Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Pictures from the Captain America film

Karen: Entertainment Weekly will feature Chris Evans in his red-white-and blue suit on the cover of their next issue. Pictures have leaked out all over the web, so we figured BAB might as well join in!

Check out the photos at's been a few tidbits leaked. For one thing, Cap heads up a unit called the "Howling Commandos" -uh, excuse me? Isn't that Nick Fury's job? We also get two costumes in the film, which you can (sort of) see in these two photos. The one on the right, under the torn up jacket, is the cloth style costume we comics fans are familiar with. Apparently Cap feels it isn't tough enough, and asks Howard Stark (Iron Man's papa) to make him a better one -and a better shield. The result of that is shown on the left.

Doug: I wondered if the "Howling Commandos" reference wasn't more of an homage? I am certain they are not going to retcon Fury back to WWII. I like the Howard Stark inclusion -- that ties things together nicely.

I also notice that in a picture of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, he has a Hydra patch on his sleeve. This seems to also tie into the new Avengers cartoon, where Cap was fighting Hydra -are they a group within the Nazis? Will the Nazis even be mentioned or are the film makers shying away from that, and if so, why?

I'm still not sure what to think about this film. But I'm trying to keep the faith!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hydra was founded by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a former Nazi and of the Skull's for Hitler's attention.

I'm pretty sure Lee/Kirby first introduced him in Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos? (Might have been someone else on pencils?)

Karen said...

Yeah Eric, but wasn't Strucker breaking off from the Nazis and forming Hydra as his own gig? Of course I don't know how this will be presented in the film, but I get the feeling they may be substituting Hydra for the Nazis, which feels, to me anyway, sort of insulting. Can't we still have Nazis as bad guys? It worked for Indiana Jones.

Fred W. Hill said...

To my recollection of the story, Strucker founded Hydra after WWII. If the Captain America movie is going to be partly set during WWII, it would be a travesty if they don't have him battling Nazis and leave Hydra for the modern era. Of course, if they're still gonna have Hydra led by a former henchman of Hitler, he'd have to have been kept in suspended animation too or else be a very old man, at least in his 80s. Former Nazis like Strucker or Baron Zemo were credible villains in the '60s, only about 20 years after the Big One, but 65 years afterward?
And can they make the Red Skull a credible, truly frightening threat? Of all the Red Skull tales I've read, the one that most stands out for me was from the tail end of Englehart's run. The conclusion rather fizzled out, and I wasn't all that keen on Frank Robbins' art, but that was one of the few stories to display the Red Skull as a ruthless, hate-filled murderer rather than a typical power-mad bad guy. Englehart did even a better job with the Joker, with some great Marshall Rogers art.

Anonymous said...

I wish this movie had been released back when nobody was afraid of offending anyone. I tuned in to about five minutes of this new Avengers cartoon and changed it in disgust when Cap was fighting Hydra instead of Nazis. Wake me up when PC is passe'.


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