Friday, July 8, 2011


Karen: We're getting closer and closer to the opening of the Captain America film. I for one am very excited by what I've seen. Here's a short video about Cap's shield. I think maybe Norton had something to do with it...


John Lindwall said...

That was a cool video -- the movie looks good. I was worried early on but I'm optimistic that it's gonna rock.

For some reason I can't stop thinking about the importance or virus protection and some name keeps popping into my brain .... Noton? Morton? Hmmm something like that.

Fred W. Hill said...

The last Cap film was cheap and pretty awful (an Italian Red Skull???) but based on the trailers this looks worthwhile. I especially like that they are starting him in WWII, rather than, say, the one of our latest conflicts. Superman and Batman aren't tied down to the era of their creation the same way Cap is, and it made sense that when Lee & Kirby brought him back in 1964, they ignored his post WWII adventures and snatched him right out of the war, albeit by putting him on ice for 20 years, to provide him a sense of drama as a man out of time. Of course, with the movie, it'll be moreso as Cap will now be about 65 years out of time. Back in '64, all his contemporaries were middle-aged while he still appeared to be 20-something, but now those that are still alive are senior citizens pushing 90. It wasn't so far-fetched for Cap's fellow veteran Nick Fury to still be active as the hard-charging leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., but now, the movie version of Nick Fury could be the grandson of the old Commando. Hell, Nick could have a greatgrandchild who's old enough to be an active, experienced agent of SHIELD.

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