Thursday, February 18, 2016

Carry On - A Comics Covers Genre

Doug: I was thinking of the cover to Avengers #30 for some reason that now escapes me, and that made me think of the cover to Avengers #41, which then led my mind to Amazing Fantasy #15. And of course you know that my stream of consciousness led to today's post. Check out my Marvelcentric offerings, and be sure to add your own (from any and all publishers). As in the past, I'll try to run a follow-up in the near future with everyone's suggestions. Thanks for playing!

PS: I am thinking that the "dead hero" motif, as seen on Thor #127 and X-Men #136 could be a post genre all its own!

NOTE: This post was reconstructed on April 21 2020. As all of the cover images were lost, I rebuilt this with a few images off the top of my head. Comments that refer to the original post may not make as much sense given these samples.


Edo Bosnar said...

First one I thought of is this double-whammy from Avengers Annual #9.

Garett said...

I've been reading Deadman by Neal Adams, and here's a striking cover, Strange Adventures 214:
It's multiple images of a character on a cover. There's must've been some Flash covers like this, but Thor 186 by John Buscema came to mind:
What other multiple image covers come to mind?

Doug said...

Sounds to me, Garett, like you want to write a guest post. I bid thee... Do it!

I'm also thinking it's about time for Martinex to shoot us another $1 challenge, maybe with the covers where a hero holds a fallen comrade?

Another idea I saw when seeking covers was a character pressing another character overhead -- lots of examples like that.

So seriously -- whether it's a $1 challenge or something that just has several exhibits like today's post, we're open to running anything like that. We love discussing comics covers.


J.A. Morris said...

Here's one, Amazing Spider-Man #229, part one of his classic duel with Juggernaut:

david_b said...

On the DC side, JLA 91 and especially the gratuitous cover of ish 128, where Hawkman's carrying in WW..?

Anonymous said...

First one that came to my mind was Amazing Spider-Man #252 which is an homage to that Amazing Fantasy cover.

In the "dead hero" motif, there's always issue #7 of Crisis where Superman is holding Supergirl's body...not to mention the zillion homages that one inspired.

Another that came to mind (though I'm not sure it fits either theme exactly) is The Losers Special from 1985. It was later made non-canon, but still a cool story.

Mike Wilson

William said...

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #7 and #18 fit this topic nicely.

William said...

Oh, and who could forget ASM #122?

Doug said...

Now we're getting somewhere! Man, I was thinking the follow-up post was going to be just a couple of covers.

Can we get to a dozen like the original post? It looks like we have 10 so far (not discounting Garett's suggestions - but I like those for a separate post).


pfgavigan said...


Just for you Doug . . .

Sensational She-Hulk 39#



Anonymous said...

How about Beetle carrying Aunt May on Amazing #94?

Or Batman #324?

Or maybe (going back to the "death" theme) Tales of the Teen Titans #45?

There are probably dozens of others out there.

Mike Wilson

William said...

Jeez, I we almost forgot one of the most famous examples of this type of cover. I'm talking about Crisis On Infinite Earths #7.

Edo Bosnar said...

Of course, there's the arguably best known cover of this type ever. ;)

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