Thursday, October 14, 2010

What If Scooby-Doo Worked for the Distinguished Competition?

Doug: In celebration of October's Monster Month around here (be sure to check out Karen's half of all of our BAB 2-in-1's for more than a fair share of ghouls), I'm back for a look-see at just what might have been had Scooby-Doo been a part of the DC Universe. Last time we inspected some Marvel covers where our heroes could very easily have been replaced by Scooby and those meddling kids. Well, let me tell you -- to do this for DC was no easy task... because there were so many goofy, dopey covers to choose from!! I am serious -- if Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera ever needed inspiration, they had only to head to the local spinner rack during the Silver and Bronze Ages. I kept my research to a minimum, but was not disappointed.

Honestly, I could have included just about every single Batman magazine published over a 20-year period! Here are some stories that seem to exude that Scooby-silliness:

Doug: And of course, the Man of Steel was not without his own share of Scooby-troubles, although after sifting through Action Comics and Superman, I'd say ol' Clark got the better end of the deal as compared to Bruce:

Doug: Next, let's see what the Amazing Amazon was up to. Well, we could do an entire month's posts on bondage covers, that's for sure. But here are some Scooby-situations that I culled from a tour of Wonder Woman covers:

Doug: And there you have it -- just a quick tour through the DC archives. Is it any wonder that Marvel reviews outnumber DC reviews around here by about a 7 to 1 margin?

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