me a critique of the best and worst thing about the books in general, and if you happen to have any that I mentioned, those books in particular. My thanks in advance!
  • Many of our readers are great fans of the art of George Perez. It has come to my attention that DC is giving the artist's Wonder Woman run the omnibus treatment and I am excited! I bought the second trade a couple of years ago (and used it to write this review), and intended to at some point buy them all. Not sure if I'll snatch this up right away, but at least I know life could be simplified!
  • Many of you Bat-fans may have heard that renowned 90s Batman artist Norm Breyfogle recently suffered a stroke. There are funds that have been established to help offset some of his aftercare, and perhaps notable for this crowd DC has rushed into production a new volume in their wonderful hardcover series reprinting Batman tales from the 1960s to the present. Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle will be for sale in July 2015. I'll most likely get a copy. If you are not in the know, Breyfogle was the illustrator of the first Tim Drake adventures as the third Robin. I should say that I do not know if DC is donating any proceeds to Breyfogle's care; I did certainly imply that they are.
  • Lastly, in a week or so Karen and I will be giving our State of the Blog address. We've had conversations on the condition of our little corner of the blogosphere and its form and format moving forward. We're not ready to give any specifics, but I will say that we're not going anywhere, not at all considering ceasing publication. But you may notice a bit more intermittence in our posting for the time being. Just a head's up to our loyal conversationalists.
Doug: Be sure to post whatever has been on your mind -- questions, concerns, and mindless observations are all welcome today. It's good to be back, friends!


Anonymous said...

If there's going to be "intermittence in our posting" can I suggest some more DIY reader-suggested posts to fill the gap ? And it might be a good time to take down the "on vacation" masthead but no return to an Alex Ross one, PLEASE :)

Anonymous said...

Can I point out that when I made the above comment the January masthead was still in place. Thank you.

Humanbelly said...

I was going to make the same suggestion as Colin-! (About keeping any gaps filled w/ either reader-suggested posts or the less-labor-intensive ones for you guys that posit a single thought or question for us to expand on-.) You can take the ol' Mike Douglas approach and offer just enough input to keep the guests talking comfortably at length.

Hey, I got the first season of ARROW as an unexpected Christmas gift (did I mention that before?), and expected to not like it at all--- and found myself truly loving it. Thus, I went ahead and watched all of this first season so far of FLASH on Hulu-- and reeeeeeelllllly like it a whole lot, as well-! Why are these programs working so well for me?? Well-done, super-hero comfort-viewing, maybe??


david_b said...

Ditto on Colin's remarks, both DIY and masthead. I don't need to see Alex all that often, personally.

Kudo's on the decision for a more relaxed schedule. All for it, just keep BAB alive. I firmly believe we have the 'cast of characters' in place to keep 'Ye ol' Mantle of Bronze Age Greatness' going for quite a while.

Welcome back, Doug and Karen.

Edo Bosnar said...

If DC is really going to channel some of the proceeds of that book to Breyfogle, that is indeed good news. It's a nice change from past situations (the most recent I can think of is all of the health-related costs Gene Colan faced before he died). This should really be the default setting for both Marvel and DC, i.e., they should automatically step in and help out a current or former creator when something like this comes up. And yes, I realize they're under no legal obligation to do so - I just think they should do it for a number of reasons (for good PR, if nothing else).

As for less regular posting, that has come up before, and it's never seemed to be a problem with any of the regulars here (as evidenced by the preceding comments). And yes, simply filling in the gaps with more DIY or just simple, one-sentence discussion starters is a good suggestion.

Doug said...

Colin, I changed it after you asked. But being a somewhat obnoxious individual, I did let my mouse hover over the 2-3 Alex Ross mastheads that Osvaldo crafted for us last year!

I am flattered at the response and support for this blog. I know in the past many readers have said it is a daily stop. It is gratifying to know that this place we've created and maintained is at least an important moment or two of people's day. Thank you!

