Monday, May 21, 2018

We're Back!

Doug: Welcome back to this space! It has been a looooonnnnggg time since we've been together and Karen and I are excited to shepherd our community through a week of new content. In the midst of our time together we will be honored to present our entry in the coming 2-part Super Blog Team-Up. Here's a preview of the week ahead -
  • Tuesday: Catching up with Karen 
  • Wednesday: What's Doug been reading?
  • Thursday: Super Blog Team-Up! Former BAB staff writers Martinex1 and Redartz will also be participating over at their place, Back in the Bronze Age.
  • Friday: Sharing thoughts on the recent spate of Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks
After that we'll again be on hiatus until part two of this summer's SBTU event. Join us back here on July 19th!

Doug: Although the focus of this blog (and at times of the partnership between Karen and I) has largely shifted to the Twitterverse (we've added over 1700 followers since closing shop here), the spirit of the BAB remains across the interwebs. We regularly discuss Bronze Age/pop culture issues, tweet out cool artwork, and hopefully keep our work here alive by sharing links to material throughout our archive.

Karen: You've done a fantastic job on Twitter - I sort of see it as a metamorphosis! While you draw on the blog for some tweets, there's a lot of fresh material too. It all works to keep that community aspect of BAB alive, which was our original goal.

Doug: We hope you'll find this to be a reunion of sorts, with most of the old gang re-assembling for a little LCS-on-a-Wednesday conversation. I don't know how different I am from when I left you 19 months ago - I can report that our youngest son will be married two weeks from now, and in preparation for looking good as the mother and father of the groom my wife and I have each taken off some serious weight. Other than that, I think you'll find me the same guy you knew before!

Karen: That's impressive, but I don't think we'll have any problems recognizing you, pal. As for me, I feel like a lot of things in my orbit have changed, but for the most part, the basics of life remain the same. Although I have a new activity that I'll talk about on Tuesday that I hope all of you may also participate in. I won't say any more than that.

Doug: So enough about us (although more to follow in the next two days). What's everyone else been up to?


Edo Bosnar said...

Awesome! First comment! Ha!
Great to have both of you back at the old place, if only for a limited engagement. I'm also glad to hear that everything appears to be going well for you both. And congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding, Doug.

Everything's pretty much the same with me, although one of my jobs (the part-time one for the national radio station) fizzled out at the beginning of the year - nothing too stressful, as I have a little less income but much more free time.
I suppose one sort of new thing for me is that I occasionally contribute posts to the Atomic Junk Shop, most recently about Zagreb's recent comic and SF conventions.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the week's posts.

Doug said...

Hi, Edo!

Great to hear from you. I'm wondering - do you still have the backlog of books to read, or has your recently freed-up time contributed to cutting into the stacks?

I can attest to Edo's blogging abilities. I've enjoyed a couple of his posts on the Marvel Pocketbooks by Panini. He and I have shared thoughts about those in the past on the BAB.

As I type this I'm actually sprucing up a few things for later in the week. We want everything to look good for you!


BetweenThePagesBlog said...


It is wonderful seeing new content on Bronze Age Babies. I hope that this week of new material will inspire you two and that we'll get occasional new content on BAB in the future.

While I've been chatting with Doug on Twitter for years, I actually prefer the community that develops around blogs and podcasts. Plus BAB has always had the best community of any blog I've ever read.

Welcome home! You two have been missed!


Doug said...

Thanks, Karen - that's very kind of you to say.

And who knows what the future holds? I imagine we'll cook up a few days of material to run around the time of the second round of this summer's Super Blog Team-Up.


Dr. O said...


It is so great to see something going on here again. I like to imagine Doug and Karen walking through an abandoned memory factory, clearing cobwebs and oiling the works. ..

But in truth I don't feel like I have missed you guys because I am on twitter a lot and I have plenty of interactions with both Doug and Karen. .. still, it is nice to know we'll have some content and the rest of the band will hopefully be wandering through to add their two cents.

Welcome back! My birthday is on the 20th of July, so the second part of SBTU will be a nice present.

Doug said...

Thanks, sir!

To our non-Twitterers, just a couple of days ago Osvaldo and I were discussing the merits of Minnie Riperton's Loving You. I promised to let him know the next time I heard it - going to try to listen with an open mind.


Edo Bosnar said...

Doug, maybe saying "much more" free time was a bit of hyperbole on my part. Yeah, I do have some more free time on weekends mainly (which was when I had to be at my former part-time job), but not nearly enough to help put a significant dent in the backlog...

Edo Bosnar said...

And on the topic of Riperton's "Loving You," while I may not hate it as viscerally as, say, anything by Air Supply, I have to say I'm more in Doug's camp in this case...

Jack Alberti said...

Glad to see this up and running again! I'm "Lost in Time" on Twitter! During the BAB's previous life, I was mostly a reader, a spectator. Occasionally, I'd leave an anonymous comment. This time around I hope to participate often. Love sharing my passion for comics with respectful, thoughtful individuals such as those who have followed Doug over the years!

Doug said...

Edo, you are going to be interested in my post arriving Wednesday. You may have love/hate emotions triggered. And, Osvaldo encouraged me to focus on the lyrics in Loving You and try to get past the (as one Twitter user noted) "Black Canary scream" aspect.

