Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Origin of Captain America -- 1966 Style!

Doug: About two months ago, everyone had Thor-on-the-brain; this coming weekend it will be the Star-Spangled Avenger dominating our thoughts! Enjoy this little slice of Marvel history, from the Marvel Super-Heroes cartoon that aired back in my birth year -- 1966! And how about that theme song?


david_b said...

Well folks.., here it is. The reason behind my love of comics. Where it all started.., you name it.

It was my mom's best babysitter for little 3yr old David. Being mesmerized by the Marvel Heroes on TV, best of all Captain America. Watching them wih my Cap Whitman 1966 tray puzzle and Captain Action. I was all set.

I was blessed enough to come into Englehart/Buscema's tenure on Cap&Falc in '73 when I started collecting comics, what great timing. I've been so blessed, my friends.

Dan said...

I second Dave - except we didn't get it on TV here but rather Video's I had to rent from the store with pocket money. The VHS where Cap, Thor and Ironman took on the Masters of Evil may as well have been attached to my pocket via bunjee chord I hired it so often.

If they can work that jingle into the film like they did with Spider-Man 2 I'll be a ultra happy camper.

Hoosier X said...

The definitive Cap origin.

Not TOS #63.

The cartoon adaptation of TOS #63!

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