Edo, I saw a story online yesterday about whether or not the creators of the Hulkbuster armor will receive any residuals from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Disney seems to be more in tune with such things (as you said, even if it is only for PR) than previous corporate bosses.


Karen said...

Regarding Disney's attitude towards the folks who originally created all the characters and ideas that are populating the Marvel movies: when I interviewed Steve Englehart back in November for a Back Issue article we segued into a discussion of this and he spoke positively about Disney, saying they recognized the need to compensate people.I have no idea of the details but hearing that from one of the "old school" guys was a good thing.

Humanbelly said...

That is very encouraging to hear (about Disney)-- 'cause man, that's really the opposite of what Golden Age Disney's reputation was as far as how they treated their artistic/creative talent. Nothin' wrong with a kinder, gentler MouseCorp.


Garett said...

I'm curious to see Perez's Wonder Woman in Omnibus form. His art with all the detail looks even better with the bigger, glossy omnibus pages. I just picked up Vol 2 omnibus of New Teen Titans, and I'm very happy I did. The art looks fantastic so far through issues 28-34, and the storytelling is top notch.

I picked up the Tarzan Artist's Edition by Kubert a couple years ago. It was awesome to look through, and I'm glad I have it. I don't think I'll get more of these Artist's Editions though unless it's something that would really benefit from being blown up to large size, like perhaps Simonson's Manhunter. It's great to have one of these, to see the raw art at full size, but for reading I prefer a color experience. Swamp Thing by Wrightson is another I'd get, for his beautiful shadows and inking--that'd be impressive extra large in B+W.

The Prowler said...

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“I was driving through the desert in my four door canoe when BANG, thick black smoke started pouring out and the whole thing was shaking all over the road. Fortunately I was close to your town and coasted into your driveway,” replied the penguin.
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In 2015, why do we, as a society, still cling to the outdated notion that anything animated is a cartoon?

Whomever said "Honesty is the best policy" never went dress shopping with their spouse.

Doug, our satellite service shows all the state finals for high school sports. In addition to Texas and Louisiana, we get Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Would you be working any of the state tournament for Indiana?

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Doug said...

Prowler, that was the randomest post ever.

I live in Illinois, but I don't work any state level sports. I just do scorebook and PA stuff at my own school.

Garett, thanks very much for that review! There are still some vendors around the web selling these at a discount off the MSRP. It seems silly to add something like this when I'm clearing space, but the intrigue is about to kill me!

In auction news (continued), I added a Conan page last night. It's from the only book where Joe Sinnott inked Big John. I started it at $100 last night around 9:00 and right now it sits at $460; doesn't end until next Monday.


Martinex1 said...

Prowler, I don't know what that was, but it is going to stick with me all day. Not to mention that I now have the urge to share some Tennessee Tuxedo "cartoons" with my kids.

I unfortunately don't have any Artist's Editions, but seeing John Buscema in black and white is always enjoyable to me. I always get a sense of weight and mass to his characters. Conan and Silver Surfer have such different body types and yet both look so solid and daunting. In the post that Doug had a couple of days ago, I was interested in how much detail Buscema could put even into his roughs (like on the Thor/Silver Surfer page posted). I would love to know how long it took him to get to that layout; it flows so nicely and even in that format words are not really needed. I enjoy color comics of course, but there is something in the black and white contrast that brings out character detail as well.

On a totally different topic and not related to comics, I just came across news that Harper Lee is publishing a sequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird" this summer. Wow.

Garett said...

I should mention Doug that Kubert doesn't make a lot of corrections to his art, so you don't see a lot of redrawing in the book. But it's cool anyway, and there's an intro by Kubert and other neat stuff in there. The size also dwarfs even the oversize Collector's Editions that DC put out in the '70s.

Garett said...