Jack, welcome back. Folks, this dude has a passion for all things Spider-Man, but particularly for the Ross Andru era. Lots of great art samples on his Twitter feed.


Dr. O said...

No no no!

The lyrics of "Loving You" are cheesy and silly, though delightfully earnest. It is the delivery that does it. Sigh. I guess there is no accounting for taste. ;)

Mike Wilson said...

Ah, it's like the good old days. Not much new with me either, although I did start my own comics-related blog (inspired by Doug and Karen, but please don't ask for royalties ;))

Of course, I've been commenting regularly at BITBA, so I haven't exactly been a stranger. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys have cooked up for this week!

Redartz said...

Ah, it's great to be back in the hallowed halls of BAB! Doug and Karen, thanks for the return engagement, you have brought many smiles today across the internet. And Doug, congratulations to your son, and to your whole family. Karen, looking forward to seeing what you have in store tomorrow. You've successfully whetted my appetite.

As for Twitter, I'm really going to have to pursue that more. My posts for BitBA have been, shall we say, sporadic. My hat is off to Martinex1 for carrying that ball so well. And missing out on so much good stuff from Doug and Karen? Okay, I'll do better guys...

Oh, and describing the vocals of "Loving You" as a Black Canary scream- inspired.

The Prowler said...

As always, I'm scanning scanning scanning. One thing that might be new, I have put together a ragtag ramshackle blog where I am posting some of my comics, just sharing the experience of rediscovering what's in my collection!!!

On a personal note, Doug, I think I found some of that weight you lost...

In my opinion, as a US American, I cannot understand why they added all the bird sounds to that song...

(Soaking in the rain
I see me walking
I'm remotely controlled
My legs have gone invisible,
I'm spinning down an endless black hole

Flashing lights the automated banker sends a signal to me
The message hovers over, under,
blinding me from your frequency

Spaceman bring me down,
and lean on me 'til I'm grounded
Stay with me 'til morning,
I'll never take up flying again

Lying on the grass
I feel the signal rushing down to my heart
My shields are getting weak
my contact's hanging by a thread to the stars

I try to block the message
but it's overloading all that I am.

Spaceman bring me down,
and lean on me 'til I'm grounded
Stay with me 'til morning
I'll never take up flying again.

I try not to breath,
suck back a tank of gasoline
My lips are turning green, I wait to bleed
I want the sun to rise, show me a sign.

Spaceman bring me down,
I'm home when I feel your gravity
I'll never find where I am,
I'm miles away from dry land

Spaceman drag me down,
& hold me until I'm sober
Get me through 'til morning,
I'll give up on my flying

A million miles from nowhere,
I wonder if you're out there Spaceman).

Doug said...

Mike W., Redartz, and Prowler -

Thanks for stopping by, guys! Looking up and down this list, it looks like many stalwarts popped in.

Too early yet for Mike from T&T, though!

Karen's at the wheel tomorrow - she has some (I think) exciting news to share.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kotter, er, I mean Doug and Karen!

Haha Doug, you know me too well! It's great to see new stuff on the BAB once again. Congrats on your son's upcoming wedding. Looking forward to the superblog on Thursday, as well as Karen's post on Tuesday. Anyways, I'm just looking forward to participating in the blog discussions.

To paraphrase a well known Marvel superteam, BABers Assemble!!!

- Mike 'until Winter Soldier and Rocket Raccoon form a comedy duo' from Trinidad & Tobago.

johnlindwall said...

It's great to have you guys back!! Looking forward to some fun times this week and later on this summer.

Simon B ( formerly cerebus660 ) said...

Hi Karen and Doug! It's great to see you back here. Although as a recent Twitterer ( is that a word? ) I'm following your tweets ( under my "real" world name of simon_p_barton ) I missed the BAB blog and am really glad you've revived it.

Humanbelly said...

Hey there, fellow BAB alumnessess and alumnessinas-!! (Neither being recognized as a true word, it looks like---)

This is a rare reunion delight! Thanks, Doug & Karen, for crafting this get-together---!

I must confess that I have fallen- possibly irrevocably- out of the orbit of our own specific pop-culture community. . . as I've had a much, MUCH busier year in the theater world. My "home" theater has been quite ambitious in its production schedule as it tries to improve its status with a new-ish artistic director, AND I've been fortunate enough to be in a year-long (plus) succession of productions as an actor that have been rewarding beyond all expectations-- but which do take up nearly all of one's available time (line memorization at my age is, no kidding, a whole hobby-level of time-consumption all by itself-- w/out factoring in actual rehearsal. . . !). To some degree, I don't even recognize myself anymore-- as I have yet to see BLACK PANTHER or INFINITY WAR, even(!!!).

I will say that I was LOVING hanging with Red & Marti over at BITBA until duties finally called me away--- and remain grateful and deeply appreciative of their wonderful efforts at taking over the helm of this specific and unique community with nary a hitch-! And it's sooooo heartwarming to see the cast of fine Usual Suspects stopping by here to say Howdy, yeah?

Karen, I daresay podcasts are here to stay--- great job on movin' right up with the times-!

Doug, congrats on those lifetime milestones-! (Now, are you a grandparent yet? You're not, right?)

To all--- yer all the best, and will always remain so--!


Edo Bosnar said...

HB - great to hear from you! Nice to know everything's well.

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