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Who's the Best... Justice Society of America Member?


jim said...

Love them all, but Dr. Fate is my fav.

SESchend said...

Many great heroes, but Best/Favorite is Doctor Fate, followed by the original Flash, Mr Terrific (either one), Starman, and Doc Midnite.

Humanbelly said...

I'm really only deeply familiar with the JSA reboot that was launched in 1999-- although "reboot" isn't quite the right word for it, 'cause it was so deeply (and wonderfully) rooted in the team's continuity that it felt like coming back to your old home town after a long, long absence. This is particularly remarkable in my case, since I was "returning" to a home-town I'd never actually been to. And yet that sense was palpable. A bit of a personal Twilight Zone, really-!

And like jim, above-- Love Them All, yep! That series had an uncanny knack for being able to spotlight the inner lives and struggles of a really enormous cast. Who does one choose? One of the Hourmen? Doctor Midnight? Dr Fate? Wildcat? Power Girl? Still, I'm gonna go with Jay Garrick, the intrepid, unflappable GA Flash! Possibly one of the most likable fellas ever to put on the Speed Force, yup. His Alex Ross cover portrait is also my favorite from that series.



Redartz said...

If I had to pick a favorite (and that's the situation today), it would be Dr. Fate. But as others have noted, there are loads of great choices. Dr. Midnight, Huntress and Jay Garrick would be right up at the top of that list...

Anonymous said...

HB said it, Jay Garrick. He's basically Super-Grandpa, in the best possible way. My favorite JG scene ever was in the Hourman series of the early'00s (a fantastic, underrated series, by the way) and has nothing to do with super heroics:

The JSA is having a pot luck supper, and the android Hourman shows up with... a pack of bologne. People start to giggle, and Hourman gets confused and apprehensive. Jay swoops in and says something along the lines of "Bologne! My favorite! My wife calls it 'heart attack in a blister pack' but I can't get enough!" The day was saved for the socially awkward! Not gonna lie, I cheered.

- Mike Loughlin

Martinex1 said...

I like Dr. Fate too. But Doctor Midnight and Hourman are right up there with him. Interchangeable any day for my best depending on my mood. Haven't read much Dr. Fate lately but often thought he was more mysterious than Dr. Strange, and that helmet rocks. Honestly there are a lot of good and different costumes, powers, and characters in the JSA.

Overall a very good team that I would have liked to see more of.

William said...

So many awesome characters to choose from, but I've always been partial to Wildcat and the original Hourman. In fact, those are the only two JSA members that I own as DCUC action figures.

One of my favorite titles (before it was cancelled) was the "Justice Society" comic written by Len Strazewski with art by Mike Parobeck that featured all the classic JSA members as older heroes in the current (at the time) DCU. With really fun stories and amazing artwork by one of my favorite artists (who unfortunately is no longer with us).

I have all 10 issues but I still plan to pick up the TPB of the complete series when it comes out this fall. I've been wanting to read the whole thing again, but I'll try to hold out for the trade.

Humanbelly said...

Jay Garrick's Flash: Jimmy Stewart circa 1950's/1960's
Alan Scott's Green Lantern: William Boyd (Actor who played Hopalong Cassidy forever!)
Wildcat: Maybe Earnest Borgnine?


Garett said...

Great team! I'll go with Dr. Fate, Green Lantern and Flash for the guys, and Huntress, Black Canary and Power Girl for the gals. But Dr. Midnight, Sandman and Hourman are also good, and I liked Wildcat when he guest-starred in Brave and Bold. Always a cool moment when the Spectre steps in-- well now I'm naming them all!

I like the Joe Staton version of this team, especially with Bob Layton inking. The mix of old and young characters added spice.

Edo Bosnar said...

Bronze Ager that I am, I think my favorites are the two created in the '70s, i.e., Huntress and Power Girl.
I find it harder to pick any single one from the older generation - I kind of like them all together. If you put my feet to the fire, I guess I'd go with Wildcat and Dr. Midnite, and yes, Dr. Fate is pretty cool, too.
If we can include members of the All Star Squadron, I'd add Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick.

Anonymous said...

I used to find Sandman kind of boring, but after Sandman Mystery Theater, he ended up being my favourite. I also like Power Girl...I loved her JLE tenure.

Mike Wilson

Anonymous said...


Pat Henry said...