One last thing about Tarzan: the reproduction in this Artist's Edition book is absolutely outstanding. It is like looking at an original page of art. You can even see ink brushstrokes and variations in the shadow areas, that would look like a solid black in a regular comic. Beautiful book.

Dr. Oyola said...

I have not been able to post as often now that I have a full-time teaching job, but I still check out BAB nearly every day. If the posting schedule were to become three times a week with an occasional "flashback" post on the weekend, that'd work for me.

In theory, my own blog is updated every two weeks, but as of this point it has been 3 weeks, and it may turn into four. My point being, stuff happens and we, the regular readers understand and do our best to take up the slack.

I didn't have much to say about the Winter Solider post, but loved that you changed things up and did something a little more contemporary.

Looking foward to the State of the Blog address. . .

And Prowler, I can't wait to tell my wife a version of that awful joke. . .if she ever leaves me it will because I cannot resist telling her the worst jokes I can find.

Doug said...

Garett --

You are making it very difficult to say "no", my friend!

Your comments is exactly what I was hoping for today. Thank you very much.


Doug said...

"Your comments is exactly what I was hoping for today. Thank you very much."

As an educator who frequently takes points off for grammar and spelling, perhaps I should have said .


Edo Bosnar said...

Martinex, I saw the news about the Harper Lee novel today as well. However, it's technically not a sequel to "Mockingbird," as it was apparently written before that - even though it features the same characters about 20 years after the events of "Mockingbird." According to the Wikipedia entry, the manuscript is going to be published as originally written, with no revisions, etc. Sounds quite interesting...

And Doug, I love the zen quality of your last post.

Martinex1 said...

Edo thanks for that info on the Harper Lee news.

And Doug and Karen, all I have to say is thanks for all of the hours of interesting critiques, history, and humor. As a whole the site is amazingly enjoyable in its detail and insight, like the Siskel and Ebert of Comics. However much you need a break; it is greatly deserved. I too like the ideas suggested of the intermittent DIY etc.

Karen said...

Thanks for your support guys. The blog -and by that, I mean this group of hardy souls that return, day after day to converse - certainly has exceeded our expectations. We may be changing things up but we do want to keep the camaraderie and the fun alive.

And Prowler, I don't think we even need to provide a subject for you. We could just turn you loose every day, and see what happens.

Redartz said...

Karen and Doug- can't thank you enough for all the effort you both put into this blog. Whatever changes you make, may they be for your benefit; I ( and many more, obviously) will keep popping in each day for fun, friends and memories. BAB is truly a bright spot every day, whether a new post, a "group effort', or a 'classic'.

And, as today is rather free form, I'll mention that tonight's "Flash" episode was another winner. No spoilers for those who may not have seen it, but DC has some real winners on the small screen these days (still loving Gotham, too...).

Humanbelly said...

That news about Harper Lee is indeed so utterly cool & great. Yes, this new release was a fully completed, unpublished novel-- written before MOCKINGBIRD. MOCKINGBIRD is technically a prequel, really.

She also still wears her hair in the same style as the little girl that played Scout in the film. What a sweetie-!


Anonymous said...

Prowler, you are truly an agent of chaos, and that's coming from somebody whose been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Don't ever change, you crazy nut.
Karen and Doug, if the posts are going to be more "intermittent", I think you rely on the usual suspects here to keep the party going. The inmates are in danger of taking over the asylum, and I for one plan to keep an eye on 'em. Doug, it's a daily stop for me too.
To quote a wise man, Excelsior! M.P.
P.S. I heard a different version of that seal joke somewhere. There was another joke I remember, about Superman, Wonderwoman, and the Invisible Man, but I think most of you guys have heard that one.

Anonymous said...

Prowler, oh what a character!

Great news on the new(old?) novel from Harper Lee. Fans have been waiting, what, 50 years?

As for the State of the Blog, I say keep on truckin'! Maybe not as often, but keep on truckin'!

- Mike 'four score and seven years ago' from Trinidad & Tobago.

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