Saturday, December 19, 2015

Discuss: Star Wars: The Force Awakens -SPOILER FREE discussion

Karen: OK kids, time to share your SPOILER FREE thoughts on the movie -did you enjoy it, is it Star Wars, etc. Later this week we will post a 'Spoiled' post where we can go into more detail on the film.


William said...


Saw it yesterday, and overall, I thought it was really good. I also thought (story-wise) that they missed some opportunities. (I'll elaborate next week, when the discussion can include spoilers). I also have a lot questions about certain aspects of the plot that will also have to wait for later.

Another thing I'll say is that, upon first viewing, I found that "Force Awakens" didn't really awaken that 'Star Wars' feeling in me. (If you know what I mean?) It was a great sci-fi/fantasy action movie, but I'm not sure it completely captured that old 'Star Wars' magic and sense of wonder. (That I feel even the prequels had). I could be mistaken about that though. It could be because it was a bit darker in tone than any other Star Wars movie. (Even "Revenge of the Sith"). Or it could just be that I'm old and cynical. I don't know. I plan to see it again, and then I'll see I how I feel.

Really anticipating reading what others around here thought of it.

J.A. Morris said...

I thought it was very good, with one exception, which I'll specify when the spolier-ific discussion happens here.

But on the whole, it was entertaining and I liked and cared about the new characters. Unlike the characters introduced in the prequels, Finn, Rey and Poe were all relate-able and didn't speak in philosophical gibberish.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert of my own - haven't seen it yet! I'm gonna see it tomorrow, but I just want to say that I'm looking forward to it. From an early review I read (which I won't go into detail here) it does look like it captures at least some of the fun of the earlier movies. Like many fans, I'm just happy to see Luke, Leia and Han back on the big screen after 30 years!

- Mike 'where in the galaxy is Luke?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Charlton Hero said...

The movie was amazing. I felt it effectively returned to the form of the original trilogy. They utilized the original stars of the series to get over newcomers Rey, Finn, Poe and BB8.

We got to witness the Star Wars universe through a lense of a new cast of characters who actually leave us with an emotional connection with.

Ford as Solo has his best outing as the character. All the originals hit the proper connection and it's literally like seeing old friends you missed years later and it's just like old times.

Funny, charming, heart breaking and exhilarating. You could ask for no more than what JJ gave us.

Just go see the movie if you haven't. .

Loved it!

The Groovy Agent said...

Loved it. It wasn't perfect (what is?), but it when it was on it was ON. It did have that Star Wars feel to me, a feeling I've really missed since 1983. See it again, I must!

Unknown said...

Joel Schumacher must be the happiest individual on the planet. He will no longer be the most hated man in geek culture. J. J. Abrams did not understand the characterization of the Star Trek characters, and he certainly does not understand the Star Wars universe. He has singlehandedly crippled two beloved franchises.

Anonymous said...

I liked it, I wasn't disappointed at all.


---haters gonna hate----

Unknown said...

It is very difficult to name all of the things wrong with the movie without giving away spoilers. The post asked for everyone's opinion on the movie. I gave mine. It's an opinion shared by quite a few people. I never said it was a terrible movie. It's just not very good. I have seen it twice. I have digested it. I love Star Wars. I have been there since the beginning. I enjoyed the prequels. Which get way too much hate. I do not want to give away any spoilers. So I am more than a bit limited in my criticism. The issues that people have with J.J. Abrams work are clearly on display in this movie. His Star Trek movies were Star Trek in name only. He never understood the characters. He may not have even cared. It's the same way with "The Force Awakens." He has nothing new to say in this movie. There are so many plot holes. The older characters act completely out of character. Someone had commented on another message board that "A bad Star Wars movie is better than no Star Wars movie." That is a sentiment shared by most Star Wars fan. I totally get that. I would love to see a filmmaker like James Gunn given the opportunity to guide the Star Wars franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy was a much better Star Wars movie than The Force Awakens. Some people may enjoy the movie right now. A lot of people enjoyed The Phantom Menace when it was first released. I just believe, that in a few years, people will see this movie, and J.J. Abrams in a much different light.

Allen said...

Gotta be honest - "Guardians of the Galaxy" made me feel like I was ten years old and watching the original Star Wars more than the new Star Wars did. It was better than episodes I - III but it's still not in the league with the original trilogy.

William said...


I just saw "Force Awakens" again, with my wife this time (and in I-Max to boot). My wife loves sci-fi and fantasy. She loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Lord of the Rings, etc., etc. She even digs most of the comic-book superhero movies. So, I value her opinion on these things.

So, after the movie I asked her what she thought of it, and she was actually crying, and said she hated it!! H-A-T-E-D it! She then swore she had no desire to see anymore of the future Star Wars movies. Wow! I was genuinely surprised by her strong reaction. But she was dead serious, and she was not at all happy with Episode VII. To the point of actually being in a bad mood the rest of the day.

Again, my wife is a huge fan of this kind of thing, and she even liked the prequels. So, you can take her opinion for whatever it's worth.

More on my own thoughts when we finally get around to the spoiler filled, open ended version of this topic.

William said...

Oh, I almost forgot the best part. My wife said if J.J. Abrams was standing in front of her, she'd "punch him in his face!!"

Doug said...

William (and others) --

I am the reason for the delay in the spoiled post. Well, that and the fact that the film hasn't even been out for a week yet! My two sons and daughter-in-law are seeing Star Wars with me this coming Saturday morning. We've all managed to stay spoiler-free on Twitter, etc. So I personally really appreciate everyone's patience.

Tell you what: I'll set the fully-spoiled version to run beginning at noon this Saturday (the 26th). Then we can spend the rest of the weekend celebrating or commiserating -- whichever suits your experience best.

Thanks again,


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