I had a fondness for E2 Superman—the the real deal, the first superhero, the one who grew up in Depression Kansas. He struck me as a character with a lot of dignity, the ethic and worldview baked in but not overcooked. I was always intrigued by the idea he might be extremely long-lived, being basically immune to anything that could kill him, and aging rather slowly—still indestructible, still massively strong, but not in an over-the-top way like Silver Age Supes. A tough old bird you'd never want to tangle with.

It's too bad in a way that Superman became the Mickey Mouse of DC properties—can't futz with the character overmuch, to central to corporate identity to change—because they could have aged him right out of his old stable of supporting actors and into a new realm, a new identity, post-Daily Planet. E2 Superman sort of gave them that freedom and sandbox, but DC pretty much squandered it. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Pat, I like the Earth 2 Superman too, a bit older and more world weary than the one we all know and love but still Supes at heart. I also loved Wildcat, a character similar to Marvel's Daredevil in many respects, Power Girl, Alan Scott's Green Lantern and yes Doctor Fate too!

- Mike 'hope we get a JSA movie someday!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Rip Jagger said...

These are some of my favorite characters so it's hard to choose, but if I must I go with Wildcat! He's special in a number of ways.

Rip Off

Anonymous said...

My first time commenting here, but since JSA is so essential to my comic fandom, I have to join the discussion.

Only problem is that I can't pick just one... Dr. Fate, Spectre, Hourman, Starman, Sandman and Dr. Mid-Night get red-carpet awards for their unique fashion sense and distinct powers, with no Silver Age counterparts. Jay Garrick and Alan Scott were the best Flash and Green Lantern (and they had cooler costumes than Barry, Wally, or Hal).

Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, and the original Atom: No powers, just hardscrabble fighters who could beat-up 5 bad guys (usually after getting knocked out and tied up in the first half of their 6-page stories).

I guess I'll go with Wildcat, though. Great character, especially from the 1999 series. Issue #10 had him defeat the entire Injustice Society all by himself.

By the way, DC is hinting that they might bring back the JSA sometime after this Rebirth thing evolves for awhile. That would be the one thing that might bring me back to buying new comics again after the debacle of New 52.

Anyway, I've been lurking here for over 2 years and love this blog. Hoping to participate more in the future.

Terry Mulligan

William said...

Hi Terry, as someone who posts here on a pretty regular basis I'd to say welcome aboard!! Awesome first post. Glad you decided to join in on the conversation. Looking forward to hearing more from you. :D

Ward Hill Terry said...

The JSA are my particular favorites, also. I must confess to being particular to Mr. Terrific. After all, there aren't many comic characters who have my first name! Do you agree Mr. Mulligan?

Doug said...

Hello, everyone -

Family day yesterday, so I was not able to hop into the conversation. The youngest celebrated his 22nd birthday with a get-together, which was a great time.

Welcome, Terry - or at least welcome to the world of commenting. We appreciate your input; don't be a stranger.

Interesting that the Atom and Hawkman haven't gotten much love. I'm not overly partial to either character, just noticing. If I was asked to pick one character, I'd most likely go with the Flash, and then Green Lantern. I really like the look of the Sandman, and enjoyed the adult Robin in the All-Star revival. Always wanted to see more of Batman, but I understand why he was retired (although that same argument doesn't really hold up when considering his fellows).

I appreciated the comments on Superman, and wholeheartedly agree. I also felt his relationship to Power Girl was nice. I'd have bought a Huntress/Power Girl buddy comic back in the day.

This feedback has inspired me to dive back into the All-Star revival. Thus far we've only looked at the first issue, which was the debut of Power Girl. But since that story was continued, it's probably time to see how it all turned out. Look for it later in the summer.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Humanbelly said...

Oop-- made an earlier Hello, and Welcome response for ya Terry, happily echoing the previous ones-- and it was absorbed into the nowhere-void of a wrong two key-strokes. So--- welcome from me, too, yeah?

And I just wanted to chime in and say that the many unique costume designs and rather atypical, idiosyncratic power sets for a lot of the JSA members (old and new) are a big draw for me as well. Soooooo many superteams throughout comics history do rely on there being a sort of standard "slot" system to build the team on (which is understandable, there are recognizable roles in any group, and many universal dynamics-- in comics AND life)-- and the JSA does not seem to conform to that philosophy at all. Extremely eclectic-- definitely a big part of their appeal for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Love this blog I have to go with Dr Midnite and Hourman both unique and neat origins
AL in Cleveland

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