Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Here! Halloween!

Karen: That's right kids, it's time to celebrate our illogical love of being scared. What is it about having your heart pounding and the hairs raising up on the back of your neck that somehow fulfills some twisted need?

Karen: Well, who cares! Let's start our Halloween off right with some clips from some great scary films.

Karen: If you have the time, here's part one of an excellent documentary on the Universal horror films:

Karen: Finally, a little silliness:

Happy Halloween everyone!!


dbutler16 said...

Even though I'm an old man now, I still love Halloween. I love the costumes and the escapist fantasy, I love the vampire movies (especially Bram Stoker's Dracula by Francis Ford Copolla) and perhaps most of all, I love the candy!

My favorite Halloween movie used to be the version of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow with Jeff Goldblum. I used to watch it every Halloween when I was a youngster. However, try as I might, I cannot find it either on TV or on DVD! :-(

William said...

Great clips. I still think the original Alien is the scariest movie ever.

And in keeping with the theme...

Just in time for Halloween, I posted my latest action figure comic - "Fright Night 4: Monster Mash" on my website at...

It stars Spider-Man (in black) and the "Legion of Monsters" vs. some other big time Marvel Monsters.

starfoxxx said...

I'm a little late for Halloween, but i thought maybe some of the Marvel Zombies would like to know---the new Marvel Handbook- (these are still my favorite)- is ALL VAMPIRES. And there's a 6 or 7 page section with what seems like EVERY vampire to appear in Marvel comics from a-z, and a brief info and their 1st appearance---most are from the Marvel Horror comics of the 70s. The people that produce the Handbooks are my heroes, thankfully they keep the history alive.

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