Saturday, September 26, 2009

From Out of the Past...

Some of you newbies around here may not be aware, but Karen and Doug, along with their comrade Sharon, own another blog that deals primarily with the Silver Age. It's called Two Girls, A Guy, and Some Comics. Over time, however, there've been lots and lots of Bronze Age goodness discussed at that cyber-setting. Below you'll find some images that relate to the stories we did over there, before Karen and Doug found out just how much fun it would be to have a blog dedicated just to the Swingin' '70's and the Me '80's. Check it out, and as always, leave a comment!

The Celestial Madonna, covering Avengers #'s 129-135 and Giant-Size Avengers #'s 2-4.

Marvel Team-Up prototypes, covering Amazing Spider-Man #'s 62, 71, 86, and 92.

Captain America -- Secret Empire, covering Captain America #'s 169-176.

West Coast Avengers -- Vision Quest -- covering WCA #'s 42-45, and 47.

The Fantastic Four -- Family Matters: When Reed made a bad decision and Namor stepped in...

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