Saturday, July 30, 2011

Awesome toys!

Karen: I'm sure everyone's had a chance to see some of the cool toys that were on display at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Of course everyone from Sideshow to Diamond Select to Mattel,etc, was there. Although I did not go this year I've looked at a lot of pictures and some of the items caught my eye.

Cool Toy Review has a nice set of photos of tons of products. Some of the ones that will be on my shopping list:

Karen: Diamond Select's Metaluna Mutant with its very own interociter! Now I'll be honest: I think the Sideshow 8" version of the mutant that came out a few years ago is a better-looking sculpt than this one. But -how can you pass it up when you can get an interociter too? That's just too cool!

Karen: I'm a sucker for Mini-Mates. How about this Galactus one, complete with his own little Silver Surfer orbiting around him?

Doug: If I collected one more thing, it would be the Mini-Mates. But you have to draw the line somewhere! My sons have a large Cool Whip tub full of these little guys, including the All-New, All-Different X-Men set -- they are all really fun to look at (pssst... and even play with every now and then).

Karen: I know my blog-mate Doug is excited about some offerings from Mattel -and so am I! Here's an image from Action Figure Insider:

Karen: Whoa! Long Live the Legion! Looks great, mostly classic costumes, and an over-sized Colossal Boy is sweet. I do wish Saturn Girl was in her Cockrum outfit, but hey, this is pretty nice.

Doug: However, we can certainly be thankful that Cos is in his old-school outfit. We wouldn't want the poor boy to catch a draft!

Doug: And you want giants? How about the extremely cool presentation of these vinyl Mini-Muggs? What a hoot!

Karen: Does anyone have anything to add to this list?


Rip Jagger said...

I'm not an "action figure" guy myself. They're cool enough to look at, but I always wonder what I'll do with them. I got a reputation at my school of being interested in Scooby Doo and kids inundated me with knick knacks and whatnot in addition to what I got myself for use here and there. Now I have a tub full of this stuff and not much to do with it.

The one action figure I almost did buy was Walt Simonson's and Archie Goodwin's Manhunter. It just looked so cool on the counter one day. I've also considered the New Gods, but none of the models seem to evoke that Kirby magic.

If they ever come out with a classic Charlton Judomaster figure, I might have to bite the bullet though, for obvious reasons.

Rip Off

dbutler16 said...

Oh. My. God. Those Legion action figures are awesome. Back in the 70's, I ahd some Mego Marvel & DC action figures, but the only ones I was really into, and kept wre my Star Wars action figures and Micronauts. There were some cool looking figures in the link, though.

david_b said...

Yeah, it's gettin' tougher and tougher to keep that 'disposable income' to myself.. Geez, if these aren't the most coolest figures.

I ramped up my collecting of the vintage Marvel megos a few years back, paying off a minty Mego Thor now from a megomuseum pal.. Then I got sucked in a bit into the Universe line, just acquiring the Limited walmart-exclusive Goliath (blue/yellow suit), now posed next to my movie Fantasticar with the other Universe figures and some acrylic-cased boxed Megos at my gov't office (where the wife can't comment on my decorating..).

The 'cuter figures' like these and the 'super hero' squad line are just TUGGIN' at my purse strings. Imagine having these choices back in the mid-seventies.. Oh, mercy.

I'm just glad I can amply stock my Hank Pym Shrine now with Goliath, the Antman/YellowJacket Legends figs, you name it.

Lovin' it.

William said...

Love this article. Action figures are definitely my thing. I have a ton of Marvel Legends and DCUC figs.

Hey Rip Jagger, if you want an idea about what to do with them, check out my website...

As you can see, I use mine to make my own fan-fic web-comics. (All Bronze Age friendly of course). I'm working on a new one right now starring the Defenders.

Rip Jagger said...

Love the site William. Thanks for the link!

Rip Off

William said...

Thanks Rip. Glad you liked it.

dbutler16 said...

That is a pretty cool site, William.

johnlindwall said...

Those Legion figures are totally dope! I would like them all to be in Cockrum costumes, but we take a what we get, eh?

William - those action figure comics are fantastic! My son and I read through them today and loved them! He is a Marvelite and so wished the Marvel characters won every battle with the DC dudes but even so, he loved it.

Can't wait to see your Defenders comic!

William said...

Thanks dbutler and John. I really appreciate the awesome feedback. Glad you enjoyed them.

As for the Marvel/DC Crossover, I'm a Marvel guy myself, but I guess I was trying to be diplomatic. It always seemed that the bronze age DC heroes were so much more powerful than the Marvels. The Marvel characters were always portrayed as more human with more vulnerabilities, and characters like Superman and Green Lantern were shown to be pretty much invincible. So, in most cases I figured that the DC heroes would win in one-on-one confrontations.

However, I tried to make up for it by having the Marvels "rescue" the DC heroes from the Marvel villains in the next chapter. Also (spoiler alert) having Thor ultimately save the day was also a big nod in favor of Marvel.

Keep checking back, I try to update the site with new comics fairly often.

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