Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Life's the Same, I'm Moving in Stereo

Karen: Aloha, returning BABsters, and any new members of the family. It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, pull up a chair. I won't bore you with too many details about what I've been up to. Mostly, I've gone about my business, kept busy with my day job, had a little fun here and there. Right after we stopped regular production on the blog, I had an article on Captain Marvel (that's the Mar-Vell version) get published in Back Issue 93. You can check it out here if you're so inclined. That's the last 'real' piece of writing I've finished, alas.

But don't weep for me, friends, because I've found another outlet for my nerd impulses: podcasting.

"Now this is podcasting!"
Yep, I've taken my gig from the written word to the spoken, with the help of a couple of friends, my pals Larry and Bob. For a few years now, Larry had expressed interest in doing a podcast, and I'd say, sure, here's what we need to do...and neither of us would get it done! Turns out we needed a catalyst -that was Bob. Bob has a ton of experience in the A/V world, and he has his own sound board. So when he heard us talking about podcasting he said, "Sign me up!" And we're glad we did!

Mission Commander Larry and Chief Engineer Bob
The three of us are all super-geeks, with a lot of shared interests, and some more specialized areas of knowledge. We knew we wanted to talk about old and new science fiction, fantasy,  and super-hero movies, comics, TV shows, products, and so forth. But we needed a name. No joke, we came up with dozens of names, only to find they were all taken. Finally, we started tossing around ideas based off of sort of 1950s sci-fi, thinking about what if our show was themed around a crew of bored astronauts? Take the favorite number of Larry's fiance (8) and voila! Planet 8 podcast was born.

The logistics of recording a session are fun: Bob and Larry both live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I used to live (that's where we all became friends); they meet at Bob's to record their part, and Skype me in from my home in Arizona to join them. It's worked pretty well so far, although we've had to experiment a bit to get everything sounding right. 

Our first episode, where we discuss Avengers: Infinity War, is live now and available from our blogsite, https://planet8podcast.blogspot.com/feedburner, and also from iTunes. We've recorded another, which should be posted soon, which is all about our desert island picks for movies and TV shows. There are a ton of genre films coming out this summer, and we have plans to look at Solo, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World and of course, Ant-Man and the Wasp. We also have a whole laundry list of topics we want to explore, such as robots, convention experiences, the original Planet of the Apes films, King Kong, and just about any other geeky thing you can think of.

Much as Doug and I hoped to build a community when we established the BAB, we hope that Planet 8 can develop a core group of listeners who will participate in our discussions via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook (there are links on our website). It would be especially great to hear from old BAB regulars. 

And who knows - maybe we can even convince a famous comic blog host from Illinois to appear as a guest on one of our episodes!


William Preston said...

Looking forward to listening! I also have two friends with whom I've discussed having a podcast, so I know how that idea can just die on the vine.

Hope life is good on Planet 8!

Edo Bosnar said...

Yes! Such great news! I love podcasts and I especially love comics and pop culture podcasts! I'm really looking forward to this, and yes, I hope a certain Illinois-based teacher who's not-so-secretly a fellow geek will make a guest appearance (or two). Now that we're on the topic, there's a certain fella from Zagreb who would love to be invited for a chat...
Seriously, though, congratulations on the new venture, Karen. I hope goes on at least as long as the BAB did.

BetweenThePagesBlog said...

Just subscribed to Planet 8! Looking forward to listening to it.

Mike Wilson said...

Sounds cool ... I'll definitely check it out.

Dr. O said...

I have seen reference to Planet 8 before . . . somewhere. . .recently. .. but if I had noticed/know Karen was involved I would have paid more attention. I will be sure to try it out. I listen to a couple of different comics podcasts.

I, too, would love to start a podcast, but being picky about such things I need to find a good local partner with whom I can set up a little home studio space.

Karen said...

Thanks friends, I hope you enjoy the show. We should have another episode ready by the end of the week. I will say if you are thinking about podcasting, I'd recommend doing it with someone. It would be a lot of work to handle solo!

The Prowler said...

A song lyric!!! I love it!!!

Seriously, good to hear all the new news. Sounds awesome.

Just a fun recommendation, Journey To Planet X. Some guys get together a make a home movie. It's a movie about making a movie. I know! Right?

Last question: have you seen the David Bowie HBO documentary The Last Five Years?

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Redartz said...

Wow, Karen, now you have podcasting under your belt as well as super veteran blogger (and of course everything else you do). Very cool indeed; I will most certainly check it out. And that's some great inspiration you've surrounded yourself with!

Also, I love your podcast name; Planet 8. Excellent. Now my twisted mind is trying to fit a topic around a potential title; "Plan 9 from Planet 8". I'll toss that ball to your court...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Karen!

I haven't tuned in yet to your Planet 8 podcast but knowing your passion for all things geek I'm pretty sure it's a good one. Larry and Bob look like they enjoy it too. I vote for Doug as well to be a guest on your podcast. I'm sure a lot of people would like to hear his views on a variety of topics. Heck, I hope some other BABers like Edo, get a chance to participate in your podcast. The more the merrier!

- Mike 'I have a face made for radio' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Larry From Planet 8 said...

Looking forward to this new adventure with you Walker!

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