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The Spinner Rack - June 1981

4-15-20: NOTE - In refreshing this post, I inadvertently chose cover images in the "on sale" category at Mike's. All other links in this post point to the original direction originally intended. Thanks for your understanding.

Doug: Jeez-Loueez, the month is half over and I almost forgot the Spinner Rack! I'll write if off to the milestone birthday, mere days away. Make the jump to Mike's Amazing World of Comics, where you can find all books cover dated June, 1981. Then come on back to expound on the goodness you purchased, now own, or wish you could get your mitts on. The date below is linked to the Comic Book Database and will give you additional details from the month at hand.


Anonymous said...
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dbutler16 said...

This is pretty much at the height of my comics collecting days. I got Avengers #208, Fantastic Four #231, Legion of Super-Heroes #276, Justice League of America #191, Marvel Two-in-One #76, Micronauts #30, Moon Knight #8, New Teen Titans #8, Rom #19, Spider-Woman #38 (due to the X-Men appearance), and Uncanny X-Men #146 from the spinner rack.
I purchased Master of Kung Fu #101 just a couple of years ago, as I finally realized what I'd been missing all these years.
I sure wish I had that DC Comics Presents, though. Something about Superman and Cap Marvel/Shazam together really pulls me in.

Redartz said...

My tally was definitely dropping at that point in time; about 8 books (whereas I'd racked up about 20 per month just a year or so previously). That 8 included Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, neither of which really excited me then. I was still buying Avengers, but not for much longer. On the other hand, Daredevil, Teen Titans, Iron Man and Spectacular Spider-Man all were solid, entertaining books. By that time I'd started to notice some of the indie books available at comic shops...

Edo Bosnar said...

Dbutler, that issue of DC Comics Presents was pretty good: it's the conclusion of a two-parter (the first part involved Superman and Capt. Marvel's powers and costumes getting switched). Solid story and great art by Buckler and Giordano.
This was a typically big month for me at the time as well, right in the middle of my comics-reading fervor, so I had about 18 titles. Among the more fondly remembered entries for that month are Ka-zar the Savage, by Jones and Anderson - that was the first issue of the revived series I picked up, and I fell in love with it instantly. Also, that Tales of the Green Lantern Corps mini-series was quite enjoyable; in fact, I was really liking the regular GL series at the time, scripted by Marv Wolfman with art by Joe Staton.
Like Redartz, I was also getting into some of the indie books at the time, mainly the various offerings from Pacific Comics, and I now see one of the shortcomings of Mike's Newsstand: no direct-sale indie titles.

Oh, and before I forget, this month's Richie Rich count is 12.

david_b said...

Not collectin' at this point, I got the back issues a few years later, primarily Avengers and DC's NTT. As Edo mentioned, the GL series looked good as well with Staton's art.

The other titles I used to collect (ASM, Cap..) just didn't seem to interest me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now we're getting into my classic comic buying years! I had the Detective Comics (with Scarecrow), the Spectacular Spidey (vs. Nitro), the DD, and I'm sure I had that NTT "Day in the Life" issue. I STILL have that Best of DC Digest; I may have had a few others too...MOKF, MTU, maybe JLA, that Superman cover seems familiar. I missed that "classic" issue of Amazing Spider-Man with Sandman and Hydro Man, but I had the next issue where they turn into the mud monster.

I missed out on all the indie/direct sale stuff since I bought all my stuff off the rack at the local drugstore.

Mike Wilson

Garett said...

DButler, I recently found this TPB at a second hand store: https://www.amazon.com/Superman-Vs-Shazam-Graphic-Novels/dp/1401238211 and it includes this DC Comics Presents story. Love Zeck's covers for Master of Kung Fu.

Edo I bought Ka-Zar at this time, good series with warmth and a sense of humour. I recently read Staton's GL from this era and it was very good.

At the time, I read Warlord (just about end of Grell's great run), and picked up the occasional Wonder Woman just for the Huntress backup, and also read Moon Knight, Iron Man, Teen Titans, and Daredevil. I had that Justice Machine #1. Very exciting to see a good independent comic, and there was more to come from Pacific, First, etc.

Always nice to see the great DC covers by Andru/Giordano-- my favorite this month is the Superman digest. Fun idea, hanging onto Superman's cape like skydivers. My favorite overall cover is Crazy with Ming the Merciless. I never bought much Crazy as it seemed second rate next to Mad, but I loved Flash Gordon and this cover's well done and fun.

William Preston said...

Like Redartz, I had cut way back from my high school Marvel Zombie days. This was the summer after my freshman year of college. Northwestern let out late in June, so maybe that's why I missed a host of these, but I think my only purchases were Spider-Man (loved the Romita, Jr. art, though, having later seen his analloyed pencils, I think the inker, Mooney, was the key), Moon Knight (great stuff; I'd followed him since his days in, what?, the Hulk magazine), DD (a classic), FF, Iron Man (Layton atop Romita), MOKF (which I'd come to late), Peter Parker (the cover got me), Power Man/Iron Fist (on a roll), and X-Men (though Cockrum didn't seem as strong on his return to the comic).

Graham said...

I always come late to these posts, but I had 22 or 23 or these. It was about the time that I started collecting on a regular basis again. I had a job and a little spending money, plus I subscribed to six or eight from DC and Marvel. I was probably split about in the middle between them at this time, but I really was into the Teen Titans, Daredevil, X-Men, and Power Man/Iron Fist, even though that cover for #70 was pretty awful.

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